As for Ray-J, Kim Kardashian (and her mother) leaked their sex tape!

Ray-J once again made confessions about his famous sex tape with Kim Kardashian, which was revealed in 2007, and which has been talked about a lot since…

In an exclusive interview with the British site daily MailBrandi’s brother, Ray-J, chose to reveal that he had a contract with Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, about the famous sex tape that was unveiled in 2007. While this porn video that really launched a media career caused Kanye West’s ex-wife, Much ink has flowed in, regularly bringing the 41-year-old woman and her clan into the spotlight, and it continues to fuel speculation and other hype in the media. Wack 100 recently revealed that it contains unreleased images of the sex tape and even a second video, which could have been taken back by Ye from Ray-J to bring it back to Kim… Or we learned on the Kardashian family’s new reality TV, 6-year-old son of the former star duo, The saint could have fallen in the video! But While Ray-J has repeatedly stated that he is now a father and no longer wants to talk about this file, he has reconsidered his decision for the various reasons he explains. He’d be particularly upset about Kim (and his family) accusing him of threatening her – too – with his desire to put the second famous love-making video online. He’d also be pretty pissed off to hear that (in his new reality show, Kardashians(Broadcast on Hulu) They say he’ll be in possession of a video of him penetrating her with a sex toy in her sleep, which will make him pass for the pervert (and rapist!), which he says is totally false. This interview is with daily Mail So it would be a way for Ray-J to explain everything…

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

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The Kardashians are responsible!

Ray-J was filmed in 2002 on his birthday when they were just 21 years old, and he explained that he wasn’t the source of their 2007 sex tape leak. If he had an idea to do so, especially after seeing how Paris Hilton’s notoriety exploded after her tape was released sexual relations with Rick Salomon, he was not the one who orchestrated this leak. According to him, Kim Kardashian, who has always denied having a role in the video’s release, was going to talk about it to her mother, Kris Jenner, who was going to get in touch with the adult video production company, Vivid Entertainment, to organize the online leak of the video. If he admits that, since then, he no longer has his hands on anything, and that he has no video in his possession, IHe says he signed a contract with Kim Kardashian, covering 3 exploitable videos, including 2 sex tapes. So it was possible to shoot the first in a hotel in Mexico, and another tour in Santa Barbara. He gives many details: “I kept everything, she was the one who found the video that was shot in Mexico to give it a go. […] I didn’t have a video at home. On the contrary. She always kept the straps in a shoe box that she put under her bed. […] After I suggested the idea of ​​shooting the video to her, I wasn’t really serious, I jumped on the idea and told her mom about it, and everything about me slipped from there…” But he adds that according to his view of things: “It’s always been an agreement and partnership between me, Kris Jenner, and Kim, and we’ve always been partners since the beginning of this story…”

Ray j Kim as a revelation

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Ray-J justifies himself…

To justify the fact that today he is breaking the contract that ties him to the Kardashian family by revealing the underside of these videos, Ray-J explains: “I had suicidal thoughts because when you know the truth and you see a family building an empire out of a lie they made themselvesit breaks your heart and it’s disrespectful to all the artists who fight while staying true to their work…” On the other hand, he insisted that he never hinted at the revelation of the second sex tape (which he didn’t own anyway), nor seeking to blackmail Kim, and that this story of Kanye getting her back from the hard drive at home was insane. He adds that on this hard disk were recorded photos, exchange of messages and some short videos dating back to the time of their romance. Nothing very interestingAnd But what made it possible to prove all his frankness to Kanye West, and to reassure Kim Kardashian: “I proved to Kanye West that I was never the enemy in this story. I wasn’t the one they said I was” ! Moreover, during this interview, the singer and businessman also revealed that he had an exchange with Kim, when these rumors of a second sex tape started circulating. It was about knowing how to act when their kids discover these videos. But their conversation clearly didn’t go well, and Ray-J once again felt cheated. says again: I asked him in a private message, how do I explain to my daughter that this is all a lie. “If you care about your family, what about my family?” If they do not respond to me by showing how stingy and complacent they are, I will have neither the energy nor the desire to reveal these discoveries. !

Ray J, Princess Luv, and her daughter
Ray-J, his wife Princess Love, and their daughter Melody Love Norwood

Finally, William Ray Norwood Jr., better known as Ray-J, 41, returns to his family and thinks about the future, when his children (Epic Ray Norwood and Melody Love Norwood) They will find out all this history from the sex tape, and conclude: Now that I’m a father, it pains me to think that my daughter would grow up in a world thinking her father isn’t who he really is.. You can’t buy me and apologize for all that was done. You have to be honest with yourself at some point. I don’t need excuses – I have proof. […]I just want my daughter and son to appreciate what I have done on this earth and know that their father does not encourage exploitation of women, disrespect for women, and does not allow himself to reveal videos of a person without his permission. . […] I can’t go on living with this lie. This morning I woke up and said to myself: “You know? For the rest of my life, I’m going to live with my truth, not with the lie Kris Jenner and Kim created.”. I won’t let them do that to me again! “

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