Temporary story: From an encounter the momentum of life is born

In his new film, Swiss director Romed Weider explores meeting Sasha (Philip Castro), a Geneva-based publicist, and Marjan (Boneh Haj Mohammadi), an Iranian university professor. As they each go through an existential crisis, their attraction to one another will prompt them to overcome their cultural differences in order to find inspiration for a new beginning.

A temporary date begins with an end. The end of the romantic relationship between Sasha, a forty-year-old from Geneva who works in advertising, and his ex-girlfriend Karen. He takes his things, leaves his house and falls down the stairs. leg fracture A broken relationship. disabled life.

One door closes, another opens. That old apartment of his grandparents, which became an Airbnb property. Sasha goes there to distance himself from Karen, to be calm and work on a new ad. However, he will not be alone. Marjan, an Iranian woman who is also going through a relationship crisis, arrives shortly after his. They exchange glances, exchange short greetings, and everyone turns away. While they hoped to be on their own, here they are who will have to rub shoulders.

“I wanted to explore this encounter between two people who come from very different cultures and have a rather negative view of each other.”Romed Weider, the film’s director, explains. “Sasha and Marjan find themselves together in this apartment and are somewhat compelled to discover each other. Then we understand that the things that connect them are more important than the ones that separate them.

What distinguishes them is that they have so far lived in very distant communities. Marjan comes from a Muslim country, does not speak French and does not feel comfortable being in an apartment with a man other than her husband. She is not religious but still decides to wear a scarf over her hair to make Sasha think she is religious and thus keep him away. Fascinated by each other, Morgan and Sasha will begin to get closer.

Little by little, Sasha and Morgan realize that there is an emotional connection between them, regardless of their religion or culture.

“The mystery between two people creates attraction. It makes you want to discover yourself.”According to the actress, Pune Haj Mohammadi, who plays the role of Marjan. “Little by little, Sasha and Morgan realize that there is an emotional connection between them, regardless of their religion or culture. This aspect of the story really touched me.”

“Their cultural differences help them to be surprised by each other, to be curious about each other and to be more open”Supports Felipe Castro, who plays Sasha. “As is often the case in romantic relationships, what you don’t understand or what you should guess creates weirdness. What we lack and what we read in a person makes us drawn to them.

The hyphen still connects Sasha and Marjan despite the contrast between their cultures. “I think the central point between them is their breakup and their pursuit of each other”Felipe Castro asserts. “The coincidence of coincidence means that they are living this quest at the same time, in a vacuum in this apartment.”

Sasha is already in search. He questions his relationship with Karen, which lacks depth in his eyes. He tries to come up with ideas for a new commercial for shampoo, but soon notices a lack of energy and desire. His life has become a blank page as he is looking for inspiration to write a new chapter, to find a new life.

“Sasha cannot put his finger on the wrong, what creates dissatisfaction and lack”Felipe Castro comments. Lost, he has drifted in his career toward paths that no longer suit him, both in love and on a professional level. He wants to find the things he has lost but are completely unrecognizable.

Marjan is also going through a period of uncertainty. Her husband Nader, who was offered to work in Geneva, would like her to stay with him in Switzerland. But Marjan wants to return to Tehran to find her relatives and resume her work at the university. Leave without it if necessary.

“They want to meet someone different and explore other ideas.”

“Sasha and Marjan question their status and meet at a pivotal moment in their lives”says Romed Weider. We feel fragility and openness in them. They want to meet someone different and explore other ideas.”

So Morgan and Sasha begin to open up to each other and explore new paths. Caught in his thoughts for the first time, overtaken by many nightmarish dreams about the world of advertising he wants to leave, then Sasha discovers Iranian poetry thanks to Marjan with ghazals and poems “which opens up to a larger world while helping to dive into the depths of the soul”. Trying his hand at Persian calligraphy, he finds pleasure in the interior architecture he studied at the university. He is recovering slowly “starting energy”.

Marjan discovers meditation and yoga and watches intently a young woman in the opposite building who appears to be in love, free and independent. Next, an energetic and humorous American woman in Airbnb of Mina (Elísabet Johannesdóttir), will participate in the heart-opening movement between Sasha and Marjan.

Opening up to another culture can enrich ourselvesRomid Wider rejoices. “Love is above all related to the meeting between two beings that feel close and this closeness is not defined by beliefs or cultures. Marjan and Sasha manage to get close even if they are from different backgrounds. Meeting them helps them move forward in their lives.”

What was just a temporary story in an apartment becomes the impetus for a new beginning in the presence of Sasha and Morgan. While both express the feeling of not having their home yet, the moments they live together allow them to take a step forward towards their fulfillment and their rightful place in the world.

temporary story
LU-CH – 2021 – 85min – Drama
By Romid Weider
With Bona Haji Mohammadi, Felipe Castro, Elisabeth Johansdottir, Sophie Musil, Paulo dos Santos…
Frenzy movies
11.05.2022 in cinemas

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