When stereotypes spoil the love life

The “romance gap” imposes limitations on our interactions or ways of communicating in our relationships. Basically, the woman will refrain from sending the first message or laughing so hard, while the man will always make the first move, and appear more financially stable. As mindsets develop, these stereotypes remain firmly rooted in our relationships.

And that, even if we realize that equality is important in any relationship, and that we’re already pretty well disentangled. In fact, according to the latest survey conducted by the dating app Bumble, the vast majority of French (74%) say that in romantic relationships, expectations differ depending on gender identity. This is called the “romance gap”.

74% expect gendered behavior in their relationships

today, The vast majority of French people (85%) say equality is important in a relationship. Mindsets are slowly but surely evolving towards a more equal view of women and men. In media and culture, we see especially Raising awareness of the psychological burden on women In a heterosexual relationship. But there are a few areas where Stagnation of gender stereotypes in France : This is the case of romance.

A large majority (74%) of the French say so In romantic relationships, expected behaviors vary based on gender identity. This is the phenomenon that Bumble calls ” Romance Gap The results just cited came from a survey commissioned by YouGov by dating app Bumble. And their conclusion is clear: Whether we identify ourselves as a man or a woman, we expect the other to follow the scripts that society demandsby gender.

A man must be adventurous and richer

gender stereotypes It dictates our behavior – consciously or unconsciously These are many well-known behaviours. Concretely, it is believed that it is up to the human being to take the first step. Whether it’s sending the first message, starting the conversation, or making the first kiss. Therefore, the man must be at the initiative of the development of the relationship. To marry, for example, it is up to him. Almost half of French respondents think so. Only 8% think it is up to women to take the initiative.

Another stereotype always fixed in our heads: The man should remain the “breadwinner” of the family. In fact, more than 2 in 5 people believe that a man is “supposed to earn more money and be responsible for the finances of the couple or family.” In the face of these clichés, men are under pressure. 27% of respondents feel pressure to take charge in the context of their relationships. And the survey shows that they will be almost too Double the chance of feeling pressured to make more money of their partner in their relationships.

The wife should control herself and be wrapped up as soon as possible

Regarding the role of women, Many preconceptions are also embedded in the way we relate to each other. We note that nearly half of the respondents (44%) state the need to avoid this seem ‘too excited, clingy or attached, at risk of appearing desperate’. And this problem would have already worried 32% of the respondents in their relationships.

Another obstacle to a more authentic love life among the women surveyed: their age. yes! Survey highlights age stereotypes which women especially bear in their relationships. 42% of them believe that it is a woman’s priority to enter into a stable relationship before she becomes “too old”. Only 13% of men think it is important to settle down before the ‘deadline’.

part ofWorrying that this fake watch It includes women, and it also makes them make hasty decisions to choose the ‘right person’. And so, roughly 2 out of 5 French women already feel compelled to compromise their expectations In the course of their encounters or romantic relationships.

“The only way to reduce this inequality is to acknowledge its existence and start an open discussion about its impact on our view of ourselves, our partners, and our relationships. Only when we realize it can we challenge ourselves to overcome gender expectations of who should do what,” says Naomi Walkland, Vice President of Bumble. Europe.

And you, do you think you got rid of gender stereotypes in your romantic relationships? Share your secrets with our readers in our forum.

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