Which platform is the best?

Google Meet and Zoom top the list of popular video communication tools. Both are suitable for work and distance learning.

Google Meet and Zoom provide the ability to interact with other participants via video conference. They allow meetings and classes to be conducted through a variety of applications and devices. For this reason they are present in many offices and classrooms around the world. But which of these platforms is the best? Who may meet your needs? Here is a comparison between Google Meet and Zoom.

Google Meet vs. Zoom: Connect

If you have a G Suite account, you can testimonials Required to access Google Meet. If you don’t have a G Suite account, you must sign in to your Gmail account. Once you create the meeting on the platform, you get a file Meeting link, code, call number and personal identification number. Now you need to share the details with whoever you want to join the meeting. They just have to click on the link and enter the code.

Accessing Zoom is just as easy. At first, it is necessary Download the installer and start the application. If you want to create a meeting, go to the Sign in option on the setup screen. If you are invited to make a call, tap directly on the link. Zoom is perfect for a last minute video call between people from one company to another.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Video Recording

Google Meet call recording includes the active speaker and everything that is presented. The recording is saved to a file Meeting Recording Folder From the organizer at My Drive. Once the registration is complete, you will receive an email with the link. This same link is added to the calendar event.

cloud recording It is automatically enabled for Zoom users, i.e. if you have a paid plan. Recording covers Transcription of video, chat and audio. Zoom allows you to record calls whether you are a free user or a paid user. But in the first case, you will only be able to register on your computer. If you want to make cloud recordings, you will need to use one of the company’s paid offerings.

Prices and packages

The Basic version of Zoom Available for free. Note that this option has some limitations. from Professional PlanMembers receive live texts, social media streaming, 1GB of cloud recording, and personal meeting IDs. When you switch to a job-You get advanced management features, such as saving texts. company You upgrade to unlimited cloud storage.

Now Google Meet offers a Free access to a limited version of the service. To unlock more features, you’ll need to pay for Google Meet as part of a profile Google Workspace subscription. Workspace comes with a whole suite of additional Google cloud services. the plan standard businessIn the meantime, it adds support for logging. Business Plus adds attendance tracking. Finally, the Enterprise plan Adds noise cancellation and “in-band” live streaming.

Correspondence on the respective platforms

google mitzoom

In terms of messages, Google Meet allows you to do this during calls. But once they’re done, so is the chat history. Also, you cannot see messages sent by others before joining the call. The only way to save messages is Record your video calls.

Zoom offers two types of messages. You can share messages with everyone. You are also able to send Direct message For individual participants, which is useful when you need to say something special during a call. This feature is not available in Google Meet.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Limit Participants and File Sharing

Zoom supports up to 1000 attendees Unlike Google Meet which is limited to 250 participants. However, you can host a large live broadcast event. In this case, the maximum number of direct viewers depends on your version of Google Workspace. Both systems let you see 49 videos on screen Without compromising the video quality.

When you schedule a call on Google Meet, you can Attach all types of files (PDF, video files, etc.) before this call. All participants will have automatic access to these documents. In terms of zooming in/out, file transfer allows you to send files to other participants during a meeting or webinar via chat. Folders can be sent specifically to all attendees, directly to an attendee or to predefined groups.

Google and Zoom, the security question


platform Google Meet is very secure. It includes several security features such as encryption in transit and more, DLP for Google Drive storage, enrollment in advanced security program and 2FA. However, during a pandemic, Zoom has encountered many security issues. Since then, the company has emphasized its own privacy measures. The New GCM 256-bit encryption It will protect your calls from interference and hacking.

Additional Features

Both systems provide Similar basic features. This includes presentation modes for screen sharing, support for HD video up to 720p, and call encryption. Google is dead has Chat rooms, polls, background filtersa tiled gallery layout for larger calls, and whiteboards.

Google is dead

Allows you to zoom in on the view Diagnostic information during the meeting. This way, you’ll know if you’re having audio, video, or network issues. This helps you troubleshoot any issues you might have, rather than seeking help from IT administrators.

In short, Google Meet and Zoom have pretty much the same functionality. If your business uses Google products or has members who use login to join meetings, you should definitely try out Google Meet. If your company has more than 250 people who must join the calls, or if you need a meeting room or whiteboards, Zoom is the right choice.

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