A man goes to work on his day off and comes home an hour later and sees a strange car near his house

The husband forgot that his day off he went to work. An hour later, he hurried home to his wife’s surprise. But when he entered his apartment, he heard strange noises coming from their bedroom.

If a couple falls in love and eventually decides to spend the rest of their lives together, they swear to be faithful and loyal to each other. But sometimes people break those promises. Can you get away with quickly by betraying the trust of your soul mate?

A comment posted in the “Cheat Stories” section of Reddit answered this question after a pair, under a pseudonym Equivalent_Stock_971explains how he was devastated when he came home to his wife’s surprise when she thought he was on his way to work.

Reminiscent of the incident many years ago, the original poster (OP) on Reddit said he was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) trainee in 2010. He was 27 and happily married with his wife, who works as a planner in the Marines.

Although their work schedules overlap most of the time, their days off were different. In his work, the OP can privately arrange with other interns and take a day off.

One day, he then exchanged with another apprentice. However, he forgot about it and left for work on his supposed day off.

After laughing at his workplace, OP went home to surprise his wife. Upon arriving at his apartment, he noticed a Dodge Challenger parked in the spot of his car. The guy thought this was strange, because there was enough parking space for visitors.

Then he quietly crept into his apartment, then heard strange noises coming from his bedroom. Since the bedroom door was wide open, the OP heard him well.

The OP noticed a Dodge Challenger parked outside his apartment. | Source: Unsplash

Suppose his wife was alone watching “adult videos” and he remembered watching these things together often. “Wow.. I can catch her on my own,” he thought, wanting to surprise her with embarrassment.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came eight months later when the woman’s partner called the OP asking for a favor.

But as he approached their room, nothing happened to the voices he heard. When he reached the bedroom door, he was left speechless and shocked to see his wife in bed with another man.

The husband felt strange when he heard strange noises coming from his bedroom. | Source: Pexel

After about 15 seconds, his wife looked toward the door. Shocked and angry, I asked him in particular what he was doing at home.

Meanwhile, the OP remained frozen in silence as his wife’s partner rushed toward the door, waiting to be let through. Before leaving, he looked at the OP and said, “Yes, thank you…but that’s how it is,” much to the frustration of him.

Moments later, he saw O. B. That guy is still outside in his car. In a fit of rage, he grabs his bowling ball to hit something, but is horrified to see his wife block his way to protect the man. That’s when the OP broke up, moving away from his wife.

The OP’s woman blocked his way as he walked toward the man. | Source: Pexel

After this heartbreaking episode, the OP informed his family and began to focus on his career. But to his surprise, his wife often appeared at work.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back came eight months later when the woman’s partner called him asking for a favor. He wanted the OP to have a letter written and signed in his name, alleging that his wife had harassed him. In return, he assured the OP that he would help her get a divorce without having to pay child support.

After listening to the man’s entreaties, the OP openly refused to help him. He was glad to know that karma played a role in this man’s life. Then he left a voicemail for his wife and threatened to report her for violating the restraining order and passing his information to the other man.

The operations office sent his wife an email and threatened to report her for violating the restraining order. | Source: Pexel

After a tumultuous divorce, the OP has moved on. He married a nurse and had a son. He learned that his wife was doing well through social media and considered reaching out to her. But in the end, he decided that it was better to put some things aside and not call them again.

After reading the OP’s story, other Reddit users wondered why he wanted to reconnect with his ex. the user lwfj9m9 books :

“Why are you contacting her?” ???? Confused.”

“To turn the page and to thank her, I grew up on this day ten years ago…,” the OP replied in the thread. Some reminded the OP not to contact his ex and advised him to stop worrying about her.

After his divorce, OP married a nurse he was dating. | Source: Unsplash

Advised “You still don’t know her…I don’t think you’ve ever known her…You have always been Mr. Blanc B. And you will be for a long time to come. So you should move on”, Editor the manufacture company.

As for his former classmate, the OP never saw him again. “I should have reported this to the Marines,” he said. “It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him.”

The folks at Reddit advised OP to get over his ex for his own good. | Source: Pexel

Meditation questions:

How would you deal with your partner dating someone else while you were away?

When the OP discovered that his wife was romantically involved with another man, he was devastated. He realized divorce was his only option and moved on from a tumultuous breakup. Do you file for divorce after discovering your partner’s infidelity, or will you give him a chance to prove his loyalty to you?

Would it be easy for you to turn the page in a similar situation?

Although the OP met many women in his workplace, he was afraid of entering into a new relationship due to the emotional scars left by his infidelity. He fell in love with a nurse and ended up marrying her. How do you recover from that heartache and be ready to trust someone who might be interested in you?

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