20 Minutes Launches 20 Mint – The Free Reference Puts NFTs and Web3 to the Press

print letters Newspapers have been the rhythm of our lives for centuries. They have been able to evolve with the times and adapt to new technologies. Paper newspapers for some, digital for others, free or paid, in short: they all managed to develop in a well-known format. The web 3 This well-established system is shaken up by a new technology: talc blockchain. With dynamic development, now unstoppable, it develops without warning, bringing with it the Internet of tomorrow.

The 20 Minutes newspaper, aware of this race that is leaving some on the sidelines, wants to participate in blockchain information and news and create a new medium. NFTdigital currencies, BitcoinEthereum, metaverse: These semi-poetic words for beginners, barbaric and mysterious to others, will soon leave in our cities to conquer our citizens thanks to 20 Mint.

20 Mint: Writing Blockchain and Web 3.0

The editorial position of 20 Mint has been clearly stated: to inform, generate interest, and then if possible stick readers on this still very tight topic. With it largely deprived of any public debate and yet so present in France, the blockchain world should shine even more. 20 Mint intends to participate in this awareness by devoting itself to education and information to the general public. Target? Take part in our community’s transition to Web 3.0.

Also, 20 Mint annoys the system created by the cryptosphere which is sometimes a bit shy in the face of the general public. So the new media is proposing to bring the blockchain to our citizens.

“We believe that all of us, in our personal and professional lives,Girls, touched innovations associated with these technologies. Entire sections of the law will have to adapt to these disruptions. Everyone should be able to express themselves on this issue and there is only one way to create this public debate: by giving our citizens enough information to make their decisions.

Laurent Bainier, Editor-in-Chief of 20 Minutes, initiated by the project 20 Mint.

Capsule Company Labs in print head, CoinHouse in paperback

20 Mint is not alone in her project. surround himself with CoinHouseFrench cryptocurrency trading platform.

Tweet from Coinhouse – Source: Twitter

Technically, what’s a better NFT for a newspaper than a typewriter? Designed by Capsule Corp Labs, France’s NFT design studio and preferred partner 20 Mint NFT typewriter. Invisible ink from 20 Mint, the backbone of the magazine, they’d let fund it, but private joint leadership.

numbering 999, MintThe act of creating, minting the NFT will be available in the spring on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT has an algorithm, its own code that provides the typewriter with a unique functionality. Mintlist, if desired, will allow you to preview the NFT (recordings for each game on social networks).

NFT 20 Mint Typewriter – Source: Twitter

NFT 20 Mint: You are the editor-in-chief

Once swiped, these NFT typewriters will be generated Written in indelible ink on the blockchain. real and irreplaceable (Non-Fungible Code) The lucky owner will be able to sit on the virtual editorial board of the newspaper.

In fact, by becoming NFT مالك owner (Mentor) You will have access in other than the project to a saved channel. It will allow you to participate in the heart of writing 20 Mint. When you do this, writing is not automatic, but collaborative. Like voting on the verdict, you can participate in the life of the newspaper.

Special Issues, Interviews with Web 3 Characters, Selfies, News: These virtual typewriters offer a beautiful pen that is very real. Page after page, block of words after group of words, it will be possible in the long run to visualize the newspaper as DAO: decentralized and independent.

The 20 Mint approach is remarkable and unprecedented in France, while the adoption of Web 3 by the general public is still in its infancy. Using the site and app and then having a free hard copy of the exclusive Web 3.0 newspaper in the long run is attractive. 20 mint drops anchor and settles in coding community To allow you to write on the blockchain: The newspaper is also eagerly waiting for “999 mecascriptophiles who are ignoring each other.”

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