Kids of YouTubers: Labor law is moving slowly

5.92 million subscribers and over 6.5 billion cumulative views on their YouTube channel: Swan and Neo are internet stars. On YouTube, they are far ahead of star influencers Hugo Décrypte or Angèle. The two brothers are only 10 and 16 years old. Swan and Niu are far from minor influencers. For Thomas Romer, director of the Observatory for Parenting and Digital Education, the kids of professional YouTubers do a disguised job. His association sounded the alarm at the end of 2010. “On some channels, children were spending many hours filming, It remembers up to 37 20-minute videos per month. It was by no means a leisure activity. Paid leisure does not exist. It’s a job. “Result: A law was passed to regulate child labor online in 2020…but the first executive decree didn’t arrive until April 28, 2022, and the second decree is still pending. For kids on YouTube, the road to hiring the law is still a long way off.

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“This first decree is a relief,” breathes Bruno Studer, the deputy of the Republic of La République en Marche who presented the text to the National Assembly. The deputy justifies the flotation period: “Whoever says the Internet, says the movement between national law and international law. The boundaries between private and public space are also liberated. These are very complex topics, and they take time.” Same story by Thomas Romer, who is currently working with the administration on drafting a second executive decree: “France is a leader on these issues. We wipe off the stickers and go there by touch to avoid saying big nonsense. “Platforms that host influencers do not facilitate the work of management, according to the childhood and digital specialist: “They say they do not. They have stats, while we know they have them.”

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