decorated. In Alençon, the hospital opens a place to receive children and adults victims of violence

Dr. Briand has been a medical examiner at Alençon for ten years. © Lorne Hebdo

L ‘Judicial Medical Reception Unit (UAMJ) andChildren at risk unit (UAPED) will run from Monday 9 May 2022inside the Alençon-Mamers Joint Hospital Center.

A place dedicated to the care of victims of physical, psychological and sexual violence. With a space that can gather children’s performance experiences.

The building was opened in alincon (Orney), Wednesday 4 May with the presence of Dr. Frederic Briandmedical examiner and Dr.. Ahmed Al ShafeiHead of the medical board of the facility.

A reception dedicated to the sessions of minor victims, with a video recording to avoid the child having to repeat. © Lorne Hebdo

This structure will allow comprehensive and multidisciplinary care of the victim. It can come from a hospital emergency room or by appointment. At the request of the police, for example. Or send him a Victim Support Association, a doctor, etc. Or by calling the secretariat yourself.

Dr. Frederic Briand

A doctor, a secretary and two psychologists will attend.

Ninon Gauthier, deputy director, recalls this inauguration eagerly. The health crisis is called into question, “but the perseverance paid off.” She wanted to pay homage to the former director of the hospital, Jerome Le Briere (left for Martinique) who “carried out this project” and invested in technical services.

For healthcare professionals, this unit is a real leap forward.

I’ve worked in the emergency room for 22 years. We know difficult situations. I remember this woman who arrived to be raped and had to tell me everything in the corridor.

Dr.. Ahmed Al Shafei

The doctor still conjures this “grandfather” who had to be taken out of the room “so that the police could hear the victim discreetly.”

Everyone agreed in the interest of the temple. “Justice, health and law enforcement have united to serve the most vulnerable populations,” summed up Thomas DeRoche, director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Normandy. ARS awarded an annual budget of €150,000 to operate. “We hope to continue developing such units in the region,” he added.

The reception is located in an empty space in the hospital near the entrance. © Lorne Hebdo

The UAMJ aims to offer a decent welcome to the victim, “to give a closer look”, emphasized Joachim Puyo, the mayor of Alençon and head of the hospital’s supervisory board. But it should also facilitate the collection of the first elements of the investigation.

“This is an advance for the care of victims, both adults and minors,” said Prosecutor Francois Caudert. This is the first thing we owe to the victims. I hope one day I will see a decrease in the number of victims of domestic violence. »

The Ministry of Justice participates in the operation of the unit with an annual grant of €200,000.

In 2021, the Alenson District Court heard 100 cases of domestic violence in public hearings, including 30 cases after leaving police custody.

François Caudert, Prosecutor

Another character, this time given by Sebastien Gallet, Governor of Orne: Orne is ranked eighth nationally in cases of violence against women.

In 2021, 858 women were victims of violence in Orne. Huge number!

Sebastien Gallet, Governor
baby's voice
The Voice of the Child supported video equipment. © Lorne Hebdo

Furnished premises, training for law enforcement (police and gendarmerie), specialized investigators, multiplication of possibilities for calling for help (telephone, SMS, platform, etc.), a house to protect families: the governor insisted that the measures be implemented. As well as the need to collect the victims’ statements “outside the walls, while on the move.” Including here now in the hospital.

Dominic Prichard
Dominique Prichard is president of La Voix de l’enfant. © Lorne Hebdo

The unit for receiving children at risk (UAPED) is integrated into this system. With the support of La Voix de l’enfant, a union headed by Dominique Prichardt. It has 82 member associations operating in 80 countries.

At Alençon, it has supported video equipment that will enable the recording of hearings of minor victims (with their permission). There are more than 70 units of this type in France.

It is unreasonable to desire justice for a child by abusing him in inappropriate places.

Dominic Prichard

The police will be able to use this room even on weekends or at night, in case of an emergency.

Normandy has many UAPEDs, notably in Cherbourg, Saint-Loup, Caen-Lisieux, Rouen, Dieppe. Alençon is Ornais’ second location after Argentan.

Contact: 02 33 32 54 47, weekdays from 9 am to 4:50 pm.

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