The Complete Guide to Video Conferencing Platform

For a team to be productive and efficient, the use of video conferencing software is essential. Thanks to innovative tools like Zoom, people are able to meet and work together face-to-face when meeting in person is not possible. This has the advantage of making remote meeting more humane.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the number of Zoom users has increased sharply. It is estimated that through 2020, the company has added 2.22 million active users every month. In 2019, it added 1.99 million users. Here’s everything you need to know about Zoom, how to use it in VR, plus some pro tips for getting the most out of your Zoom experience.

What is a Zoom meeting?

Zoom is Cloud-based video conferencing platform. It is used for video conferencing, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chatting. Zoom is Most Popular Video Conferencing Solution For companies with 500 employees or less.

The term refers to video conferencing meetings using the platform. The latter allows both distant participants and subscribers to communicate without friction. It is not necessary to have an account to attend a meeting. Thus, it is possible to meet clients Or interviewing candidates remotely default.

“Zoom meeting” simply refers to a meeting hosted using Zoom. Participants can join the meeting in person. this is done Via webcam or camcorderor over the phone.

What is Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms is the physical hardware configuration that enables businesses to do just that Start Zoom meetings from their conference rooms. It is a software defined video conferencing hardware system for a meeting room. With it, users can schedule, launch and launch Zoom meetings with the touch of a button. It should be noted that Zoom Rooms Requires additional subscription in addition to Zoom subscription. It is the tool par excellence for large companies with many employees who organize meetings regularly.

To configure Zoom Rooms, here are the basics you must have:

  • PC to sync and play Zoom meetings
  • A tablet for participants to start Zoom meetings
  • Microphone, camera and speaker
  • 1 or 2 HDTV screen for participant viewing, screen sharing or presentation
  • An HDMI cable to share computer screens to TV and an Internet cable to connect your connection

How do you use the platform?

Here are the basic steps for using Zoom properly.

Choose a pricing category

The first thing you need to do is choose the right plan for your team. Zoom offers 4 premium pricing tiers for a professional subscription. If you are testing Zoom or just plan to work with one or two other people, Free Zoom It is the best option. This version allows you to organize an unlimited number of meetings. But group meetings with many participants are limited to 40 minutes.


Zoom Pro It is the best option if you are using Zoom with a small team with at least one member working remotely. This version costs $14.99 per month per meeting host.

Pricing level Zoom Business, on the other hand, is more suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with multiple teams that hold regular meetings. This costs $19.99 per month per meeting host. It offers some particularly cool features like vanity URLs and company branding. It even offers dedicated customer support and cloud-recorded meeting transcripts.

Zoom Enterprise Reserved for companies with 1,000 or more employees. This tier offers unlimited cloud storage for recordings, a dedicated customer success manager, and web discounts. It costs $19.99 per month per meeting host.

Sign up and download Zoom

Now you must Sign up and download Zoom on your PC. To register, it will be necessary to use a professional email address for an individual free account. If your system administrator signs up for a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account, you will be prompted to sign up for Zoom as one of your company hosts. If you are setting up Zoom Room, you will also need to download ” Zoom rooms for conference room » On the computer in the room and Zoom Room Controller for the tablet in the meeting room.

Sync Zoom with its calendar and schedule a Zoom meeting

to Schedule meetings that appear on your calendarThis step is necessary. To achieve this, while logged into Zoom, go to Settings, then Meetings, then Sync Calendars.


Then activate Sync Zoom meetings from calendars Click to select the calendars you want to sync with Zoom. Finally, you can schedule a meeting through the Zoom app. Start a new meeting by clicking “New meeting” For immediate meeting or day “Schedule a meeting” For a future Zoom meeting.

Once you’re in the meeting, you can use features like turning video and microphone settings on and off. You can invite other meeting participants, chat with other meeting participants, record the meeting and share the screen.

Zoom in and use it in virtual reality

new PC VR app called SPACES It allows users to join Zoom meetings and other VR video calls. The app is developed in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic by the developers of the startup SPACES. Spaces allow Join a virtual reality video conference And use an adjustable virtual camera and whiteboard.

spaces Available for download for PC VR. The VR user is placed in an environment with a whiteboard, virtual signs, and an adjustable virtual camera. When the call begins, other people join the video call as usual. However, the user will be represented in VR by the virtual webcam that displays the avatar in VR.


The developers explained that this program was Tested successfully with Zoomand Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. They also stressed that the tool is not intended to replace many of the existing tools that facilitate meetings or calls in virtual reality. It is a good way for user to join VR and To use a virtual environment And the tools it contains while making a normal video call with non-VR users. Installation is simple. You can download the files from the SPACES website.

Some Zoom meeting tips for productive video calls

Here are some simple ways to optimize your time and communicate effectively during meetings, no matter where you’re calling from.

Integrate Zoom with the tools you already use

If your team is already using remote work tools for online collaboration, you’ll likely find ways to access Zoom through the tools you already use. Thanks more than 1000 Integration ZoomAvailable on Zoom Marketplace, you can connect Zoom to many different parts of your workflow. This may be Zoom, Hive, Zoom, Google Suite, Zoom, Salesforce or Zoom and Slack.

Use the automatic mute setting

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There are countless facts to prove how to do it, from the sounds of breath to flushing the toilet and awkward conversations Auto mute mode Important. Zoom has a setting to automatically mute the microphone when you join a call. With just one click, you can save yourself the embarrassment in the future and stop looking for the mute button every time you join a call.

Record your meetings

It is not always easy to process every piece of information in a meeting. This is the reason for that Useful for recording. Zoom recording feature Records video, audio and text chat So you can go back to the meeting and share it with anyone who couldn’t attend.

Use a default wallpaper

If you don’t want to give your colleagues a glimpse of your living room or bedroom, Zoom in on default backgrounds proces. To change your wallpaper, open the desktop app and go to Settings > Preferences > Background & Filters > Default Backgrounds. This is where you can select a pre-loaded image or choose “+” to upload your own.

Use the restrooms

Important meetings are useful for Broadcasting information to everyone at the same time. But sometimes it is necessary to divide the participants into small groups to exchange ideas. The Enlargement of the rest rooms Made for this. They encourage collaboration and ensure that everyone has a voice in large meetings.

Use noise canceling software

Zoom platform

There is always the possibility of a file Unexpected background noise in the middle of your call. the solution ? The Noise removal software. Apps like Crisp Making it easier than ever to suppress background noise in your meetings. This AI-powered app integrates with more than 800 tools including Zoom.

Waiting room function configuration

If you plan to organize a file Top secret meetingpreferably stay waiting room. This prevents unwanted participants from sneaking into Zoom meetings they are not supposed to be part of. To set up a waiting room, go to “Account Management”, then “Account Settings”. Once done, click on Meeting and enable the waiting room setting.

Secure your meetings

For an extra layer of security, you can add a file Password requirements in your meetings. This allows you to set passwords at the individual meeting level, group level, or even the entire account level for all meetings and webinars hosted within your company. If you are an account owner or administrator, you can set password requirements or secure password settings for all other account users. You can also use additional security tools and tools to help you Ensure confidentiality and secure your meetings.

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