Everything you need to know about this profession

The web developer’s responsibility is to make sure the customer gets a website that does exactly what they want it to do.

Web development is a demanding profession Many Technologies Different. This includes aspects such as website design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. In addition, the website developer can Helps maintain and update the database used by dynamic website.


Web developers design, create and maintain web pages and web applications. In this sense, they are working on Internet and intranet sites.

It is usually used by development companies Specialized software or computer consulting. These professionals have the option of working directly for the company, being self-employed or on a piecework basis.

Depending on the terms of the contract, most web developers work on software, database, or Site encoding. On the other hand, others deal with Design and interface from the page.

What are the main jobs of a web developer?

Here are the most popular jobs for a web developer, built according to the expectations of his client:

In-depth study of a website

The first step to follow, in case of starting a page that has already been developed before, isComplete code analysis which the site consists of.

The developer takes necessary feedback on what it considers to be “improvable”. Take into consideration Required requirements by his client. In this way, it will be possible to think of an interface with an extension Information Engineering Efficiency.

All this, always taking into account the graphic and visual aspect, taking into account in this case if necessary With the help of a web designer.

Project Test

Web developers usually run multiple tests during a project. So they can Ensure that applications work It does not affect the visual factor.

There are also the more experienced people, who test the project when they have finished writing all the code. Thus, if there is an error, they just have to do it Find a reason to keep working.

Whatever the way to work, today’s web developer must stick to a “responsive” result for all mobile devices and The interface is as easy to use as possible to the user.

Combine and implement programming languages

A good web developer is able toUse multiple languages ​​to work In the interface “public” and “private”.

This way, whether it is using HTML, XML PHP or JavaScript, it has to combine everything in a way to get the technological solution required in each case.

  • In the public interface, users can Take advantage of all functions and visual aspects Created by programmer.
  • In the private sector, we maintain the administrative part where everything related to the site is managed. This section is not Invisible to visitors from the site.

Laptop displaying a C++ application

Integration with other applications

In the event that the system needs to communicate with other external applications, the web developer should Create a programming interface In the latter (API).

For example, in the case of some social media tools, it has to be linked to different social networks.

Skills that a web developer should possess

here basic skills What a web developer should have:

  • Advanced knowledge of computers and computer systems;
  • Rigor and attention to detail, because a mistake can lead to the failure of the application or site;
  • problem solving and logical analysis;
  • The ability to Work independently and in a team :
    • be able to work without supervision;
    • Being able to delegate information and tasks to other team members.
  • advanced knowledge of development techniques;
  • The ability to Work on multiple projects at the same time :
    • The ability to assess different conditions at the same time and work on more than one project at the same time;
    • Accountability and ability to meet goals and deadlines;
  • communication skills:
    • be able to communicate with colleagues and superiors;
    • inform colleagues of existing errors;
    • Keep clients informed of project progress.

Since the field of ICT is relatively new, there are still no standard qualifications for Web Developer Profile. However, candidates with an undergraduate degree in computer science, systems engineering, design or web development are preferred.

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