Enforceable Child Custody: Is Emmanuel Macron’s Commitment Realistic?

In response to the concern of young parents, Emmanuel Macron made this commitment during the presidential campaign: createAn enforceable right to child custody.

“No one should give up their job because they decided to start a family, and no one should be restrained in some way because there is no clear childcare solution. That is why, for all children under 3 years old, we will really put in place an enforceable childcare”During a speech broadcast March 30 on YouTube, Emmanuel Macron was re-elected on April 24.

This mechanism should take the form of a financial stimulus from the state “Municipalities to open places in nurseries, to develop networks of baby sitters”. absent “solution” For the benefit of the parents, direct assistance must be given Families that find themselves without a possible solution. The exercise of this right will be guaranteed.

The President of the Republic noted the absence At the national level [de] 200,000 incubation solutions”. Obviously, finding a place in the nursery, looking for help for the mother is a source of enormous stress. It’s a daily stress on parents. It is pressure on future parents, which sometimes makes them give up on their projects.commented.

A letter to family associations

The promise also appears in a letter dated April 6, addressed to family associations, that family folder have bought.

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Already, on January 6, in his speech at the opening of the Congress of the Union of Solidarity Representatives, Emmanuel Macron called for the creation of“A real right to childcare, which should lead to an individual or group reception style for all parents, with compensation in the absence of a solution”.

Recommendation contained in a report

The President of the Republic adopted a recommendation formulated by sociologist Julian Damon and business leader Christel Heidemann, in a report submitted in September 2021 to several members of the government.

“Different scenarios can be evoked to embody the right of parents to have a good solution to receive and socialize their children while working or looking for a job.”the authors explained, calling for the construction of a ‘gradual increase’.

For Julian Damon and Kristel Heydemann, “It is a question of moving, first, towards a hostile right to receive children from the age of two. It is then a question of moving gradually towards an enforceable right to some form of childcare from the age of one, while leaving the possibility of recourse to parental leave, without compensating or compensating this less (i.e. it will become a total cut-off again)”.

Implementation of an appealable law risks facing a staff shortage. “In the next 10 years, 50% of the babysitter will retire, there is no succession, With France Inter Marie-Andre Blanc, who heads the National Federation of Family Associations (Unaf). And after that, it is clear that the standard of remuneration comes into force. »

Germany example

On March 22, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) adopted an opinion entitled “Towards a public child welfare service”.

This topic was taken over by the Prime Minister, Cese considers it necessary to draw inspiration from Germany, where ‘political will’ Duplicates are allowed “in ten years” subordinate “carrying capacity” The ” country “. According to him, this is necessary “Emergency Response”he is Recruit, increase the supply, combine the elements in particular in relation to the remaining dependents, which makes it possible to make free choice a reality, ensure the quality of reception and include it in a universal escort “.

“If such a right were instituted, would it be an injunction against the administrative authority? Could the convictions contribute to a fund used to finance the construction of new premises? Will it result in a child, a family, being compensated for the harm done to him?”Cese asks. The project that the future government will have to implement will be long and complex.

The commitment, made by Nicolas Sarkozy before the 2007 presidential election, is not new, to the point that it The communes newspaper Effects “Eel” from public debate. The lack of a childcare solution for single mothers is a barrier to employment.

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