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The Friend Zone permanently destroys all of your chances of dating the girl you’re targeting. It is then necessary to show a strategy to leave the friend zone and possibly find a path to seduction.

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Friend Zone, literally means ” friendly area », defines a relational space defined by friendship.

Obviously, when a girl sends you to the friend zone, it means itShe sees you as a friend, as a friend, and nothing more. In such a context, the chances of her getting her to accept a romantic relationship are low.

It is no accident that the division into friends is one of the greatest fears of all men in search of a mate and one of the dangers from which serial seducers protect themselves most.

While it’s true that some girls don’t necessarily send you into the friend zone in a conscious way, it must be admitted that others, who have become queens inThe art of manipulating menDo it by choice. They are not looking for a man, but for a nice friend at their disposal.

Either way, when you find yourself in friend zone, most of the time it becomes an extension Cute dog in the service of a miss Who obeys look.

When she is in trouble, you are there to help her. Alas, when you need to get off, your name hasn’t crossed your mind! You are clearly doing the dirty work, and you have no right to enjoy. Such a denial role can not benefit anyone.

Are you tired of not being successful and only being seen as a simple friend that you don’t have the right to love? Check out these five tips for getting out of the friend zone.

1. Undo

Even if you start declaring your love to the young woman overnight in all the languages ​​you speak, rest assured that it won’t be enough to get you out of the friend zone. Conversely, you may come across as heavy.

That’s why the first step if you want to get out of the friend zone is Cut ties for a while. The point of this step is to make the girl you are targeting feel the emptiness, the emptiness that your absence will create.

Her heating started to fail and she’s calling you to find a solution? Tell him that you are very busy at work at this time and that you cannot attend. Send her a heating engineer contact, redirect her to the craftsman’s handbook, or find any other solution that doesn’t involve you until she clearly understands that you don’t intend to help her late with the problem. Want to go somewhere abroad? Do not be at his disposal, you are not in a relationship.

On the other hand, He was no longer systematically answering all his calls He avoided replying to his messages too soon.

2. Redefining the nature of the relationship

Once you distance yourself a bit, you should continue the process while staying in the same dynamic.

Obviously, if you cut ties for three weeks and then come back and start sticking with them every day, there’s no point in it. Friendzone mode will be reactivated very quickly.

So you must adjust the nature of your relationships, while avoiding becoming the knight-servant you are no longer. Be unavailable 3 times out of 4 when she needs you. Put an end to the “good friends” activities you used to do together and take action to affirm your interest.

Instead of these activities, start Suggest activities What can a guy suggest to the girl he is courting: an invitation to dinner, a trip to the cinema followed by a short walk, etc.

In doing so, you should know how to guide your discussions as well, By avoiding, for example, revealing everything about you to him. You may have done it before, but it’s time to stop.

Also, remember to put an end to friendly visits, or else old demons may wake up in the friend zone.

3. Create Jealousy Points

One of the reasons women are so successful in putting a man in the friend zone is that they make them feel completely at their disposal. Moreover, they tend to show ladies too much that they want to be their priority, and that they can sacrifice anything for their needs.

In your strategy to get out of the friend zone, you must To sow doubt in the mind of the woman you love. As you prepare to announce your absence, mischievously specify that you have to come up with one of your conquests, and he’s no friend.

Or, while you are walking at the exit of a restaurant or cinema, slip into a conversation curve in which you have met a beautiful girl who would have introduced you to one of your friends or colleagues. Or, you would by any chance meet at the supermarket.

In any case, make sure to remain as vague as possible about the question.

4. Express your feelings while remaining ambiguous

The first three steps set the perfect context for you to conquer the beauty of your heart that has unfairly placed you in the friend zone.

If you have chances with her, she has already started asking questions and imagining the possibility of a relationship with you.

The earth is now favorable, it is time for it start telling him In fact, you have always had feelings for her and that you would like to experience a romantic relationship with her. It’s time to put every opportunity on your side to seduce her.

Again, always avoid being sticky or else your return to Friendzone will be instant. Put your fears aside and show that even if you want them, you are not dependent on them and that even without them, you have a life and can meet other people.

5. Acting the first kiss

At this level, long gone are the days of being frustrated with being such a simple and helpful guy. It’s time to make your conversion into a lover a reality.

Plan a special evening During which you will give him happy moments. Invite him to your house and cook, organize a home movie session, take him to the playroom, etc. There are many options for this first try.

Anyway, at the end of the evening, when you take her home, try to kiss her to see how she reacts. Whether she accepts or declines your kiss, her reaction should tell you that she wants to have a story with you and you can then assess the situation.

Based on your findings, if this first attempt fails, try again after a few days. The most important thing is to keep in mind the basic principles:

  • to be mysterious,
  • Giving priority to the activities of lovers rather than the hobbies of friends,
  • A value to become in her eyes a reward that she desires to obtain (the famous Award),
  • Don’t be sticky.

If both of you are compatible and have some characteristics of the man you are looking for, which is likely if your friendship is sincere, You should start your romance with her very quickly.

Goodbye friend zone. good luck !

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