My child bites his nails, what should I do?

While your baby seemed rather calm to you, you noticed that he was starting to bite his nails. A bad habit or an expression of anxiety, even anxiety? If it helps to understand the origin of this new obsession, don’t worry too much: biting your nails isn’t dangerous.

Psychology: Why does my two- or three-year-old bite his nails?

There are several reasons why your child may suddenly attack his nails:

  • An event that disturbs his daily life : Back to school, the arrival of a little sister or little brother, an unemployed father, move … Even a new event that seems ordinary to us can take on disproportionate importance for him and be a source of stress. Then he expresses his confusion by biting his nails, sometimes secretly, like others running to get a comforter.
  • It is simply Decide to imitate someone he likes ! He sees his dad, school friend, or babysitter biting his nails and then acts on imitation.

It may be appropriate to understand the source of this new habit, more To calm potential anxiety Who prevented him from biting his nails. By itself, if he does not bite his nails until they bleed, then this obsession is not something serious. This mania often disappears within a few days or weeks of its occurrence!

Should you worry if a child bites their nails?

L ‘Nail-biting – The medical name for this little habit – Not serious! This gesture is by no means synonymous with instability or psychological disturbances, and rest assured, your little one won’t necessarily become manic or full of jitters in adulthood, if he bit his nails as a toddler.

Little kids, just like us, express their concern One way or another: some suck their thumb or suck on a pacifier, others rock their blanket or shirt…and still some bite their nails. These little habits are a way for a child Take control of your fearsTo express feelings of insecurity or nervousness.

Still, think Watch the development of this obsession. If things get worse – if he’s bleeding from his fingers, or if this habit now preoccupies him permanently, feel free to consult a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist. When the onychomycosis is severe, there is a risk of infection and possible consequences for the skin of the fingers and nails, as well as on the teeth.

These little habits are a way for the child to control his fears, to bring out his sense of insecurity or nervousness.

Admittedly, this obsession can be annoying to those around you, but Avoid focusing on it… Bullying our child, pointing out his failings at all times, will not benefit him in any way. On the contrary, by stressing this habit, one risks getting the opposite of what he wishes for, because the fact that he forbids this gesture will only increase his desire and even his need for it. Moreover, it is possible thatAnother mania replaces thiswithout solving the source of the problem.

Likewise, we avoid public statements or imitations to show it.” what a ugliness “.This approach may be greeted as humiliating by our youngster and can be detrimental to his psychological and emotional development. So let’s be more understanding and try to find solutions together.”

Let’s discuss it with him privately: his gesture probably comes from a Inability to express his feelings. So it’s essential to find out what’s bothering him, the source of his stress: Aren’t things going well with the babysitter? Her relationship with her boyfriend Matthew is no longer on good terms? Reassure him! Thanks to our listening, he will no longer bear his discomfort alone…

It is also possible that our child, if he was in school, started biting his nails when he realized that this increases his ability to focus. In this case, if it turns out that he is biting his nails that bleed or distorted, he can be encouraged to focus on another thought or obsession to focus his thoughts and achieve focus.

We can also look for someone around us who has the same obsession as him, and they can talk about it with our child. He’ll feel less lonely and he’ll be able play down his gesture.

Bitter varnish to help him stop

Brush her nails with bitter varnish It can pay off, but only if our child is involved: if the approach is seen as a punishment, it will be ineffective and inexperienced.

If this habit becomes really persistent and prevents him from concentrating on other activities, let’s try to get him to do manual activities, if possible with us. Dough modeling, building toys or cutters… all you have to do is find something to get your hands on together!

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