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It is suspected that Said kept his former companion under control to take advantage of her legacy. The accused denies, but the picture drawn by the investigation does not like him.

Saeed denies the facts. His defense was presented by A.be Benning and Hellenics question the credibility of the alleged victim. Experts described the phenomenon of control and concluded coherent statements from the latter. This sets the tone for this complex trial to be held over the next two weeks against 13And Criminal Chamber of the District Court of Luxembourg. About fifteen witnesses will follow each other into the tavern.

The accused is a 30-year-old Moroccan, accused of assault and battery on multiple occasions, threats, insults, kidnapping and extortion as well as abuse of vulnerability and trust against the alleged victim with whom he has had a romantic relationship since October. 2017 his mother.

The ex-husband of the alleged victim reported the police after the defendant allegedly attacked his ex-mother-in-law, which led to his arrest on May 5, 2019. On that day, Saeed was accused of kidnapping his companion. The special police unit found the couple in a hotel room near Niederanven.

Until then, the 37-year-old had been living in fear, noted the two experts responsible for implementing her credibility expertise. Still experiencing symptoms of acute PTSD. The defendant proved his grip on cycles of violence interspersed with increasingly short periods of calm. The Independent, the young woman ended up “losing all of her monetary soul” to the point that, experts say, she is being duped by the defendant in search of money.

Said, among other things, allegedly sold the young woman’s apartment through his real estate agency and never transferred the money from the sale to her, and allegedly made her sign an agreement for the sale of another apartment under threat and beatings without seeing the notary’s deed, he was also able to take control of the apartments belonging to his victim Allegedly in Junglinster.

Helpless and unable to end the situation, according to experts, she fled to China, her country of origin, on February 20, 2019. Saeed went to join her there to persuade her to return. One of the experts says that money was one of the reasons why the young woman could not break off the relationship.

The alleged victim has moved from discovery to discovery thanks to the police or his entourage and will gradually understand the defendant’s lies, in particular the fact that he was married, according to the investigator. Said, according to the latter, allegedly claimed that an entire floor of the Royal Hotel in Luxembourg was in his family name, that he had connections in the political and judicial world and was a colonel in the Moroccan army, that he was the head of the largest mafia in Luxembourg or that his fifteen brothers could quickly intervene to attack The alleged victim or his family.

‘Clever, dangerous and unpredictable’

As for another witness, he would have presented himself as “a wealthy investor who is mainly active in Dubai where he docked his yacht,” continues the investigator. “The accused witness described to us as very expensive and a good actor.” Investigators discovered a bill of 10,000 euros for a “cold drink” in a night establishment in the Gare region of Luxembourg. A former police secretary explained in detail the unconventional management techniques to the accused who would have asked him not to leave any written trace. She described him as an “angry” man whom the alleged victim feared.

A friend of the alleged victim testified: “He was smart, dangerous and unpredictable.” The thirties, according to investigators of the judicial police, weaved a web of lies in which the young woman first fell on her head. Described by experts as gullible and gullible, it was presented as the tool the defendant uses to enrich himself.

Prior to meeting her, the defendant worked for a businessman who “treated him like his son” and helped him set up his company. The interrogator said that Saeed was going to cut off contact with the contractor until he was placed in pretrial detention.

On the stand of the accused, a few centimeters from his lawyer, happy, tall, bearded and elegant, listens attentively and calmly to the police officer’s summary of the investigation with an air of amazement and takes notes regularly. The picture that the investigation painted for the defendant is not the most satisfactory. After these discoveries aroused the curiosity of the court, the court asked the prosecution to be able to hear the psychological expert who painted his psychological portrait.

This afternoon, it will be the alleged victim’s mother to give her version of the facts.

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