FreelanceRepublik is the answer to France’s web developer shortage

WLThe shortage of web developers in France has been publicized for several years now. If we take a closer look at the labor market for freelance tech workers and paid web developers, the beginnings of a labor shortage are already clearly visible.

The lack of web developers in France: the harsh reality for companies

With The development of e-commerce and the digital transformation of our economyNowadays, many companies are having real difficulty in hiring a qualified web developer. Many recruiters also point the finger at corporate hiring procedures that are not suitable for tech freelancers. What is it really? Is there a shortage of computer engineers in France? Are recruitment campaigns for French companies adapting to the IT sector? As is often the case, the answer lies midway between these two realities.

Why is there a shortage of web developers?

While some occupations are hit hard by high unemployment, other sectors of activity are experiencing exponential growth. The IT sector was already rich in job offers before the global pandemic. Everything accelerated with the arrival of Covid and the economic recovery that followed. The development of the digital sector has not spared anyone Promote remote work and e-commerce In the face of covid. Entrepreneurs and merchants who have so far resisted creating an effective and attractive website should quickly review and invest in their marketing strategy digital transformation to keep their business.

As you might expect, this acceleration towards digital has increased job offers for web developers. Many freelance IT workers have been able to testify to the increase in freelance assignments offered to them, especially since their first booking. Sometimes several unsolicited job offers are sent to them every week. Since 2020, IT Graduates are among the most wanted profiles on LinkedIn.

A similar discovery on the part of Pôle emploi. A web developer looking for a salaried job or a freelance job can quickly find dozens and dozens of job offers with just a few clicks. So web developers can allow themselves to be more selective about their future clients or employers. Most also prefer self-employed status over employee status, so that they don’t have to put up with the restrictions of an employment contract. The latter can thus negotiate their fee for each contract and double the clients. This competition among companies looking for a qualified web developer has had a particular impact on increasing risks – especially in terms of salaries – on job sites.

How many web developers are missing?

The development of e-commerce and e-vision within French companies has greatly accelerated with the global pandemic. The lack of anticipation of some companies in their digital transformation has resulted in a rapid throttling of job offers in the tech sector. Vacancies now far exceed the number of available candidates.

To give the predictions of a study conducted only by Pôle Emploi, at 2022 not less than 191 thousand new job opportunities It will be available in the digital sector (web developer, data analyst, data scientist, cybersecurity specialist, etc.). Reports published by LinkedIn also speak to this point. The 10 Most In-Demand Web Jobs on LinkedIn in 2020 they were :

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer – Artificial Intelligence Integration;
  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE);
  • Cyber ​​Security Specialist
  • Personal Data Protection Officer – Data Protection Officer (DPO);
  • Customer Assistant in New Technologies – Customer Success Specialist;
  • community manager;
  • DevOps Engineer
  • data engineer – data engineer;
  • data scientists
  • IT Recruiter.

LinkedIn also identifies these as the most representative professions High growth rate among vacancies. By doing a simple LinkedIn search for job offers for web developers, you can actually see that these ads count in the thousands every day.

Can self-taught web developers be trusted?

Faced with this shortage of web developers, many French companies find themselves in disarray. For the latter, it’s hard to imagine waiting several months to hire a web developer in order to build or update their website or mobile app. Some companies that are surprised to hire self-made web developers due to the lack of qualified candidates. The risk So very present for these companies. In fact, few elected officials can call themselves web developers without any real training, because this profession requires well-defined skills. Even if we can name many self-taught “king of programmers” who have not pursued traditional training, there is still a risk for companies to find themselves facing a freelance technician who is more opportunistic than qualified.

So we are too far from job offers with ever-increasing demands, to be accessible to young IT graduates. Few jobs these days offer attractive pay without the corresponding diploma. Finally, according to A Code game study Implemented in 2021, no less than 80% of companies would be willing to lower their selection criteria To successfully recruit a web developer quickly. But is this the only solution to hiring a competent web developer quickly? Nothing less confident…

How to effectively hire a freelance technician?

Companies that used to call freelancers soon realized that the traditional job offer was no longer enough to attract the best talent. Indeed, in some professional sectors – particularly in the IT sector – there is no shortage of job offers. For example, we can understand that a web developer would prefer to respond to an attractive job offer in remote work rather than a classic job offer that generally requires an on-site presence. Another important point that any company looking for a web developer should take into consideration: The job offer must be accurate and fair in its name. In other words, recruiters who link their brushes in technical jargon specific to this sector of activity will lose all credibility in the eyes of professional web developers (eg: confusing Java and JavaScript).

By simply reading the title of the proposed task, the web developer should be able to understand the concrete need of the company and the required specialization (eg: full-stack developer Node.js / ReactJS confirmed M / F, lead PHP developer, Symfony experienced M / F…) . Furthermore, it is good to keep in mind that most web developers also receive many unsolicited proposals through LinkedIn or freelance platforms. So job offers must be attractive in order to stand out, in particular A clear presentation of the proposed salary or salary rangeWeb developers generally have enough career opportunities so they don’t waste their time responding to job offers that don’t offer the suggested pay.

Where do you find a competent, freelance web developer?

A simple posting of a job offer on an authority website like Pôle Emploi is no longer sufficient to ensure rapid recruitment of tech workers. Companies looking for a freelance web developer today often have to adapt to it New ways to employ democracy in the digital sector. One of the best solutions today to hire a freelance technical translator is Use of standalone platform services. The majority of freelance tech workers are reactive to registering on these sites in order to regularly find paid assignments. Thus French companies can take advantage of the freelance work platforms of a range of available or even pre-defined computer engineers, covering all modern disciplines.

However, this method of recruitment is not a panacea. In fact, many of these sites are simple resume libraries where skills are not checked and where the availability of freelancers is not always updated. So companies can waste a lot of time looking for a quickly available web developer for a freelance job. In addition, public platforms highlight hundreds of areas of activity, which can make the search for a specialized web developer more complex.

In the face of this observation, the platform for independent work specializing in technology, free work, known for its excellence by selecting the best independent technical profiles. This standalone platform operates a Restricted initial selection By selecting the most tech-savvy freelancers on the market, and systematically checking their availability and interest in the assignments. Thanks to this pre-selection by recruitment experts, FreelanceRepublik, for example, is able to Find the right freelancer for a company in less than 48 hours.

For companies that want to find a qualified web developer, there is still hope. Above all, these companies should prefer recruitment channels adapted to the IT sector. What real effects talent search Over the next few years, when companies better informed about new hiring will only have access to the best qualified web developers.

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