Defense says Jacob Hoggard’s accused showed sexual interest in him

On the last day of his questioning, the defense tried to show on Monday that the plaintiff began an affair with her client when she was 15 and that she hopes to move forward after her 16th birthday by sleeping with him.

Jacob Hoggard’s attorney, Megan Savard, said she’s convinced the woman wants to sleep with him rock starBecause she had been in love with him since her teens.

The complainant alleges that she was raped on September 30, 2016 in a hotel in Mississauga, where the singer invited her to lunch with members of Headley’s group and to visit Toronto afterwards.

She adds that he also pinched her buttocks and tried to kiss her neck, but to no avail, after a concert at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on April 29, 2016.

Beginning of a romantic relationship

Me Savard admits that their relationship was platonic before that show in April, but it became romantic after that before taking on a sexual shade that summer of the same year.

The complainant admits that Jacob Hoggard asked her about her birthday that spring and that she told him she was still 15, but would soon be 16 in June.

I don’t remember if he asked me right after the party, but he never asked me to lie about my you say.

Jacob Hoggard performing in Winnipeg on March 17, 2018.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Hana Yun

However, she confirms it The singer crossed the line Acting this way, because she felt uncomfortable in front of her friends. But not to the point of stopping to see heras you say.

She made it clear that she didn’t want to make the situation any more difficult, especially since she needed him to bring them home after the concert at the Scotiabank Arena.

Yes, I could have told him what he did was wrong and I wouldn’t do it again, but I didn’t.she admits, answering May Savard’s question.

be careful : This text may shock some readers.

However, the young woman flatly rejects the idea that she would have asked for a sexual relationship by agreeing to visit him in Toronto in September of the same year.

There was no way to have sex when he invited me to TorontoShe said defensive.

She admits that she made an excuse to her mother, who did not want her daughter to go alone to the capital to meet Jacob Hoggard there.

Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard handles guitar on stage during the last scheduled concert of their Canadian tour, in Kelowna, British Columbia, March 23, 2018.

Jacob Hoggard performs in Kelowna, British Columbia on March 23, 2018.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Jeff Bassett

In defense, the rape could have quickly reconciled her with her mother for her disobedience that day.

My mother would have been angry if she knew I agreed to meet him in a hotel if we had consensual sexadmit.

She explained that she prepared an alibi with her best friend by making sure to take pictures of them in a shopping mall to prove to her mother that they spent the day there together.

Beginning of intimacy

May Savard recalls that over the summer the complainant and the singer exchanged messages of a sexual nature that clearly showed a desire to sleep together after they began a romantic relationship 5 months after a concert.

I probably expressed my desire to have sex with him, but that had nothing to do with the plan to have sex in the hotel that day.Explains the complainant.

The young woman adds that the singer’s sex messages in the summer were sometimes ambiguous, so she took the initiative to introduce them to her older cousin, who is more experienced than her in relationships.

I wanted to make sure I understood his intentions, because his text messages were sometimes subject to interpretation and I didn’t understand the meaning of certain you say.

Forensic clarification of defense questioning.

Defense attorney Megan Savard is questioning the plaintiff before judge, registrar, jury and her client Jacob Hoggard.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Alexandra Newbould

She asserted that her cousin assured her that expressions had more of a romantic connotation than a sexual one, and so she suggested ways to respond to them.

However, she does not remember her answer to him at the time about his hints.

The complainant also denied hiding the truth from the jury, as the defense suggests. I never gave him my consent in all the exchanges between usas you say.

She adds that she thought he would respect her decision not to sleep with him, because he had told her in the past to always trust her.

Judicial clarification of the testimony of the first plaintiff.

Prosecutor Jill Whitkin is questioning the first prosecutor at the witness stand in the trial of Jacob Hoggard who is seen in a black suit on the left with her attorney.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Alexandra Newbould

I never told her we were going to have sex and that I wanted to do this or that.Reply.

If you had noticed warning signs in his messages about a sexual relationship, I would have ended our exchangeshe completes.

She also admits that the name of the accused does not appear in the list of his interlocutors on Snapchat to prevent his friends from questioning the fact that she has an affair with the singer on the social network.

The complainant asserts that she did not go to her hotel to live with the accused. It wasn’t even mentioned in our calls in the limo he sent me that you say.

Alleged sexual assault

May Savard also inquired about the plaintiff’s obvious details when she recounted the rape of which she claims to have been a victim.

She wonders, for example, how Jacob Hoggard was able to untie the complainant’s shoelaces while keeping her on the bed by force or without being able to push him away to escape.

It also questions the fact that women have Biting the penis Her client, as she claimed, because such a bite did not deter Jacob Hoggard To continue controlling it with all its weight Above the bed.

May Savard determines that it is It is physically impossible for a man to ejaculate 4 times in two hours. What you say never happened.The lawyer continues.

Judicial clarification of the trial.

Singer Jacob Hoggard pleaded not guilty to three counts of a sexual nature at the start of the trial.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Alexandra Newbould

The young woman said that The singer hadn’t used a condom and he froze on it 4 times and maybe more inside That is why she was in the hospital with her mother for tests.

There was only one ejaculation after consensual sexMay Savard says. No, he raped methe complainant responds with one.

The attorney also reminds the jury that the complainant waited 4 or 5 minutes before getting dressed after the alleged rape, that she did not call 911 or her family and that no one heard her screaming in the room.

I buried my head in pillows so no one could hear meyou answer.

A man who avoids the media.

Jacob Hoggard tries to escape the media with his wife outside court after the first day of testifying at his trial.

Photo: Radio Canada/Ally Elwell

Me Savard adds that the teenage girl waited for her client to bring a limousine to take her home and that he escorted her to the hotel lobby.

In this regard, the complainant asserts that the limousine was ordered in her name and not under a pseudonym that she used on the foreign trip with the same driver.

No hasty departure

La jeune femme admet que Jacob Hoggard n’a pas tenté de l’ignorer ou de la cacher de la vue du public dans le hall de l’hôtel, mais qu’il tentait bien de la rattraper lorsqu’elle s’est précipitée vers Exit.

May Savard adds that the plaintiff also contradicted herself by saying at trial that she was able to walk from the bedroom to the sidewalk of the hotel where the limousine driver was waiting for her, while saying the opposite in his statement to the police station on March 6, 2018.

I could walk, but it hurt, I didn’t straighten myself before I left the room, so my makeup and hair were undone, and I quickly wiped his cum off my cheek.

Silhouette of a woman in front of the shelf

The first complainant says she turned herself in to the police in March 2018 after seeing a CBC report in which another woman claimed she was assaulted by Jacob Hoggard.

Photo: CBC News

The lawyer suspects the woman was unpresentable, as no one stopped her at the hotel to ask if she was okay.

You were angry and insulted, not because you had been raped, but because he had asked you to leave the hotel earlier than expected that day, because he had to prepare for a concert.The lawyer said.

The complainant responded that she did not know that he was singing that evening, but that she was afraid of him and that she was crying because he had injured her. It wasn’t consensual sex at all, it was rapeit repeats.

The questioning of witnesses also made it possible to know that the complainant was in the summer of 2016 at Serious romantic relationship but on and off With a boy who attended the same high school as her.

The young man, who is two years her senior, does not know anything about her relationship with the singer of the band Hedley.

The young woman admitted that she did not mention this relationship to the police when she filed a complaint against the singer. She asserts that he made her feel very comfortable, although she refrained from telling him that she had been raped.

He would understand and support if I told him., as you say. However, she admits that the young man would have been upset if she had had a consensual sexual relationship with the singer.

The trial continues tomorrow with the testimony of the plaintiff No. two.

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