Eric Chardin ‘locked himself in the bathroom’ after marrying Stone – and they ended up living together for 10 years

Between Stone and Eric Charden, the ocean of their love knew all kinds of tides, high and low. However, the disagreements did not cut the friendship bond that united them, even after their divorce. AmoMama tells you the story of famous Avventura performers.

The duo who introduced “Made in Normandy” to the French people, and even to the rest of the world, surprised those around them with their unparalleled relationship. No one thought they would last for so many years, yet they stuck out even outside of the pair.

A rocky start but a peaceful end? Back to the story of Stone and Eric Chardin.

Annie Stone Gutraat and Eric Chardin of Stone and Chardin perform at the Age Tendre & Têtes de Bois concert at the Nikaia Theater on November 7, 2008 in Nice, France. | Photo: Getty Images

First meeting without chemistry

At the time, while Stone, real name Annie Guterat, was vying to become beauty queen at a French nightclub, she caught the attention of Eric Chardin, who was checking on her. Of course, since he was a juror in the competition along with Sophie Ajacinsky, Carlos and Antoine.

The winner of the competition, which will be newly called ‘Miss Petnik’ will win a trip to London and a cash prize. And Stone didn’t go with a dead hand, as she finally won the title. However, Eric Charden did not have much to do with it. When it’s time to vote, all of the jurors vote for Stone, except for one: her future husband.

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, December 1, 2011: Eric Chardin is at home with his family. | Photo: Getty Images

On the contrary, Chardin voted for Norma who was Stone’s friend.

However, this vote, which was undoubtedly considered ironic, years later, was not what frustrated Miss Pittnick. It was rather the hostile behavior adopted by Eric Sharden during this evening: in the eyes of the one who had been his close companion, Eric Sharden was “the man who frowns.”

“He was drowning in his boredom in alcohol and he didn’t even vote for me. He locked himself in the toilet. To say it wasn’t love at first sight,”

The singer recounted with amusement, years after the death of her ex-husband.

Eric Charden attends the TV show “Vivement Dimanche” on April 18, 2012 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

There was no chemistry in the air that night. On the other hand, the duo saw each other again a few months later, still in the same nightclub where the “most stylish” Eric finally offered to maintain a professional collaboration.

wedding without weddings

The collaboration became a romance, to the point that Stone and Eric Charden didn’t wait long before formalizing their romance. Unfortunately, in a natural way is not the word to describe their transition from a simple relationship to marriage.

Annie Stone Gutraat and Eric Chardin perform at the Age Tendre & Tetes de Bois concert at the Nikaia Theater on November 7, 2008 in Nice, France. | Photo: Getty Images.

In 1966, Stone and Eric Chardin tied the knot, without being “imposed”. If the essence of commitment is not the will and love of the lovebirds, how does marriage lead to a happy married life? Well, Stone’s father didn’t agree with that.

The singer mentions:

“I was 18, I was in love, and my dad, who was old fashioned, was interested in that.”

Annie Stone and Chardin perform during the Age Tendre & Tetes de Bois concert at the Nikaia Theater on November 7, 2008 in Nice, France. | Photo: Getty Images.

In fact, to act as a lobbyist, Stone’s father would not allow her to go on tour without having gone through the marriage stage. Reluctantly, Eric offered Chardin, this time despite his mother’s objections.

“Eric’s mother, on the other hand, did not view this marriage favorably (…) he was the only child and suffered from the weight of his mother’s possession,”

The singer explained.

Stone and Eric Chardin’s wedding day was not a respite for both families, further fanning the scorching fire of their early relationship.

Stone and Chardin recording a TV show in Paris on December 10, 1973. | Photo: Getty Images

The celebration, although it happened very quickly, “like a formality,” did not happen as they had planned. Without a party, she left guests confused when Eric’s mother suddenly left her.

The angry young groom locks himself in the bathroom and stays there for two days. Then the singer admits: “Our wedding night was disastrous!”.

Although neither beginnings nor marriage were the romance they had dreamed of, the duo still lived in a love affair symbolized by the birth of their son Baptiste.

The duo Stone and Charden on the set of the TV show ‘Cadence 3’ on FR3 on June 1, 1983 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

However, after ten years of relationship, the fire of passion faded and the couple made the decision to divorce in 1974:

“We got married very young, and after ten years, love is no longer the same,”

relates to stone.

A no-conflict divorce made both of them meet a new love, each on their part, at about the same time. Eric Met Pascal Weston, Mario.

Portrait of Stone and Chardin in April 1973. | Photo: Getty Images

It was obvious chemistry between the newly formed couple as the singer said:

“None of us were unhappy. On the contrary, we were all playing the same music. Like some kind of perfect tribe!”

This symbiosis was so real that Eric Chardin and Pascal chose Stone to become the godmother for their daughter, Nolwen. Their friendship transcended their separation.

Portrait of Stone and Chardin in April 1973. | Photo: Getty Images

Farewell to the death of Eric Chardin

Eric Chardin succumbed to Hodgkin’s disease in 2012 after a two-year long battle. Despite the difficult fight, with four chemotherapy treatments, the famous singer of the 70s breathed his last at 69 years old.

Upon his death the singer leaves his last album in the hands of his partner Stone called “Made in France” “which he cared so much about and was so proud of,” Aidem’s call was included in the announcement of his announcement. death.

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, December 1, 2011: Eric Chardin is at home with his family. | Photo: Getty Images

While the world mourned the loss of the singer who revived the childhoods of millions of French people, Stone was fortunate to be relieved of mourning, thanks to the appearance of her former companion in a dream.

Invited on Télé-Loisirs, on the Chez Jordan Show, Stone confided to screens that Eric was communicating with her:

“I received very beautiful letters from Eric Charden in my dream. Because I have so many things in my dreams. And Eric appeared to me twice, great. It’s great, where am I, you never know!” he said.

TV Show “Vivement Dimanche” in Paris, France on April 16, 2008 – Eric Chardin. | Photo: Getty Images

She changed Stone’s view of this loss because for her, there is another wonderful world behind the curtain of unknowns and that is death.

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