SOS child care at home or in a daycare for temporary workers

by Charlotte Bedon May 3, 2022

FASTT SOS Child Care System for Temporary Workers

Because temporary workers sometimes ask them You have a staggered schedule with job opportunities At night or on weekendsCustody of their children can be a problem.

Who can then be responsible for dropping them off to school and picking them up? The same applies when it is urgently necessary to accept the task of the last minute and to organize oneself. In order to meet this need for flexibility FASTT, Social Work Fund for Temporary Work, Imagine SOS Garde d’enfants.

Understand FASTT SOS Baby Care in less than 2 minutes:

Child care at home for 1 euro / hour

With FASTT’s SOS Garde d’enfants system, temporary workers can benefit from it Home care service for only 1 euro an hour. Indeed, it is the Social Work Fund for Temporary Work that covers the remaining 21 euros.

It is also he who is interested in searching for a qualified professional thanks to his network. Thus, it is possible that Find a nanny for children of any age, anywhere in France, at any time (for day, evening and even weekend). In short, a flexible babysitter or nanny able to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of temporary work.

Another important feature: it can also be an emergency solution. Actually, FASTT Dedicated Service promises to find emergency child care within 48 hours.

Finally, temporary workers can benefit from this FASTT childcare service For 80 hours a year. Once you use the credits, it is possible to enjoy it From partnering with Yoopies to find a custody solution.

A place in nursery school with FASTT SOS Childcare

Parents of children under 4 years old You could also benefit from help finding a place in day care. FASTT relies on its network of 450 partner nurseries to be found Interactive map (bottom of the page) to provide this service, even in emergency situations (the day before the next day). However, this device is still limited in time. With only 400 hours a year.

The price for this group childcare is based on the family quotient calculated by CAF and varies Between 0.19€ and 2.91€/hr (The hourly rate including meals is based on the PSU of the Family Benefit Fund.)

Point Conseils Childcare: Follow up and support from FASTT experts

There is also the Social Work Fund for Temporary Work and its “Child Care” service. To answer all questions asked by temporary workers.

Even better, they accompany them on their steps throughout the procedure thanks to the telephone consultation point that can be reached at 01 71 25 08 28.

To take advantage of the FASTT SOS baby care device, even in emergency situations, it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Call FASTT “Childcare” at TA make an appointment
  • During this conference call, the FASTT expert will make a needs diagnosis: assignment dates, number of hours of care required, deadlines, but also contact details of the employment agency, etc.
  • A FASTT consultant emails a pre-filled assignment certificate to the temporary agency: the latter returns it signed. It is also possible (and faster) to send mission nodes directly to FASTT.
  • A FASTT expert will contact you in less than 48 hours to provide a suitable childcare solution.

Good to know: To benefit from the FASTT SOS childcare service, there are no conditions, except for being under a temporary employment contract. No seniority, minimum task duration, or maximum resource limit is required.

Yoopies for temporary workers who used 80 hours on call

For people who have already used the remaining 80 hours of home childcare or 400 hours of group childcare in preschool, FASTT offers a complementary solution through its partnership with Yoopies.

Thanks to this basic communication system, it is possible to quickly find a qualified specialist to take care of your child, whether for a one-time or long-term repair. But that’s not all: The FASTT / Yoopies partnership has many other advantages…

Free and unlimited access to Yoopies منصة

FASTT is offered to all temporary workers who desire it Free and unlimited access to the platform at a value of 24.90 € per month. You will be able to consult all the personal files at your disposal (nearly 800,000 people across France), whether on school outings, the occasional childcare during school holidays or at unusual hours.

Faced with so many possibilities, The site set a list of 50 selection criteriaAs well as highlighting essential information such as the capacity of the approved nanny reception, the number of places according to the child’s age and the regularly updated capabilities. Opinions and recommendations are also available to guide you in your choice.

An envelope of 100 Euros provided by FASTT

On the Yoopies platform, you can simulate a childcare budget with just a few clicks. It is often heavy, and can be lightened thanks to A credit of €100 offered by FASTT when you open your account.

Good to know: If you have already contacted a specialist to take care of your children, simply register them with Yoopies to take advantage of this €100 envelope. But be careful, you must get your nanny’s approval before proceeding with this process!

Support for management management

Prepare the employment contract with the certified nanny, edit the monthly salary statement, announce the salary each month, etc. hire a nanny It entails many obligations on the parent employer.

Yoopies and her team of advisors and lawyers are right there Answer all your questions and you Support in all administrative procedures. Even better, some of them are fully automated thanks to the connection to Pajemploi. Find Pajemploi simulators to estimate childcare costs.

Everything is being done to ensure that the cooperation is going wellfrom the participants’ statement at the request of the additional free choice of childcare.

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