Everything you need to know about virtual reality professions: positions, skills required, etc.

Virtual reality professions, there is now a whole host of them. Rather, it must be said that virtual reality is a real source of jobs. If some of them are already known, others are still worth viewing.

New technologies have created countless professions over the past few decades. Virtual reality is no exception. Although it is still quite new, it actually provides a lot of functionality to the public. In addition to being diverse, it is somewhat rewarding. Here are some of the most popular VR jobs right now for those who want to get started in this universe.

programs developer

Any company that wants to invest or start in the virtual reality sector cannot do without the services of a software developer and engineer. As the industry offers a fast growthso it is clear that the demand for developers is still very high.

However, you should know that it is necessary to master several languages ​​at the same time, especially the language more modernto shine in this field. Anyone wanting to access such jobs should have experience with VR, AR, or XR.

In general, experience with lonlinessC# and under development for Long live theAlso required, Oculus and other virtual reality platforms. As for the positions to be filled, there are, among others, the position of Software Development Manager, Senior Software Developer, etc.

VR/AR Maintenance and Support Manager

Thanks to predictive maintenance, it is possible to predict and solve malfunctions of various devices and machines well before they occur. But nowadays, it is more a matter of maintenance health.

In fact, users have realized that breakdowns are caused more by improper repairs, installation errors, and excessive predictive maintenance. In order to reduce these malfunctions, factories then use the extension augmented realityand summon a specialist in charge of maintenance and assistance with virtual / augmented reality.

To fill this position, one usually needs experience in maintaining computer systems using Unity or other VR systems. You should also be able to Troubleshooting AR and VR system, and the use of 3D tools, such as Autodesk 3D, 3D MAX, etc.

Graphic and design engineer

in between virtual reality professions Available at the moment, there is also a graphic and design engineer. He who imagines, creates and improves experimental models. For this, he works with designers and artists. He is also responsible for developing new effects and visualizations.

To fill this position, companies generally require experience developing 3D games or applications. experience with 3D game engines, such as Unreal and Unity, are often required as well. The same is true for C#, C++, and other languages, such as Java.

This virtual reality career is finally opening up more to its undergraduate degree holders Computer Engineeringand to the Aces of Three-Dimensional Mathematics.

virtual reality professions

software engineer

Software engineers specializing in VR, AR, and XR are also a real pillar of development for companies working in these fields. They are generally directed to create new functionality and develop software that allow various XR tools work together.

These will also be able to work with the hardware and software components of various AR and VR products. Among the skills most in demand by companies for this position are those in Research.

There are also those in systems programming using the languages ​​C#, C++, Swift, Objective-C, etc. Anyone interested in this VR job should eventually have the experience Server-side programmingAnd it already worked on several operating systems at the same time.

Producer and Project Manager

in between virtual reality professions Menu, Project Manager and Product are not to be taken lightly. It is actually who Orientation Product teams design, develop, and launch new VR products for professionals or the general public.

It is also his duty arrange So that they can achieve their goals more easily.

With regard to the job requirements in terms of skills, any candidate for this position must have experience in Project management. For this, he must have cooperated with engineers, designers, product testers, etc. He must also be able to lead any work environment and improve the customer experience.

Gaming Tools Engineer and XR

The role of Gameplay and XR Tools Engineer is to develop tools for creation, development and debugging. With these, it can help developers reduce their software design time. It also helps them improve files Work efficiency.

In most cases, employers are looking for people who have at least Three years of development experience with Java, C and Python languages ​​to fill this position.

They should also have experience using DirectX, OpenGL, and Vulkan. Certificate in computer science Or Mathematics, or its equivalent is also an asset. to note that FB You are recruiting toy engineers and XR tools.

Accountant, auditor and planner

The accounting profession is also one of virtual reality professions the most wanted. Of course, this professional’s job is to ensure account manager For any VR company. You should know that this task deserves a lot of attention.

Accountants, auditors and planners also deal with inventory management,Risk assessment During product development, and much more.

To get to such a position, any particular candidate must have mastery of markets Made by XR. He should also have experience in conducting technical audit. Finally, he must master VR/AR hardware and software infrastructures, including licensing, inventory, manufacturing, etc.

VR/AR Finder

virtual reality professions

The VR function of a VR/AR researcher is very similar to that of a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality engineer. In fact, it is in front technology. As its name suggests, it is constantly exploring the possibilities of VR and AR with the goal of always improving it.

It also studies their applications in real-world regions and situations. To become a researcher in the virtual and augmented reality sector, any candidate must have a franchise Certificate of higher education.

Also, he must have a few years of experience applying XR projects in The real world. Experience in VR/AR research and development is also essential.

Business development Manager

The profession of business development manager also occupies an important place among virtual reality professions Available. Virtual reality companies mainly employ it to help them develop new products Business Solutions related to virtual reality technology.

It can also provide solutions for keeps current customers. But he can also take on other tasks related to business development. To become such a manager, anyone interested should have proven experience in the high-tech field.

She must also have a master’s degree, and be able to Travel frequently. Finally, it must be able to manage the various situations facing customers, and be familiar with the VR products available in the market.

Marketing, Sales and Distribution Manager

Of course, the director of marketing, sales and distribution of any VR company is committed to achieving their sales goals. His job is also to keep up with market trends while exploiting them for Motivate sales.

He’s also the professional we’re calling for To develop CRM. Note that they can be converted into sales. To fill this role, VR companies typically require business development experience in the VR industry.

It also requires a degree in software or technical development. Any candidate for such a position should also be able to use various marketing tools. Like a business development manager, he must eventually be ready to travel frequently.

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