LUDOBIO, a 5-in-1 toy box to increase children’s awareness of organic farming

Education plays an essential role in helping to understand various environmental issues, and this is what Bio Consom’acteurs understood. In order to increase children’s awareness of topics such as food, health and environmental protection, the Association of Biologists has established LUDOBIO. With this toy box with 5 activities, the goal is to engage with the principles of organic farming in a fun way, while also raising other issues related to biodiversity, animal husbandry conditions, or nutritional balance. Julie Potter, director of the association, tells us more about this educational project. Discovery!

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Julie Potier, Director of Bio Consom’acteurs Association since 2017. When I joined the association, LUDOBIO games were out of stock (500 games were published in 2015). I then suggested to the Board of Directors that this tool be restarted through a crowdfunding campaign. This allowed us to fund the game update and print 1,000 new chests.

Since then, we have built a real educational project and developed an intervention sequence in primary schools to raise awareness among 6-12 year olds. This sequence is called Field to Plate, and was built as part of the Our Climate-Committed Canteens project.

Can you introduce us to LUDOBIO?

The LUDOBIO game is an educational tool created in 2015 by the Association of Bio consom’acteurs. It was designed to meet the need to raise children’s awareness of sustainable, quality food.

The concept of this game, unique in France, was developed in partnership with nutritionists, to raise the awareness of young people on the principles of organic farming in a fun way, by addressing issues of biodiversity, the conditions for organic animal husbandry, as well as comprehensive. Topics such as food balance, sensory awareness, taste awareness, and learning about food families.

This educational tool offers a fun solution for facilitators and teachers, to allow them to talk about topics related to organic food, agriculture and related environmental/health issues.


Why did you decide to embark on this adventure?

When I joined the association, I saw that LUDOBIO could meet the need for tools to raise awareness among the youngest. To talk about food, facilitators and teachers often have to create their own activities or materials.

What message do you want to convey through LUDOBIO?

In group canteens, particularly school canteens, a transition towards healthier diets is taking place. However, children are little familiar with the upstream and often lack receptivity.

There is also mistrust towards proposed dietary changes and food hangovers which are still very high. That is why it seems necessary to combine this transition with the application of an educational approach built around the LUDOBIO game, led by a trained speaker, in order to support and support the local dynamics already underway. Especially since education professionals often lack the knowledge or tools to talk about these topics.


Who are LUDOBIO Games for?

We seek to disseminate LUDOBIO and, in particular, present it as an educational tool for education personnel, who are sometimes difficult to reach in our networks.

This tool is sold online, mainly on the Dream Act and Kurioz platforms, or directly by contacting biological consumers. We offer ‘DISCOVER LUDOBIO’ webinars and freely share activities and materials created using the ‘field-to-board’ sequence.

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