Pharmazone Pharmaceutical website details the effect of TV advertising on web traffic

e-commerce site The caller to French pharmacies believes in TV advertising like brands like Chiller And ‘as I like’. Pharmazone has already conducted an initial advertising campaign on several French TV channels, such as France Télévisions, Cnews and BFM, and a poster campaign in the Paris metro.

50 requests per day after six months of existence

The first advertising campaign helped launch the site. ” Our first ads allowed us to quickly install on Google. On we have 50 orders per day. The site is only six months old, which is very encouraging Audrey Leacock is the co-founder of Pharmazone.

Once media campaigns stop, web traffic drops from 15,000 to 3,000 visitors per week

The impact of television advertising was measured. As soon as the Pharmazone advertisement is broadcast, the traffic on the site doubles, as well as the orders. Conversely, turning off TV ads shows a decrease in web traffic. ” Once we stop the media campaigns, we see our traffic drop from 15,000 visitors per week to 3,000 visitors Audrey Lecock notes.

A new media campaign is underway with the goal of reaching 50,000 visitors per day. From May to the end of June 2022, will be present on radio, television and via posters in the Paris metro to convey the message of “cWe are local, let us be in solidarity with local pharmacies in France “.

The first TV campaign increased attendance by +20%

The first television advertising campaign took place at the end of 2021, followed by posters in several Paris metro stations in March 2022. This device enabled Pharmazone to increase traffic in January on its pharmacy website .fr by 20%. ” Our ambition within 3 months is to increase the number of visitors to 50,000 visitors per day Audrey Lecock confirms. The sales model of is based on local pharmacies. ” Customers who have tried Pharmazone support us on social networks and in the reviews left on the site Co-founder of Pharmazone continues.

Many TV spots on Cnews, broadcast twice a day for six weeks

Pharmazone is pleased to choose multimedia distribution using television, radio and posters. On the radio, you can hear the Pharmazone website on RFM from Monday 9 May to Saturday 28 May. This represents 30 clips per week for 3 weeks, or 90 clips in total. On television, the choice fell on sponsorship programs on TF1, Weekends of May 14 and 21. There are also many TV spots on Cnews. Starting the week of Monday, June 9, Pharmazone ads will run twice daily on Cnews for 6 weeks, 60 broadcasts in total.

Pharmazone says it wants to reach a more targeted audience. It will be present in the Paris metro through a large-scale poster campaign in several stations. Thus, there is a poster in the Gare du Nord towards Bobigny, with 6 posters in total, from Tuesday 17 May to Monday 23 May. Another show is taking place in the Trocadéro in the direction of Montreuil with 6 posters, from Tuesday 17 May to Monday 23 May. There is also a Porte Maillot show in the direction of Défense with 12 posters, from Tuesday 14 to Monday 20 June. This show will take place during the Rencontres de l’Officine fair to be held on June 18, 19 and 20. This selection should allow all visitors who come to the exhibition on the metro to see these Pharmazone posters.

The consumer pays the order amount to the pharmacy of his choice allows you to buy pharmaceutical and non-prescription drugs. In the form, the consumer transfers the order amount to the pharmacy of his choice. Pharmazone then takes care of everything, from preparing the order to shipping the package. ” We need to make ourselves known in terms of this massive campaign to the general public Introduces Audrey Lecock, Co-Founder of Pharmazone. ” The consumer can continue to buy online without destroying the local stores. We can open in this way to many other sectors of activity in order to operate in the same way. She adds.

Pharmazone buys and stocks more than 15,000 non-refundable drug references for pharmacies

Pharmazone was incorporated in Orleans in 2015. It negotiates, purchases and stocks for pharmacies more than 15,000 references or just over 250 suppliers of non-refundable medicines. It pertains to pharmacy, hygiene and beauty products, nutritional supplements, medical devices, and veterinary products. Cegedim acquired a stake in Pharmazon in 2019. Originally, Pharmazon offered an e-commerce site dedicated to pharmacists using consumer e-commerce codes. Since then, Pharmazone has wanted to develop by giving pharmacists the opportunity to sell online by opening their platform to individual consumers. So far, hundreds of pharmacies are available on the e-commerce platform, says Audrey Leacock.

Our concept allows the pharmacy to make the stock of our platform available to the consumer, allowing them to choose from more than 10,000 products. “Says. ” Whatever the desired product, the consumer will always give away its sale in favor of the pharmacy of his choice. she insists. ” Pharmazone should make it possible to find virtually everything the pharmacy next door does not have She adds.

Eid kit to be ready

Pharmazone is betting on vacation gear for the next big holiday. The holiday kit contains summer products, for sun, nail polish, grooming and what is needed to treat everyday ailments like pimples, mosquitoes, poison pump, first aid kit, etc.

Despite the innovative aspect of its model, we note that the Pharmazon name is very similar to Amazon, which is not ideal for forcing a new brand on TV and radio.

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