Live – “Johnny Hit Me”: Amber Heard Condemns Johnny Depp’s Violence Against Her

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The trial was paused for a week

Today’s hearing ends. The trial is now suspended for a week and will not resume until May 16.

Amber Heard comments on photos showing her injuries

Amber Heard commented on several photos describing the injuries she believes were caused by Johnny Depp. It shows bruises or even a cut of the lip.

According to them, his injuries were “extremely gruesome”.

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of hitting her in the nose

Amber Heard has talked about a new episode in which she accuses Johnny Depp of physical assault. The actress also stared into his eyes after being punched a few times in the face, according to her, a star Pirates of the Caribbean He’s supposed to take it off before he puts his head in his nose.

She said, “I was like, ‘His hands were free. Why did he hit me in the head?'”

Amber Heard says she learned of Johnny Depp’s cheating by accidentally receiving messages from the actor

Amber Heard claims to have found messages on Johnny Depp’s iPad in which she learned her husband cheated on him shortly after their marriage.

“After I went through what I went through, it was very painful,” she explained.

She added, “I didn’t care, at the time, if he killed me, which I would have likely encountered at that time in our lives.”

‘We loved each other so much’: Amber Heard tells how she wanted to save her relationship with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard said that she totally wanted to save her relationship with Johnny Depp. In particular, she bought a book about marital problems.

“I loved that guy. I loved him so much. And it was so toxic. And for some reason I couldn’t get him not to hurt me. And apparently I hurt him. We loved each other so much,” she said. He said, holding back tears.

“I loved it so much, I would have read a million books,” she said.

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of raping her with a bottle of alcohol

Amber Heard has again accused Johnny Depp of sexual violence. During her testimony, she recalled a trip she had taken to visit her husband in Australia. When Jadal turned violent, she claimed that she found herself lying on her back in a bar while the actor raped her with a bottle of alcohol.

“I felt this pressure on my pubic bone. I saw his arm move, and it looked like he was hitting me. (…) I just remember staying very straight and not wanting to move,” she explained, telling her she was afraid of seeing the bottle break.

“I don’t know how that night ended. I remember him begging me not to leave.

lunch break

The trial is taking a break and will resume in an hour.

Amber Heard: Johnny Depp was mad at me for work

Amber Heard returns to threats from Johnny Depp, who has refused to see her work in certain films. Take for example Magic Mike 2 (2015), the sequel to the hit movie set in the middle of male strippers.

“I fought with [Depp] to play the role. It was a movie with mostly male roles. He reluctantly agreed to let me do the movie. I didn’t want to play a sexual character. I was going to wear a little makeup in the movie, no sexy clothes. So I was able to make the movie.”

Amber Heard explains that at the time of filming, at the end of 2014, “Johnny was mad at me for working. He was mad at me. He found text pages for an audition and exploded with rage. He told me I didn’t ask him…” To add: “He told me it was my fault that Hollywood locked me in some kind of role and made me objective.”

Hell Was: Amber Heard Shares How She Tried Detoxing Johnny Depp

During this period, Johnny Depp tried to cure his addiction to alcohol and marijuana to complete the filming of the film. Black mass.

After he was weaned, he traveled with Amber Heard to his private island in the Bahamas to recuperate. According to Amber Heard, his passions at the time were “yoyo”. “I was taking care of him and taking his pressure.”

Quickly, the situation becomes tense. He was shivering and screaming a lot.” “One day he was so angry at me that he slapped me.” And the actress adds:

“I don’t know how to detox someone! I shouldn’t have been there. It was a really stupid idea. I don’t know why the doctors and nurses didn’t tell me.” Hell. “

‘He Was Sorry and I Believed Him’: How Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Reconciled

After the events on the plane, Amber Heard made the decision to leave Johnny Depp. “I was surrounded by my friends and decided to leave him. I felt helpless…”

For his part, Johnny Depp regretted his gesture. “He came to New York to fight, to make our relationship a success,” Amber Heard says. “He was ashamed, he was sorry and I believed him. I went back with him on the condition that he get treatment, go to a sanatorium, and never go back to him.”

‘I felt his shoes on my back’: Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of domestic violence

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of multiple acts of domestic violence. She recounts in detail the events that happened on a private flight from Boston to Los Angeles in May 2014. Before starting, I sensed that something was wrong with Johnny Depp.

