Online marital therapy: for whom and why?

“If you want to be loved, love!”, Seneca wrote simply. Although he remains one of my favorite philosophers and this saying lives up to his fame, it remains complex in practice. In fact, like our lives, the couple is an adventure with its own unique character, risks, ups and downs, and beautiful surprises. Moreover, with all these characteristics, it is very difficult to imagine a “user’s manual”. However, couples therapy was born.

If there is no model to follow, why treat couples?

Imagine that you decide to cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Brazil. You have a solid boat, The weather is perfect, your teammate is reassuring and reliablethen decided to go to the sea … Unfortunately after some time, You find yourself caught in an unpredictable storm. You somehow hold the rudder, but with fatigue and pressure, Understanding with your teammate deteriorates and navigation becomes more and more complex. What should have happened when you sank at sea. This is the time You issue a distress and a wizard comes to your rescue.

As I understand, it comes a little late. This is the main difficulty of this treatment, because Often a “last chance”. Doing this at the beginning of a relationship for preventive purposes is not a bad idea, but when you fall in love the future always looks bright, so why anticipate the never going to happen? But, Therapy begins as soon as the first crises of the couple appear, it will allow the couples to understand their differences.Find yourself, reinvent yourself and identify positive actions for the future.

How does online couples therapy work?

  1. Will the couple Contact the therapist Either via a specialized website or directly on their website.
  2. The therapist will then greet them The first online meeting where they will explain their situation.
  3. So it will be set in its rightful place A framework in which ‘respect’ is central Respect for commitments, everyone’s words, people, feelings, reactions, etc. Actually, Sessions should become a space, a moment, in which you feel safe. Thus, it will be possible for everyone to be able to express, hear and understand themselves. So the wizard will try to do that Create or re-create intimacy. Intimacy here is where it is Two people can be vulnerable to each other without being punished. So he will make sure to maintain all conditions until the couple finds this feeling.
  4. At the end of this first session onwards, The therapist will be able to evaluateFeedback and suggest concrete actions to be implemented in each subsequent session. He could also, in the following weeks, Suggest topics at the beginning of the session.

Definitely, Each specialist has his own methods and approach to marital therapy. These examples remain a brief overview of this therapeutic practice.

How long does online couples therapy take?

The long-awaited magic wand will always be in the hands of the magician. The wizard has unique and complex people in his hands. Thus, the time of treatment will depend on personal commitment and the types of conflicts that need to be resolved.

can go on from 4 to 20 sessions, depending on the complexity of the situation. These pointers should be taken as an arrangement of ideas and in no way as a trading standard.

Why couples therapy online?

The online aspect has a lot of advantages and New possibilities like being able to do a session With the husband on the go or in a place the couple appreciates, for example.

Offers online therapy too time and financial opportunities, because it eliminates travel time as well as additional costs (gasoline, parking, etc.). It no longer has geographic boundariesCouples can broaden their search for a professional. Thus, finding the therapist that best suits their condition Increase their chances of success.


While love seems obvious, nurturing a relationship is not. It takes a lot of understanding, communication, respect and patience. A married couple is an adventure in which we all discover ourselves And often the problem is not the other, but what we feel around them.

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes a marriage unhappy.”Nietzsche wrote and this may be the whole point of couples therapy: Remember that there is a man behind the woman, behind the man, the husband, the wife, the husband or the lover. A person who tries to succeed in his life and maintain a privileged position despite the difficulties.

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