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Taking charge of the protocol requires a great sense of detail. That is not all, good organizational ability is also essential as it is a position of responsibility. But these are only examples of the exemplary qualities of this professional. To find out if this career is right for you, we have prepared this job description for you.

It should be noted above all that the Protocol Officer is not an employee of the event agency. It should be associated with the country or a diplomatic institution (embassies for example) and globally responsible for tasks similar to a regular event planner. However, his sector of activity is more sensitive given the importance of the personalities who employ him. Therefore, it operates mainly in the public sector. This position can be a long-term contract or consultancy, depending on the needs of the organization in question.

The duties of a ceremonial officer

Internally, the protocol manager plays the role of an event planner. he is Design and implementation of formal occasions of the institution to which he belongs. Each stage of his work and the event he performs Fully match the protocols for the state or service that employs it. A real project manager, is Oversees all logistics Planned events. He also keeps in touch with all relevant representatives so that the event proceeds as it should. This includes service providers, as well as guests.

As a protocol officer, he ensures that Respect the language, customs and regulations in force in the country. This applies both to an event in the country and internationally. In case you need to Translation and interpretation, it coordinates related services. When the event has foreign dignitaries among the participants, this leader will serve as a reference for those responsible for their protocol.

Diplomatic aspects

It should be noted that this professional reports directly to the General Council, the ambassador, the chief of staff or the governor, according to the entity in which he works. which gives her Almost zero margin of error. As the right-hand man, he advises his superior and accompanies him in conducting the ceremonies. It is his duty to ensure that all diplomatic personnel Respect the rules of the protocol in all circumstances : public appearances, business trips…

ceremonial officer

During outdoor events not organized by him, the ceremonial officer ensures Compliance with the terms with their protocol rules. So he must get to know the most important aspects long before the day of the landing and make sure that nothing goes against the principles of his institution. Diplomatic and consular privileges and immunities It is also among her responsibilities.

What qualities are required for this job?

The ceremonial officer bears heavy responsibilities on his shoulders. What requires above all Good control of self and emotionsas well as a Productive stress management. His qualities relate to events, communication and diplomacy. This means that this professional must master these three sectors, in addition to International Relations and Political Science. A candidate who knows these areas of activity perfectly will stand out in the crowd.

The ceremonial officer must clear Master the uses of his protocol tiptoe This is not all, it is also necessary to know the countries that have a relationship with his institution, especially those to which his boss can travel. To ensure effective communication with all interlocutors, this must be a professional Able to speak and understand EnglishIn addition to their mother tongue.

ceremonial officer

Due to the sensitivity of the information he receives during his career, the Protocol Officer Discretion must be exercised. adaptability It is also one of the important criteria, given the exchanges that occur. If you want to fill this position, know that you must be availableEven during weekends and holidays. Also make sure you can Work with a multicultural team and coordinate.

Having many responsibilities to manage, you must have a strong sense of organization. It is also important to know how to lead an event from the ground up. Furthermore it , Significant experience (5 to 10 years) In juveniles it is required to practice this profession. Juniors are generally not included in the job description.

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