TV, Netflix, Disney, video games… Screen craze among our kids!

May 2, 2022 at 6:36 pm – Edited: May 2, 2022 at 6:51 pm by Dolores Charles

All screen addicts, especially kids whose eyes stick to TV, tablets or video games. It’s not easy to prevent (or limit) when parents have trouble communicating. In the West, societies offer solutions to overcome the scourge of addiction.

Screen addiction is a social problem that concerns parents as well as local communities. In Finistere, the town of Penmarch received a €9,000 grant to combat screen addiction among young people. A 3-year prevention plan will be developed, and it will concern school children from 2022, then middle school students next year (2023) and high school students in 2024. The first information and prevention workshops will be organized this month. Here (May 2022).

Wednesday without a screen in Cholet

In Maine-et-Loire, Cholet launched her “Wednesday Without Screen” (6th Edition) several years ago. Lawrence Teixeux, the deputy mayor in charge of the household, was a guest of Anthony Putin’s Monday afternoon at Heat West:We wanted to address this new question, not by demonizing screens and making parents feel guilty, but by informing them of the dangers, and offering switches or alternatives to screens. So on several Wednesdays we offer different events to get off the screens and discover the activities in town.

Thus many activities are offered to children and their parents.”that awaken the senses, Lawrence Texio. We will go to a park, or read under the trees, play with XXL games placed in the middle of the city, etc. ”

“Wednesday without a screen” until June 8, the full program can be found at

Lawrence Teixeux, Vice Mayor of Cholet

credit: Anthony Putin

how to deal ?

Our children often have their eyes fixed on smartphones, tablets, computers, TV or video games for hours on end… It’s not easy to set the rules in this playground, and it’s often a sensitive topic that needs to be addressed at home. So, how do you act when the problem of addiction to screens appears? answer Psychoanalyst Veronique Salman And the author of the bookThe subconscious trilogy, understand it to become better“(Available on Amazon) Guest Show”Now or take itWith Anthony, Sarah and Sylvain.

When does screen addiction start?Which is “behavioral addiction, Veronique Salman confirms. You must know that a file “Children imitate their parents – we eat with a fork because we saw it happen, well it’s exactly the same. From the moment we consider that children imitate what we do, then we can talk about addiction to screens, ourselves and for the children are witnesses to what we do.. . (talking about addiction) Once we notice some negativity in children, lack of desire for something else, isolation from the family sphere... Before the age of three, I never (the screen) for the simple reason that it does not create enough cognitive interaction with those around you, and between the ages of 3 and 6 years, 20 minutes a day is more than enough! (…)

We must set a framework, and this is what will allow us to become teachers rather than teachers, He is a little stiff. On the other hand, the pedagogical is to make the other responsible. He may commensurate with what is his. He will understand that if he fails in school, he will bear his share of the responsibility because he will have made a choice that is harmful and dangerous for him in the end…”

Veronique Salman

credit: Anthony Putin

What limits should be set?

For Veronique Salman, psychoanalyst and lecturerIt is obviously a problem when teens spend all their time in front of screens, because they lose interest in school or the football match (…) This is very dangerous because they think they are great communicators but actually forget about the relationship. To make them understand this, you have to ask them to observe themselves … We all have a problem with virtualization (parents too) with the fact that we can be missing something if we’re not on social networks. Adults and children share this neurosis…”

Veronique Salman

credit: Anthony Putin

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