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The stock market and VR/AR are two inseparable components at the moment. The virtual reality sector has already experienced a real boom in recent years to the extent that technology is increasingly present in everyone’s daily life. For those who want to invest in them, it is still necessary to choose the best stocks. Here are your favorites for 2021.

It makes perfect sense that investors always prefer booming markets to buy stocks. It allows them to make maximum profit. Specifically, the virtual reality market is one of them, especially thanks to its constant development. To enlighten investors about it, here are the stocks that will be favored in this sector for the year.

Stock market and VR/AR: the numbers speak for themselves

As we already know, virtual reality or virtual reality refers to a representation of an artificial environment. To do this, software, sensors and cameras are used. In recent years, this technology has gained a place all over the world.

She is mostly It is very popular for its wide availability and reasonable prices. Industry players such as Apple (AAPL), Sony (SNE), Facebook’s FB Oculus, Lenovo and Unity Software U are constantly innovating in order to rapidly penetrate the VR market.

In terms of numbers, global AR/VR spending is expected to reach $72.8 billion in 2024 According to an IDC report. As for the number of VR/AR devices shipped worldwide, it is expected to exceed 68.6 million units in 2023.

Other characters not to be overlooked

According to a report by Statista, AR and VR headsets should be too Achieving huge sales of 30 million units annually by the end of 2023. According to an eMarketer report, last year 52.1 million Americans used virtual reality technology at least once a month.

Virtual Reality Experiences It’s also getting better thanks to more advanced and faster cellular networks, including 5G. These are also creating a broader market for cloud-based streaming applications.

To sharpen the competition, modern virtual reality headsets, such as Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, etc., Offer competitive features and prices. All this already shows how much VR / AR It is a sector in which he works stock trading. But that’s not all yet.

Virtual Reality: Continuous Development to Delight Investors

VR AR . Scholarship

Before proceeding, it is good to know Video and video games are among the most prominent use cases of virtual reality by consumers. In fact, these two areas alone should generate $20.8 billion in spending in 2023.

Note that VR games It can run on standalone systems The ability to play VR headsets. Virtual reality has been mostly adopted in the gaming industry due to the advanced immersive experience and the availability of a lot of gaming content.

If we go back to the evolution of virtual reality, we should know that Facebook is investing heavily to develop an ecosystem for VR content. Over the next 10 years, the company plans to spend more than $3 billion on virtual reality. VR Headphones oculus riftAnd Quest and Quest 2 are already a step toward that evolution.

What about the evolution of VR/AR among other players in the sector?

if it was VR / AR It currently occupies an important place in stock tradingThe reason for this is that various players in the sector are doing everything they can to penetrate this market quickly. On the Sony side, among other things, it has become a file The true leader of the latter thanks to the PlayStation VR headset.

At CES 2020, the brand revealed that it has sold over 5 million PSVR headsets since its launch. We should not forget that Sony launched the next generation game console, PlayStation 5.

during this time, NextVR has been acquired by Apple to ramp up efforts in VR/AR. For those who are still unaware, NextVR provides VR video contents. This is possible thanks to the Cupertino company’s partnerships with the NBA, Wimbledon, Fox Sports et al.

Stock Market and VR/AR: Which Actions Should You Prefer?

From what we saw earlier, the . sector VR / AR He is really promising in stock trading. Furthermore it, Actions, especially augmented reality (AR), are not available. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the best moments.

Apple (AAPL)

VR AR . Scholarship

over the past decade, AAPL shares experienced exceptional growth. iPhone sales are the main source. However, you should know that the smartphone market is already saturated.

Although the company has yet to discover its next truly promising product, it is betting big on augmented reality. This has a basis It started in 2017 with the release of ARKitAR platform for iOS.

Since that time, the company has continued to develop augmented reality. His new iPhone 12 Pro, for example, Equipped with LiDAR Scanner to provide a more immersive AR experience.

Autodesk (ADSK)

It’s pretty obvious to find Autodesk in this stock list to buy VR/AR . Scholarship. We must not forget that the company is above everything Known for its AutoCAD app or computer aided design.

But apart from this software, the brand also offers consumer software, software for digital models, and products like Maya. These tools Famous for video game animation and movie special effects.

Note that the company has It started incorporating augmented reality technology into its products in 2017, with AR support added to its Forge platform. Over the past five years, ADSK stock has grown steadily with a gain of 284%.


Among the actions that must be fully explored VR/AR . ScholarshipThere is also ETSY. Etsy is a file E-commerce platform focused on vintage and handmade items, but not only. It is also geared towards face masks.

It must be specifiedEtsy has introduced support for augmented reality in their mobile app fairly recently.. With this, users can take a picture of their rooms and then overlay Etsy products on it to get a realistic view.

With AR support, Etsy shopping experience just got more comprehensive. Investors are more likely to buy. Note that this stock is showing a gain of 203%.

Snap (SNAP)

It was the social media platform Snapchat in particular that made Snapchat a reputation. However, the company also has Made headlines in 2016 thanks to Snap Spectacles. These are sunglasses with a built in video camera.

It was marketed in vending machines and generated a lot of fuss Despite its high price. Next, Snap created the second and third version of Spectacles. The latter is more expensive due to its more premium design.

The company also plans to Combine these new generations of Spectacles with its Lens Studio and Snapchat platform In order to provide a more interesting AR experience. For all this, SNAP ranks as one of the most popular stocks in the world VR/AR . Scholarship.

VR AR . Scholarship

Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)

GOOGL stocks are also a good choice for those who want to invest in them VR/AR . Scholarship. Good to know Alphabet’s Google is getting its own AR platform for Android called ARCore.

The company has also integrated AR features into some of its products, such as Google Maps. she It has also released augmented reality glassesUnlike Apple. Google glasses In fact, among other things, part.

Since these augmented reality glasses have had some failures with users, Google has retired from using them as a consumer product. Instead, the brand is back Enterprise Edition allowed him to enjoy even more success.

Microsoft (MSFT)

Information technology and micro-computing Microsoft is also multinational Very present in the augmented reality sector. In 2016, for example, it launched a head-mounted monitor that it called the HoloLens. The latter runs Windows Mixed Reality.

Currently, HoloLens is Used in a variety of AR applications. This includes product design, manufacturing, and even surgery.

With the acceleration of augmented reality adoption globally, Thus it becomes interesting to invest in MSFT share. The gains are really big.

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