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A 3D artist creates 3D models for use in movies, video games, and digital advertising campaigns. On the other hand, the 3D Technical Director (DA) will be responsible for coordinating the entire project.

In other words, DA is the ultimate reference for a 3D project. He works in close collaboration with the manager/project manager who understands his intentions and integrates perfectly with them. in general Provides technical and creative supervision for a 3D computer graphics project.

3D Art Director Job Description

3D art directors are responsible for the visual style of 3D animation (let’s take virtual reality as an example). They decide the appearance of the characters, props, and environments and provide a basis for the rest of the art section to work from.

3D Art Managers Start by reviewing the script and work with the director to understand the vision of the movie or TV show. Then they create their designs and define the tone, mood, and color palettes.

In fact, their work is more specific and directive than that of a conceptual artist. Determines the language of the film, which requires him to know what the final image will look like on the screen and how to achieve it. Actually, They work with concept artists to develop graphics and illustrations that convey the artistic vision for the rest of the team.

Generally, Art directors produce 2D designs (drawings or paintings) regardless of the final animation format. Although it is increasingly common to be early design work Created directly and digitally in 3D. This work is presented to the director, producer, and possibly the investors of the project.

However, the 3D Art Director is involved in all phases of the project until its release. In fact, it is Acts as supervisors for other artists, such as model designers, character designers, and background designers.

Moreover, it is a function Involves great communication with people and requires strong management skills. They must ensure that all artwork is of high quality and consistent with the director’s vision.

Also, he must Ensure that all members of the technical department are within budget and schedule.

The capabilities of a good 3D art director

Art Director must be passionate about all things Graphic Arts Relies on a very wide image culture. Apart from that, he must have a good knowledge of the field of motion pictures and an ideal command of 2D software. without forgetting that You must have a very good knowledge of 3D rendering techniques on software such as 3DS Max, Vray, Keyshot or Maya.

It’s an important position Also requires knowledge in other areas. In this field, the path to follow is diverse: fine arts, applied arts, architecture, visual communication, digital arts …

Let us also mention some adjectives that refer to the qualities of a leader:

  • watch everything
  • Demonstrate good ability to manage teams,
  • Maintain consistency and continuity between the various parts of the project,
  • Dealing with many limitations

These are the keys to success.

For 3D Art Director, Knowledge of architecture and anatomy are additional assets for creating groups and characters.

Career Development

It is necessary to have some experience to be really practical as a DA. So, There is no standard way to get there in this post.

As is often the case in this environment, Salary is subject to fluctuations according to company and project circumstances. His salary is around 3,000 euros (total 2,400 euros for beginners). In addition, freelancers generally negotiate their wages on a lump sum basis.

In an ever-changing digital field, the DA It can choose to expand its field of activity and integrate large projects. He can work in advertising or create his own creative studio.

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