Starless Code App Development Tool is a development tool that does not contain code and does not require special programming knowledge. With its graphic interface, it allows you to design your own mobile and web applications by dragging and dropping.

Bubble, what is this? is a codeless development tool. Available in English, it is used to create web and mobile applications without the need for advanced programming skills. For instant mastery of the system, the editor includes a graphical environment, as well as a drag-and-drop function designed to configure the application interface by arranging pre-configured web components.

Founded in 2012 in New York, Bubble has established itself over the years as a standard codeless development environment. It is currently one of the most popular in the no-token development market. It is often distinguished from Webflow and is best suited for creating websites in the strict sense of the word. In July 2021, Bubble closed a $100 million Series A funding round.

The operation of Bubble is based on the visual programming language. The tool’s interface allows you to edit and customize a development project by adding or removing predefined graphic components. We then talk about a “drag and drop” system, or drag and drop functionality, in order to manage the functionality, design, or options of its web or mobile applications.

Bubble allows you to create the application interface graphically very quickly by dragging and dropping pre-configured blocks. © JDN / Capture

What are the features of the bubble?

As a codeless development platform, Bubble has all the features to manage your entire web or mobile app development project. Take advantage of the following options and tools:

  • availability of preconfigured modules;
  • visual modeling
  • Transfer Tunnel Management
  • application version management;
  • Integration with many third-party applications;
  • Payment management (via Stripe and Braintree);
  • collaborative development unit;
  • Manage server resource allocation without IT skills;
  • Measuring email performance and SEO…

Who uses Bubble?

Bubble aims at different customer profiles. It can be large companies, multinationals, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies, or even artisans. They work in all kinds of sectors from information and communications technology to industries. Independent professions are also involved.

Bubble integrates, if necessary, a team development management mode with the ability to integrate up to 40 collaborators. © JDN / Capture

Is Bubble free?

The bubble is in the free version. This includes the core features of the development platform, drag and drop functionality, as well as tagging options and community support for help. The ability to take advantage of additional server resources remains reserved for paid plans.

What is the price of a bubble?

The paid entry-level version, Bubble Personal, costs $25 per month. Bubble Professional costs $115 per month and Bubble Producer costs $475 per month. These solutions allow, among other things, to customize your domain name, making use of API (or API) options.

The “Professional” and “Production” versions provide additional server capabilities to ensure the application is scalable once it is deployed.

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