With the tool in hand, children try their hand at Mamers’ handicraft

Registrants discover handcraft alongside retired professionals. © Le Berch

In the buildings occupied by the association The tool is at handEvery Wednesday afternoon, Mmarz (Sarth)No room for boredom. Here, he is moved and thought about, about practical exercises.

In all, 13 registrants, ages 9 to 15, meet from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. discover handmade deals, next to retired professionals.

transfer his expertise

“All the craftsmen are volunteers and enthusiasts. They come to pass on their expertise generously,” explains Jean-Yves Bois, head of the local department he founded in 2019.

“L’Outil en main is a national association. I joined it in Le Mans, before I set up a branch in Mammar, where there was none,” recounts the retired builder.

handy tool
We brainstorm practical exercises! © Le Berch

Thanks to 10 volunteers, registered young people can discover a whole range of disciplines: construction, mosaic, carpentry, roofing, carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, electrical engineering, etc.

Children work in workshops, guided by the precious advice of “professionals”.

The idea is that they can discover all the activities throughout the year. So they spend three consecutive weeks in a workshop, before joining a new one.

Jean-Yves Bois, head of the local department Mamers of the Tool on hand.

For young people, it is an opportunity to do tangible things by “drawing a beautiful piece of work”.

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Focus and self-confidence

Like Maya, 11, who is trying her hand at electrical engineering alongside Christian Filippian and “45 years in the business”: “She’s assembling a sectional clock. She implants the components into the printed circuit,” says the École Centrale Electronics alumnus in Paris. , aged 70 years.

handy tool
Maya implants the components on the circuit board. © Le Berch

Maya, immersed in the task, is confident that she appreciates the workshop thanks to which she “makes useful things”.

Christian, “happy” to share his knowledge, sees the benefits of sessions for young people.

They are motivated and learn to focus on a task. They master their agility. Being able to do something with their own hands gives them self-confidence.

Christian, volunteer

Frames, birdhouses, slate trays or mosaics are some of the latest visual creations in the buildings adjacent to the Youth Square.

Looking for volunteers and more spacious buildings

Tool volunteers are looking at their places for more space, and they have reported this to the municipality. “Sandrine Blissex, Vice President of Maine Sosnoise Communities, is inquiring about finding a place more suitable for us,” said association president, Jean-Yves Bois. In addition, the latter would like to introduce new professions to discover and launch a “goodwill” appeal who worked in the following areas: tailoring, knitting, and locksmithing.

In each specialty, all equipment is provided by retired volunteers. Thus, 10-and-a-half-year-old Rafael learns to cut and glue boards with the toolbox of the one who was the master of his afternoon apprenticeship.

The boy, excited, would like to work with his hands later. “I would like to become a builder. I already played with my father.”

a tool
Concentration ! © Le Berch

This is also the purpose of the tool at hand, to restore the image of often poorly known professions and to promote professions.

“We have a former registrar who became a construction worker,” joys Jean-Yves Boyes.

Others show promising capabilities. Like this boy who was able to solve the electrical fault that happened in his house over the weekend. “His parents were amazed!”

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