Near Argentina, a mother was sentenced for not forcing her children to see their father

This resident of Okagens, near Argentina (Orne), was sentenced for not representing children to a person who has a right to claim it. (© Journal of the Orne)

woman convicted, Tuesday 3 May 2022Talk Argentine court (decorate) for children not representing a person entitled to claim them.

41-year-old woman, resident OkanessTuesday 3 May 2022, fined 500 euros by the Argentine court for not representing the children to a person who has the right to claim them.

After her separation, she did not force her children aged 11 to 13 to see their father.

The couple lived fifteen years of joint life, had two children, now 11 and 13 years old, and together or almost appeared before the Argentine court.

Children refuse to see their father

break up with February 10, 2020Parental authority is shared with residency in the mother’s home and regulated visitation rights.

However, things are not going well, Children refuse to see their father.

Her attempts will remain in vain, and she will find no other solution than to file a complaint until visitation rights return to her.

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He has not seen his children since then August 1, 2021.

The January 28, 2022At the end of the afternoon, he goes to his ex-wife’s house to pick up his kids for the weekend.

It’s been six months since he’s seen them. His son refused to come with him, adding that his sister was not around and that he would only come when he gave up on weekends, once in a second.

The February 4, 2022At the beginning of the school vacation, he returns to his mother’s house after informing her by e-mail of his arrival, but there again the children do not want to come.

Victims of psychological violence from their father

Then he decides to file a complaint against the mother of his sons for not representing the sons.

For him, his children are exploited by their mother.

I heard, she explains to investigators that she was a victim of physical violence in the presence of children and that they are Victims of psychological violence from their father.

For these reasons, children do not wish to return to their father’s home and add that they are unable to force them to do so.

This 41-year-old Okagens resident explains at the courthouse bar that even if her ex-husband had the right to take her kids for the weekend, they wouldn’t want to go with him.

“11-13-year-olds don’t have to make the decision at home. If they want to watch TV until 2 am, don’t you say something? No frame? asks the chief.

“No, of course, but the context is not the same, I cannot force my children to go to their father if they do not want to.”

“But ma’am, there is a legal framework that is in place and your ex-husband has regulated custody rights,” the president continues.

Mother: “I don’t take advantage of my children.”

“You can think whatever you want, I have integrity, I have values, but I don’t take advantage of my kids. I don’t want to force my kids, I’m not sure this is the best solution. »

“Do you do anything so that your children can see their father. Motivate them to see it?” asks the chief.

“No, I think above all that children have a right to expect to be questioned about their father’s actions and words.”

“But what can he do if he doesn’t see them?” ‘ continues the president.

Alcohol and cannabis abuse

“He saw them twice, and things didn’t go well. He took them to his brother, Use of alcohol and cannabis With a lot of people they don’t know. Bottom line, they don’t want to see him at all anymore. »

“Then it is up to you. A court decision was issued stating that the relationship between the sons and their father must be re-established for the benefit of the sons.”

I haven’t seen my kids since August last year. I didn’t want to complain, because I didn’t want to see my wife in court, and I didn’t want my children to be angry with me, but I love them and need to see them, and I need them”

the fatherin the court tape

The prosecutor states that the father filed a complaint three times to be able to see his children.

Despite the court order, this woman refused to give sons to their father and did nothing to force them.

She asked the court to go through the sentencing process and asked for a fine of 1,000 euros, of which 500 euros was suspended.

The court eventually follows the prosecutor’s orders.

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