“He came towards me without saying a word. He passed in front of me, and then sat down on the chair opposite me. […] It smells of alcohol and marijuana. He wanted us to talk about what happened the day before. I should have known that I couldn’t win in this situation.”

“He asked me a lot of questions and I refused to answer. I was polite. I didn’t answer him. I moved slowly.” But Johnny Depp is particularly adamant.

The actress was in the middle of filming with James Franco, whom Depp hates. Depp wants to find out if Heard is having an affair with Franco, and he is very jealous. “He was talking so openly about my body, he was saying really disgusting things to me. He was calling me a bitch. It was all happening because of his assistants and bodyguards.”

Then Amber Heard decides to change places, “very gently”, so as not to “provoke the wrath” of Johnny Depp, who hits her in the back with his foot. “I felt his shoes on my back. He just hit me. I was on the floor, looking at the floor of the plane long enough.” She adds, “I didn’t know what to do.”

Amber Heard takes a break from her testimony

Amber Heard, who had just testified for the second time since the trial began, paused to testify.

The trial will resume in a few moments.

‘Johnny hit me’: Ambert Heard recounts the fight with Johnny Depp at the Met Gala

Amber Heard reveals he was shocked by Johnny Depp during the release of the Met Gala, a very popular social event in New York.

“He accused me of flirting. He thought I was making seductive looks at a guest,” says the actress. Back in the house, Johnny Depp grabbed Amber Heard “by the neck”. “I think I pushed him too far, I don’t remember.”

“Then he threw a bottle in my face. I missed him and destroyed the chandelier in the process. We fought on the sofa. He was stronger than me. Then he punched me in the face. I realized my nose was broken. I remember it was swollen, it was losing its color, it was red.”

Amber Heard was worried about Johnny Depp giving his daughter marijuana

Amber Heard describes her relationship with Johnny Depp’s sons, Lily Rose and Jack, whom she met in 2014 when she was a “sober” Hollywood star.

Amber Heard says she quickly became attached to the two children. “I fell in love with these little kids, who were smart and eccentric, but in a good way.”

She says she tried to educate Lily Rose, who was a “fan” of the “musician” who was “over 18”. The latter spent a night at their house, and Amber Heard remembers being “worried” for the teen.

Amber Heard was also upset to see Johnny Depp introduce marijuana to his daughter Lily-Rose when she was a teenager. “She was so young. It pissed me off that I was intrusive about it.”

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of being a ‘hysterical bitch’

Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp called her a “hysterical bitch” in July 2013 during a press trip to promote the film. the lone knight.

Around this time, she says, Johnny Depp began to change his behavior towards her, and he began to hate her “because she judged him.”

The actress remembers a big argument in their hotel room, which at that time was next to the children of DeppJack and Lily Rose.

“He called me a hysterical bitch,” reports Amber Heard, who declined to reveal what other insults Johnny Depp had leveled at her. “I don’t think it is necessary to repeat it here.”

Amber Heard was looking for “proof” of Johnny Depp’s drug

Amber Heard talks about her daily life with Johnny Depp. She says she was looking for “proof” of drugs and alcohol the comedian used.

“He was passing out, he was getting sick, he lost control of himself. People were finding him and treating him. I was taking pictures to prove it,” Amber Heard says.

The actress recalls that she noticed a “change in behavior” of the actor, who could fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, without warning signs.

Several pictures of the actor asleep and under his influence were shown during the trial. Amber Heard describes Depp as a “constant drug user, fast, and never sleeps.” “This used to happen every day, all day long.”

You remember one day in 2014 while shooting the movie MordecaiIn which the actor, severely addicted to alcohol and under his influence, had to “carry him like a child” to his house by his bodyguard.

Amber Heard rejected movies with sex scenes because of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard describes how her relationship with Johnny Depp affected her career and her film choices.

“It was always a struggle. Every time I received a script, he asked me how I would dress, if I was going to watch love scenes,” explains the actress, who describes herself as an “independent” woman, who “loves” the work.

“I couldn’t act out the sex scenes,” adds Amber Heard. “It didn’t happen immediately. It happened gradually.” But soon the actress censors herself and ends up accepting films that do not contain romantic scenes.

Amber Heard once again testifies against Johnny Depp

Actress Amber Heard began her new testimony a few minutes ago against Johnny Depp in their defamation lawsuit.

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