How do you choose the gender of your child? Natural ways, treatments and risks!

Since childhood, we have been bombarded with children’s stories. How our grandmothers gave birth to them, what they did, how we will get them someday and so on. Although it is a personal choice, and a very important one to consider, bringing a new life into the world is a wonderful thing. If you decide that you are financially stable, in a good romantic relationship, and ready to take care of a little one…go for it! However, have you ever thought about how to choose the gender of your child? Is it possible? According to grandmothers, yes. Natural methods are unlikely, but worth a try anyway. On the other hand, medicine has developed so much that it has become possible to achieve it with the help of doctors.

Have you ever heard someone say that certain foods can change the nest and therefore the sex of the baby? For example: “If you eat dark chocolate, you will have a boy” or “If you eat fish, you will have a girl.” Usually, our grandmothers swear by it. However, this is really far-fetched and the truth is elsewhere. You cannot influence the gender of your child by eating certain foods. And then it is really chance that decides! But is this really the case? There are a few natural, tested techniques that can work! And if you definitely want to choose the gender of your child, some medical methods can also be effective! However, there are risks associated with it…

Natural ways to have a girl or a boy

Choose your child's gender

You can definitely try these methods if you really want to have a girl or a boy and you want to save money by avoiding expensive procedures. Here are a few!

Choose the gender of your baby's ovulation date

The moment of the sexual act is very important. If you have sex on the day of ovulation, you will have a better chance of having a baby. It turns out that the male sperm is faster and reaches the egg first. However, if you want a girl, do it a few days before ovulation. Female sperm are heavier and slower, but they are more likely to survive and attach to the egg.

Attitude to have a son

Situations also seem to have an effect on a child’s gender! Since male sperm are less likely to survive acidity, you should consider taking a position where they can reach the cervix more quickly. For example: the man in the back or the woman in the front are the winners.

Pregnancy How do you know the girl or the boy

Have you heard about washing? This is a very dangerous method that involves inserting diluted baking soda into the vagina. It certainly won’t make it possible to get pregnant faster or have the desired sex.

Fertility treatments and other methods

In the lab, how would it go?

How do you choose the gender of your child? The most popular fertilization procedure is IVF (in vitro fertilization). Remember that this is a very expensive procedure and may not work every time. Doctors can separate the embryos with XX and XY chromosomes, then the family can choose which one they want. Just be aware that there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant.

Advantages and disadvantages in the laboratory

Otherwise, you can ask your gynecologist for more information about:

  • Sperm sorting
  • Ericsson’s success with the albumin method will be just over 70%).
  • Whelan method
  • Shettles method
  • Sex selection groups at home
  • Change in vaginal pH

How to choose the gender of your baby naturally


How do you choose the gender of your child? Do natural methods work?

Percentage chance of having a girl or a boy

Any position to have a girl or a boy?

girl mode

Do you want to know how to choose the gender of your child? Read our information!

How do you know the gender of the child?

There will no longer be a need to organize sex a statement Concerts!

How to choose the gender of your child

How do you choose the gender of your child: naturally or through IVF?

How to choose the gender of your child

Finally… With the advancement of medicine, anything is possible!

How to choose the gender of your baby the natural way

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