7 games that will make children love spring

What are the latest games and games for this new season? We have tested many for you.

There are many things not to mess with in Darwin: cheese boards during an appetizer, glasses of wine as soon as the kids go to bed, and the coolest games of the moment.

In the editorial office, we never talk to you about a game unless we’ve experienced it before. Yes, we are guinea pigs, but that’s for good reason.

Here’s our pick, approved by our kids and by us, of toys that smell like spring!

skates for toddlers

Oxybul has brought us the perfect skate shoes for little ones who are just starting to ride on wheels. They adapt to small feet, from size 22 to 30, and are fitted with guards at the wrists, elbows and knees, to avoid hurting themselves by breaking their margolia.

What did we like? The 90’s aspect of the last century, which reminds us of the sleds we had when we were kids.

What we like a little less: Limited selection of skate colors.

Skate shoes for toddlers – €32.99 – Oxybul

Fishing Kit “Let’s Explore”

The brand Melissa & Doug, which we love about Daronne, offers us a nice fishing range, but not for real fishing, we’re not stupid. No, here we are skinning small wooden fish, which we have to catch with a rod and a crank, and then insert them into a net. This set can be moved easily, and it can occupy your kids during picnics on the lawn, during an appetizer.

What did we like? The materials used and the small storage box.

What we like a little less: The fish design that lacks a bit of elegance.

7 games that will make children love spring

Let’s Explore Fishing Gear – €19.53 – Amazon

insect house

This small box, equipped with a microscope and very easy to transport, will allow the child to think of himself as a real entomologist. Target ? Pick up an insect and place it inside the small box and observe it with the attached magnifying glass. Once the discovered bug hides its secrets, it can release the bug into its natural environment.

What we liked: Its fun and educational side

What we like a little less: The box scratches quite easily.

7 games that will make children love spring

Insect House – 23.99 € – Oxybul

Catamaran crafting set

Our kids’ favorite catamaran haba terra set. So easy to assemble, and made of eco-friendly materials (no plastic!), they’ll make you want to spend an afternoon with your feet in the river to see them float. Yes, because, moreover, the boat is practically unsinkable! Their buoyancy is ideal in shallow water, but also in the sea or even in a bathtub.

What we liked: Messing with kids without struggling

What we like a little less: We would have liked to see a little space to put the characters on.

7 games that will make children love spring

Terra Kids Kit Catamaran – €39.99 – love

dinosaur making kit

Yes, you read correctly. Terra Kids offers a dinosaur making kit with pieces of wood that you can find while walking in the woods. Basically, you pick up fairly solid sticks, and, thanks to the tools and accessories on offer, add arms, eyes, and something to hold the bones together. Pam: That’s a dinosaur!

What we liked: Go for a walk to find the best sticks and make the best dinos next

What we like a little less: Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect good piece of wood.

7 games that will make children love spring

Terra Kids Dinosaur Set – €19.99 – love

Flower gardening game, when you don’t have a garden

For those who do not have a garden, balcony or terrace, but still want to entertain their children, Melissa & Doug has released a very cute gardening simulator set. It consists of two cloth flowers that change color when watering. Pots, fake seeds, sponge filling and an illustration guide.

againstAnd what we liked: The fun side of this activity, the flowers that change color which are a hit

What we like a little less: Accessories that deserve more styling.

7 games that will make children love spring

Flower Gardening Toy – $39.99 – Amazon

Interactive Digibirds Bird

If you want a little spring sound in your apartment, Digibirds are perfect for this. These interactive little birds land anywhere in your house (or on you!) and react when you pet them, or when you whistle. They are able to sing familiar melodies and children’s songs, and they also move their heads and beaks when interacting with them.

againstAnd what we liked: Little peeps that give the impression that you are in the middle of a forest

What we like a little less: My cat thinks it’s a real bird and tries to eat it.

7 games that will make children love spring

Digibirds Interactive Bird – 15.99 € – Oxybul

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