Officers ready to combat bullying among children

[Orvault (Loire-Atlantique) 625 agents, 27 200 hab.] “Our agents noticed cases of harassment among children. They were helpless. Final situation: the parents requested a change of the structure,” explains Thierry Vass, Deputy Director General “Childhood Education” for the city of Orvault. The Schools Anti-Harassment Act of March 2, 2022 sets out new obligations regarding training. Starting in 2019, the city trained its teams to combat this scourge.

“We deal with bullying from children all the time. This topic must be dealt with with societies and with the interconnected world, because it is not only about national education,” adds Thierry Vas. Orvault select two training sessions.

The first, which lasted four days, organized by the Regional Authority for Education and Health Promotion (Ireps) of Pays de la Loire, enabled the supervising teams to enhance psychosocial skills in their professional practice. The second goal is to have a common method: common interest. Project managers, department heads and site managers were trained by Jean-Pierre Bellon, Director of the Center for Resource and Systematic Studies Against Bullying in School (Resis).

Team cohesion

Equipped agents then train their colleagues to ensure cohesion. Focus: Responding and adapting training to situations encountered, composition of each team and agent mobility. For Celine Charbonneau, Extracurricular Time Manager: “We use team meetings to train new leaders. Sharing a common method leads to team cohesion.

The atmosphere at the school is calmer. “Only the downside to the manager,” we are taken in by the day-to-day management. A regular booster dose, with positive education training time, would be an added advantage.” Patricia Denod, who is responsible for training and professional development, explains these courses are “integrated into the city’s three-year training plan.”

educational community

Each year, we identify training needs. If there is a fragility in this topic, I will have many requests. “Associations are approaching the city:” We are expanding as quickly as possible to form an educational community. It’s a change of attitude,” Thierry Fass rejoices.

What does CNFPT offer

The National Regional Public Service Center offers about fifteen two-day joint training courses, each year, as part of its national offering. Emmanuel Carto, Head of Population Department, “Training” advisor to the Baie de la Loire delegation CNFPT He underlines the increase in regional demand and explains “Organize at least five in-house sessions each year for different communities. Internships are convenient, because the approaches and tools offered are interoperable and can be adapted within teams.” A webinar on bullying among children can be accessed from online communities. Cyberbullying will be the topic of a webinar in the future.

“We are integrated with the teaching teams”

Matthew Bombas

“I have developed certain expertise, explains Mathieu Pompas, project manager for the city’s ‘Global Education Project’ and trainer at CNFPT. She has been trained to support harassment cases. I intervene now to train city agents. If necessary, I can also help local actors who ask. I lead training sessions organized by CNFPT to raise awareness and equip education staff on issues of bullying among children. There is a need to train regional agents: sports educators, Atsim, the facilitators. We see that societies have a role to play. We are integrated with the teaching teams. I take, in training, the common interest method because it is propagated by civic education [elle consiste à s’entretenir individuellement avec les élèves harceleurs, sans les blâmer, afin qu’ils prennent conscience d’un problème pour les élèves harcelés et proposent des solutions pour que cesse ce harcèlement, ndlr]. »

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