How O’clock trains its students for the professional world

Getting started with your search for good web developer training is a challenge. How can we be sure that we won’t buy a simple bundle of 50 hours of video? Created by former web developers, O’clock aims to provide real learning support through remote courses.

Whether you are looking for professional retraining or looking for a post-baccalaureate project, web development is undoubtedly one of the most promising sectors. Particularly because it is not the diploma that is important for recruits, but the technical abilities that are assessed during exams.

To support you in your project, there are many courses. But those at O’clock have a very different approach. These are not simple videos that we passively consume in front of our screen. Instead, the organization offers real distance acting courses and closely supports its students, from seeking funding to employment.

An organization founded by developers for (futures) developers

Behind O’clock is actually a team of coaching web developers, both in company management and in coaches. All of these were employed at CDI by O’clock and they were all active as developers. So these are teachers who also know the professional world.

From Novice to Web Developer: How Watch Trains Its Students for the Professional World

Above all, O’clock stands out in the form of her training. This is the TV. This means that you must arrive on time in front of your computer so that you do not miss the start of classes at 9 am. Even if you attend the course from home, this format features instructors and students together and living together. This is the best solution to discuss with colleagues, ask for clarification from the teacher and force himself to continue training.

A platform specially designed to deliver courses

No zoom in and even less than Google Meet: O’clock has developed its own platform to deliver its courses. It is specifically designed to avoid the phenomenon of “zoom fatigue”, by not requiring the use of its own camera. Thus, the solution is thought out so that the many hours of lessons take place in the best possible way. And if you need to catch up, replay Available.

From Novice to Web Developer: How Watch Trains Its Students for the Professional World
The platform developed by O’clock to deliver its courses

This platform also plays the full interaction card. There is a chat, the possibility to conduct opinion polls and even accessibility tools for people with disabilities. Conversations are accompanied by simultaneous interpretation, and some classes have a sign language interpreter.

Finally, O’clock gives access to a virtual desktop to work with a powerful device from the cloud. Good news for those with an old computer. And if necessary, the coach can control your virtual computer to help you perform certain operations. As if you were in a traditional classroom.

Languages ​​of the moment that can be employed

One of O’clock’s main goals is to get its students ready for the job market. That is why the training is geared towards the most widely used programming languages ​​and platforms at the moment: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, React, WordPress, and many others.

From Novice to Web Developer: How Watch Trains Its Students for the Professional World
Here are some watch formations

Training in more important languages ​​takes 6 months, while training in more specialized languages ​​generally lasts 3 months. Thus it is intended for beginners who do not start with any knowledge, but also for developers who want to acquire new skills. O’clock also offers work and study training over 16 months.

Finally, O’clock doesn’t let you go wild once training is over. Throughout the course, and even beyond, the organization seeks to introduce you to the professional world. A dedicated team supervises students to connect them to companies or to prepare for their future interviews. Sending trained, professional students to companies looking for qualified developers is still their best advertisement.

Training that might not cost you anything

At the end of training, O’clock allows you to obtain a level 5 professional title, which is equivalent to Bac +2. A feature that allows O’clock students to benefit from various financial aids from organizations such as CPF, Agefiph, AIF…

From Novice to Web Developer: How Watch Trains Its Students for the Professional World
Basic web developer training includes 798 hours of training in 6 months

O’clock’s dedicated team also assists students with administrative procedures in order to find the largest possible amount of funding for the training. The association claims that 75% of students receive full or partial assistance.

O’clock provides access to an ideal turnkey offer for people who are looking for a new professional project. From training to funding through job hunting, beginners and the most experienced will find something to grow in skills. Especially since the organization strives to present its courses on the most interactive platform possible, away from the clichés of online training.

To know more about O’clock, you can refer to their YouTube channel which has many channels spirits. This Thursday, May 5, the organization held a party He lives In order to introduce their new training in detail “Web Developer and Accessibility”.

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