There are very few comedies on TV.

alternativeTF1, which airs two new episodes on Monday, May 9, 2022, features JoeyStarr as a teacher like no other and Barbara Schulz as a high school principal. An interview with the actress.

Created by Chloe Mercier, Joris Moreau and Jean-Andre Yerles, and directed by Nicolas Guchetto, and launched on TF1 in Spring 2020, alternative Rapper Joey Starr appears as an unparalleled French language teacher and Barbara Schultz, as the principal of the high school in which he is called. The first episodes hit the target, recording excellent personalities from the audience. And the series, which focuses on the often chaotic daily life of the school, its students, the teaching team, and all related issues, not to mention their respective paths, holds up well. That’s what the actress has to say.

TV Magazine. – A few words about this funny series?

Barbara Schulze. – It’s a fun adventure. We started without really knowing if the sauce would take, if the audience would like it, if the little messages we wanted to convey would be heard… and here we are with a series that’s starting to take it in its true form, four new episodes are being filmed, the characters gaining depth, Weaving the threads, a team that finds itself with real fun and full of surprises. I like.

Where is your personality? And what about her relationship with Nicolas Valéry, the French language teacher everyone dreams about?

Races, you will see this evening, discover that they are not what we believe in and that they come from an environment radically opposed to that which they claimed to belong to. Her romance with Nicola continues and develops. She learns to manage her team of teachers, among whom there are quite a few originals, each in his own way, such as Antoine, the mathematics teacher, Genevieve, the geography and history teacher, the indescribable Sebastien Chasin and Armel. Communicating with them, you gain experience but also humor. And that’s one of the great things about the show.

“Joe Starr is a great comedian, a very nice partner, a very hardworking worker with a good culture.”

idea replace He returns to Joey Starr, who was not expected in a role like this. Would you say it’s believable and how do you two work together?

I already knew that without ever playing with him, but Joey Starr is a great actor, a very nice partner, a very hardworking worker, and a good culture. I love the way he says texts and talks about business. With that little air of Gerard Depardieu increasing his presence. Perhaps it took someone of this sort to dare a character like that of Nicola, with his ruthlessness, sensitivity, ability to listen and this humanity that is both authoritarian and benevolent and which, I think, makes very good teachers. Looking at the ratings, I imagine this speaks to a lot of people.

Is the comedy aspect important?

very. There are very few of them on television, and a great presenter of terrible stories and roles of a tormented cop. The last time I played in a TV drama I was burying my whole family after a fishing boat sank… It was so hard but alternative Perhaps he says more important things about society through comedy. Not comically. But tender. The ambition is great. I dare say it works fine. It is very fun to play.

What do you wish for your character and does he need a love affair with the hero?

Let it continue on its way. But it’s hard to imagine. Especially since I discovered the scenarios while filming. As for the love story, I think it is rooted in the fantasy genre. It seems that on the set, Yves Montand sometimes said: “Oh, it would be nice if I had a little kid.”. Well, I think the same. In any story, it is good to have a small or a small …

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