New Freemium brings cars to the Metaverse

Unique GameFi Freemium Project overdo Ready to enter the market this month. The game offers a futuristic environment for car enthusiasts that is suitable for hardcore gamers and NFT collectors.

In the year 2140, car enthusiasts can enjoy motor racing, advanced engines, and collect auto parts packaged in Kubik and encoded in NFT format for exchange and trade.

The game will be available worldwide in the coming weeks, and is scheduled to launch online on May 15. Along with this special event, Overleague is offering 10,000 Kubik worth $1 million to all participants. The money will be used to reward the creators of the first car models in the metaverse.

With Overleague, the idea is to provide users with an exciting and high-quality racing blockchain game where the characters of collectors in the metaverse can be easily voiced.

It is a virtual car racing experience where everyone can take part in the competition. But it is more than that. It’s also about sharing your passion as a community.

collaborative effort

Building the platform for “Overleague – The World of Motors” is none other than Iron Sail, known for popular titles like My DeFi Pet, Mytheria Realm and Ark Rivals Warzone. This is a collective effort to lay the foundation for Metaverse and help grow the blockchain gaming space, making it more accessible and sustainable for developers while reducing risks to investors.

By introducing cars to the Metaverse game, Iron Sail plans to provide fans with an experience that far exceeds the capabilities of any blockchain project.

Iron Sail has partnered with Imba Studios to develop this game. Imba Studios is known for creating fun and high-quality games in the mobile sector that have reached more than 20 million downloads.

Other partners in this game include SUGA, a decentralized, interoperable and self-improving blockchain infrastructure KardiaChainWeeda. Vietnamese metaverse solution company Whydah recently raised $25 million from Hashkey, Eternity Ventures, Bitscale, Youbi, Morningstar Ventures, Kardia Ventures, Polkastarter and more.

This news came shortly after Whydah collaborated with top game studios: Topebox, IMBA Game, Hiker Games, Divmob, 1B Game Studio and KEIG Studio, to become the leading GameFi platform of the future. the world.

How it works?

As a free game, new players can join the game as regular players or investors by owning OVL NFT cars for various purposes. Overleague’s mega generator can generate more than 5,300 unique cars for all racers.

What makes this project different from others is the game economy. As a Rover in the Overleague, you own the metaverse tracks where you can show off your driving skills and compete with others to win the competition and earn rewards.Rewards in races and special events. Besides owning an NFT car, you can also rent it to others to race as another way to get rich in Overleague. If you are a collector of cars, you can not only show off but also earn from your valuable metaverse car collection.

To participate in the races, you must have four unique elements, including the body, rear part, wheel and engine, to create a complete car. But not all NFTs are the same, players can choose the type of parts they want to build a new car with, each with unique stats.

Overleague also has a showroom where players and designers can display their NFT vehicles. The showroom also helps you decide which parts are most suitable for your vehicle. By doing this, you will get recognition and applause from the audience, which will help you win more lucrative prizes.

Aside from letting you take part in exciting in-game adventures, there is also a DEX called Overleague Marketplace, where users can trade core NFT game items. The market already supports two popular wallets, MetaMask and Wallet Connect.

OVL NFTs will also be listed on the Agoran Market via the NFT Series using the NFT dual deck to help expand the vehicle’s range and even gain a crossover for all of Iron Sail’s Seven World game projects.

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