How do you help your friend out of a toxic relationship?

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On January 12, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

One of your friends is stuck in a toxic relationship but you don’t know what to do to help them? Here are some tips.

Recently, Trendy Editor brought you 4 tips for comforting someone who is going through a difficult period. Today, you look at toxic relationships. Here we are talking about psychological abuse, which unfortunately can be accompanied by physical violence. But how do you recognize the destroyed poetess? In general, when a person is with a partner, he does more harm than good. If you notice that your boyfriend is in pain more than he enjoys romance, then something is wrong.. If his behavior changes, he is unhappy or his self-esteem drops, action must be taken. But beware, it is best to avoid putting the foot in the dish. Here are some tips to help your friend find the path to happiness.

be a listener

This is the first thing to do: be an attentive ear. Let your friend tell you about his problems and be by his side. Make her understand that you will always be there when she needs it, especially if she wants to be trusted. And if so, let him take his time. He needs to feel comfortable opening up to you. So avoid being too fierce or insistent on breaking up with his/her partner, this will only antagonize him/her and he may even forget to tell you everything. The truth is out of fear of your negative feedback. You are not there to discuss it or persuade it and even less to impose your opinion. You have to subtly make her question their relationship. Leaving a toxic relationship is a long process and you have to be patient.. Accompany him and reassure him, he will be grateful to you.

Be as impartial as possible

Even if you are pissed off and angry at the way your friend is treating their relationship, try to take a step back. Do not pressure him/her to make a quick decision and do not conflict with his partner. It really will not have the desired effect. On the contrary, he/she risks becoming defensive. Even worse, he might come to the defense of his executioner. The denial phase is hard to manage, but tell yourself that his well-being is the priority in this situation. To try to get him to react, you can nonetheless entrust him/her with your fears and doubts as frankly as kindness.. It is important to let him know that you are concerned about what is happening to him and that he has your unwavering support to get out of this grip.

Share your personal experience

You may be hesitant to bring up this topic with your friend, but know that it is necessary to communicate with him to prevent him from becoming too lonely. To make him want to open up about what he’s going through, you can talk to him about your complicated relationships. or around you. Don’t be afraid to show yourself weak by admitting to him, for example, that you sometimes disavowed your ex’s bad behavior or simply ignored the red flags. Try not to make too many comparisons so he doesn’t feel like he’s been manipulated. It may seem obvious, but explain that a relationship is supposed to bring you love, joy, and peace, not pain.. He/she will realize that he/she is not the only person going through this. And with any luck, your story might open his eyes to his situation.

Don’t judge him/her

The last thing your boyfriend needs is to criticize. Believe us, he/she is already ashamed of being trapped and having trouble turning the page. He/she is definitely the first (era) to want to get out of this heavy atmosphere. Instead of throwing a condescending tone at his face, just stay open.. Whatever you say, be nice. But don’t be afraid to ask him about his relationship. To find out how he feels, and how this relationship affects him/her on a daily basis. Target ? He hears his answers out loud until he realizes his uneasiness to finally find the courage to leave. He/she has to come to that conclusion on his own, of course you can’t force him to do that. You can simply support him/her during this transition which will not be easy.

Boosts self confidence

If your boyfriend is often belittled or humiliated on a daily basis in his relationship, then it’s possible that his self-esteem has taken a huge hit. He must definitely think that he deserves no better than this unhealthy association. Feel free to remind him of his many qualities and everything you like about him. The goal is to maximize his self-esteem so that he understands that he is stronger than he can imagine.. Make it clear that he/she has a right to be happy. (-se). To have all the happiness in the world and to be treated as you should. Just give him/her the strength he needs to leave this relationship that is hurting his mental health. With your support, he can finally click to get out of it.

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