Web Developer: Top 5 Qualities You Must Have for This Job!

The web developer takes care of all the technical features of the website or application. But what are its characteristics?

The web developer is required to design websites and adopt the necessary technical solutions as per the project and his client’s request. Focus on the web developer profession and all its attributes. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

Web Developer Tasks

A web developer designs websites that are customized to meet the needs of the client. To carry out his various tasks, he must anticipate the solutions to be adopted according to the needs of the clients. Create a website, software, software or application

A web developer deals with programming and designing websites, applications, and software. He should consider the ergonomics of the software or website in order to ensure an optimal user experience. It will provide specifications that will specify all the details for creating a website, application or program. Then it implements it by writing lines of code. Finally, it will run debugging tests, if necessary.

In addition to creating the website, the web developer is also responsible for its development and maintenance. In fact, he is also responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the site, software or application. In the event of noticeable errors or errors, he shall resolve them as soon as possible to prevent them from affecting the operation of the Site.

In summary, the tasks of the developer are as follows:

  • Analyze the different needs of the customer,
  • setting specification,
  • website design,
  • Production of code lines for website programming,
  • take tests,
  • bug fix,
  • site maintenance management,
  • Correcting problems with the use of the site.

web hosting

Yes, web developers can work with a web hosting service as part of creating an e-commerce site. For example: By relying on high quality hosting, he will ensure that his website is efficient, user friendly and easy to use.Believes.

So he can entrust the technical management of his virtual, dedicated or cloud server to high-quality hosting. This will allow him to focus on his tasks, which are creating websites and web applications.

By choosing the right host, they will benefit from the support that is available at all times. And if there is a problem, Will use personal assistance to fix problems.

In short, a web developer has to choose between 3 types of web hosting: Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server. Therefore, the web developer will offer his client the most advantageous type of hosting. nice right?

Yes, customers often fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest hosting. However, shared hosting is not suitable for all e-commerce websites.

But to enjoy high quality web hosting, you must be prepared to manage the most complex hosting accounts. So the intervention of the web developer is necessary.

As a professional, he will therefore be able to determine the type of web hosting his client needs. Generally, this is determined by the amount of traffic expected on the site and any specific needs of the site.

For example, the majority of recently created websites have a low volume of traffic. Also, the developer can offer their customers shared hosting. But for an e-commerce site that will develop and experience temporary peak periods in its activities, the dedicated server will be chosen to ensure optimum performance.

buy domain name

In fact, if web hosting is the space where website files are stored, then the domain name allows users to access the website. The domain name is also one of the details that a web developer has to iron out.

Web developer training

The web developer should also play the role of coach in carrying out his work. In fact, he sometimes has to produce guides so that users can better understand the programs he created. He must also train the clients or people who will use his software or website.

Thus, he can teach them how to avoid mistakes or how to easily fix them if they occur. This type of training can be done through individual training or training by a group of employees.

Web Developer: Top 5 Qualities You Must Have for This Job!

What are the qualities of a web developer?

To be a good web developer, you must have some qualities. Above all, the person must be interested or passionate about the world of web and web development. In fact, it is a complex task that requires continuous learning. yes!

Although a large number of web developers learned coding during their studies, most of them learned on their own. In general, companies prefer the latter option because they are people with a real passion for coding.

Here are some points that will allow you to get acquainted with a good web developer.

Live for the web world and learn

The world of programming and web development in general is constantly evolving. Also, being passionate and curious is an essential advantage of a web developer. In fact, learning is essential to staying current.

This will make it possible to meet the expectations and needs of the market. Among the job requirements are to monitor and monitor changes, news, innovations and in the sector. Just that!

A web developer can evolve by following training, by exchanging with other developers…whether he is a freelancer or not, he must always be prepared to train to acquire new skills and respond effectively to clients’ needs.

He has a sense of analysis and logic

The skills required and the areas to be mastered to be a web developer are numerous. All this knowledge can only be quickly absorbed by people with a logical mind.

A sense of analysis and logic is at the core of web development. In all his tasks, especially those related to code, it is necessary to have an analytical mind and an accuracy to organize, structure and identify errors. Just that!

Listening skills and interpersonal skills

Whether you work for a company or as a freelancer, a web developer has to communicate with many people. He will interact with his team or other web representatives whose professions are complementary to that of a web developer.

He must too Communicate with clients. In addition to business leaders, workers must also be trained and supported.

In the case of a front-end developer, it’s a lot closer to the team that takes care of production. In fact, he should seek to understand the needs and the improvements to be made in accordance with the objectives to be achieved. This developer is mainly concerned with website images, which leads him to Collaboration with design teams To get an idea of ​​what the interface should be.

Finally, since the interface has to be revived, the developer must therefore work closely with the back-end development teams. In fact, it collaborates with the developers responsible for the data that will populate the visual interfaces.

Web Developer: Top 5 Qualities You Must Have for This Job!


Basic ! Indeed, because a web developer can solve many problems in his work. This is more correct if it works as a freelancer.

But even if he works for a company, the web developer can’t order the lead developer indefinitely Finding a solution to a problem. In fact, it is necessary to learn to work independently on many projects and solve obstacles.

Learn how to take a step back

A good web developer should know how to back off. He should know how to avoid wasting his time for nothing in a problem that he cannot understand.

To quickly find a solution, web developer You must know how to clear the mind And ask yourself. Patience can also be one of the keys to success for a web developer. So this reflection time is important for creating a mature and sustainable project.

Web Developers: An Important Community

Web developers, whether on the front end or backend, are part of a large community. In fact, they are passionate people who do work that is close to their heart and requires a lot of technical knowledge. Exchange of experiences With others and receiving new skills in return is essential.

The web developer should be conducive to mutual assistance and exchanges. Feeling of belonging to the web developer community allows you to work on your ability to interact with others.

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