“Take care of abusers to better protect children”

How can we better prevent sexual violence against children? On March 31, the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence against Children issued 20 recommendations to protect child victims of sexual abuse or rape: withdraw parental authority from fathers or mothers accused of sexual violence, and put more resources into the justice and medical sectors. According to the professionals, It is also necessary to take the problem from the source according to specialists: by caring for the aggressors, psychologically supporting them. At Picardie, Criavs (a resource center for workers who work with perpetrators of sexual violence) brings together doctors, psychologists, and nurses who specialize in sexual violence. It was installed at Pinel Psychiatric Hospital, south of Amiens.

Number to accompany people who are attracted by children

It starts with a phone number: the Stop system, which can be accessed free of charge through 0826 23 10 63. Four Criavs can answer: “The callers are in excruciating pain. They didn’t act but they might have fantasies about it. When they call us, they know they won’t be judgedSexologist Carol Gafori Legent explains. It also allows them to have an ear because sometimes these people have no one to talk to about it. Unfortunately, they are found once the act is committed“.

It is important that you call, it helps to avoid acting out

The aim is to To listen, to reassure the person who has the courage to call and so To estimate her risk of sexual abuse of a child, especially if anyone is around her. “If we have the impression that there is already an act or that there is an immediate danger, we warn the person that we can file a report. It is important because it allows us to avoid taking action: it is to prevent sexual violence against children”, Criavs Doctor Details. Then phone support goes one last step, explains Carol Javouri-Legent:Depending on the person’s experience and story, we can direct them to a therapist who will take care of them.“.

At Picardy, the beginnings of the Stop device are in its infancy. Four calls have been received from Picardie’s three divisions since the beginning of November.

Training professionals in contact with abusers

Another track from Criavs to reduce sexual violence against children: Training health and education personnel to communicate with perpetrators of sexual violence. The motto of these formations is: No judgment or stigma for the aggressors. “The first reaction to any attack will be the author’s refusal. The goal is not to justify them, but to try to understand how they do the work. The author must be supported. The more people trained, the fewer casualties.‘, details by Carol Jvory-Legent.

The goal is not to excuse the author but rather to try to understand his transition to the verb. The more we practice this, the fewer casualties

The professional will be trained, at his request, in constructive exchange with the aggressor to better know his past: “Sometimes the abusers are unaware of the harm they are causing because they have always lived in an environment that was either violent or incest. For them, it’s just normal. There are some who experience a bout of depression when they realize all the damage they may have caused and also when it reminds them of the traumatic experience they may have gone through.‘, defines a sexologist.

Training Provides avenues of work for professionals, sometimes overwhelmed by the perpetrators of sexual violence they interact with : “You have to work on assertiveness, anger management, impulsiveness in intimacy issues, the concept of humility, the concept of consent for example, Heidi LePort, a psychologist, details these exercises. When the abusers tell themselves that women like us act violently with them, we’ll have to paraphrase it with them‘, she concludes.

Graves now wants to intervene in Picardie schools, to enable teachers to better identify young victims of sexual violence; But also to teach students, in particular, consent.

Criavs contact: http: // www \ .criavs \ -picardie \ .org / or 03 22 53 47 55 or criavs-picardie@epsm-somme.fr

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