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If the fun of playing with physical stories isn’t much different than discovering them on Kindle, driving in a virtual car shouldn’t be all that different.

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 10:43 pm

Last updated: Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 10:53 PM

Every time she saw a Mini Cooper moving, his wife would jump in her seat beaming and shout, “My car!” I’ve never bought one for her, although that excitement has been building since 2010, when she spent a fortune to get the world’s most sought-after driver’s license. I’m still not convinced by his instincts and defensive driving characteristics.

Everything has changed since I entered the metaverse, run by Gen-Zer in the office.

Just thinking about the astounding vastness of the universe and the presence of the pale blue dot called Earth in the cosmic system of matter and energy bothers me even at such an advanced age. Not to mention the Metaverse – a whole new realm of virtual worlds – which is equally bewildering and puzzling. I am suffocating with claustrophobia because I realize that the human search for truth is now moving from the physical and spiritual realms to the exploration of being in virtual reality.

That’s when I thought buying my wife a Mini Cooper in the Metaverse wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. If the excitement of taking in a true story isn’t too different from discovering it on a Kindle, driving in a virtual Mini Cooper shouldn’t be drastically different, I guess.

“Let’s check the mini,” I told her, as she poured hot Ceylon tea into the china.

“Really?! Don’t bother me. Where are we going?”

“Towards Metaverse”.

Where is this? In the Mina Bazaar or the clock tower?

I spent several nights explaining to him how the Metaverse has become the new Lulu hypermarket or city center where you can buy just about anything – from prime land to mansion, Mini to Mercedes and Cartier to Chopard.

“How about Kerala Papad and shredded coconut?”

“Don’t worry, baby. Let’s start creating our avatars,” the metaverse expert repeated in the editing room.

“What is that?”

“Our virtual self. Since God Vishnu had 10, you can have as many as possible on different platforms. Maybe one day we can have a global avatar with Aadhar or Emirates Smart ID. We never know.”

“Oh, you mean the mythical avatar, the Sanskrit word? Why do you pronounce it with an inflection at the end? It’s not v-TAR.”

“Oh sorry, bad.” In the days that followed, we let our imaginations run wild by choosing stylish avatars with more elegant outfits. Wifey looked graceful and sophisticated as if she had just had liposuction. I wore a sweater and polo shirt with a winter hat. She looked dazzling in a fuchsia plaid, pleated mini tartan with matching hat. We get rid of all those ugly carbs this age has thrown at all visible parts of the body with just one click of the mouse.

“Are you sure about high-heeled shoes? I recently went to rehab for plantar fasciitis. I said pick a wrinkle-free face and a thicker crown of hair to myself.”

“You said we can’t smell, smell, and touch in the metaverse. So why is it important?”

“Yes, but you never know that one of the other buyers might be your sister-in-law. I’m not quite sure about the miniskirt either.

“Look at this, I’m not doing my hair very well. Need to pay for the best options.”

Then I enlightened her about creating virtual wallets full of cryptocurrency and NFT.

“how to do that?”

“We can buy NFT tokens, or non-fungible tokens, with cryptocurrencies; to buy cryptocurrencies, you need cash.

Using her physical gratification from physical school where she retired, she said, “I’m ready. Oh my God, look at my curls. It was a little night at Metaverse. Armed with a wallet full of cryptocurrency, we walked through the virtual tower park and wandered along the Dubai Canal.”

“We didn’t pay Dewa this month,” my wife remembered, as I was about to kiss her rosy cheeks with virtual cosmetics, occasionally traveling to the real world. “Benefit first. Romance can wait. Either way, that’s not real, is it?”

We walked through the unique human reality of Dubai Municipality to fulfill our civic responsibilities and made a quick visit to the MoHAP home for a quick prediction of ever-increasing HbA1c levels.

The crowd on the canal side waited to visit the palace, which was available for a few million. The headset played “roses are red, violets are blue” as seen in a classic Italian bedroom.

“Kiss me now. Shut the door,” said Bageng. She wasn’t even close to reality. The scent of the medicated coconut oil was missing from her hair. The touch of his lips didn’t burn my shoulder.

“Upgrade your app to the premium version to close the door. It’s free,” VR announced, forcing us to part.

In the mini showroom, things are as real as they are, with the immersive experience of street driving. Walked down Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach before paying at the NFT for a full chocolate brown option. She modified it by adding a rear spoiler and removing the muffler from the exhaust. An expression of satisfaction appeared on her face as she left the showroom. So far, so good.

The RV sounded the alarm as we left the Gold Souk where we tried some necklaces and took selfies but we never bought them.

“What is this, my love?” »

“My wallet is almost empty.”

“Peace be upon you. Have you tried a car a while ago?” asked the officer at The Sandbox Police Station where we filed the complaint.


“There were 10 traffic violations and 15 black points in an hour, and the fines were automatically deducted from your wallet. Rest assured, there is no theft in this part of the world. It is the safest place on earth.

On Earth or in the metaverse, I wondered when my wife said, “I’m so hungry.”

“Me too, but we don’t eat in the metaverse.”

“Hey, did you fart earlier?”

“I have a swollen stomach. How did you know? You don’t smell in the metaverse. By the way, this is your wallet password.

“From your distinctive VR sound effect,” she said, a mist can be sprayed in case.

The brand new Mini Wifey was missing when we got back from a fancy meal at De Fish in Karama. Identity theft was the result of the organizer.

“Minny is gone dead. Just like my gratuity. Let’s go back in time,” said my wife, her eyes flushed with despondency, as we round the corner on virtual Kuwait Street. “Why wagging your tail stealthily, sir?” What are you looking for?

“Nothing. Well, the Meta Massage parlor I saw on Insta this morning.


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