Click 2.0: Kings and Queens of the Click

Wondering why some colleagues put it online Articles that have nothing to do with their media DNA? The answer is eight.


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to be inspired by The Economist For print (remember the new ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ formula at the beginning of 2020)? why not. But can Alain Weill’s title really compete with this reference English broker when his own site is left without delay (with the exception of two first-page articles reserved for subscribers)? In recent months, the title’s culture section has been left dormant: for the music section, there are three articles fighting a duel (including one dating from 2018 and one from the 1960 archives!). On the cinematic side, the only cultural category, with books, that will be updated regularly, you will be satisfied with republishing (repacking, as a super in the wind she) from the end page Christopher Donner. Do we participate?
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the most consistent
You just got your shift at a prestigious journalism school (yes, yes, there are still some) and you want to pass at five? Another headline CMI Media hires young people en masse to run its website. reward? in home MarianAnd print and the web make up one big family. ” Mass mergers aren’t just gossip “, Confirms Tibaut SolanoNetwork editor. Even if I admit it halfway, young people are especially active in the news section. Moreover, since the arrival of this previous sincere, the site – all of whose articles have so far been freely available – generates a set of personalized stationery for its loyal subscribers. ” Once you click on Macron, it works very well! We’ve seen less clear editorial lines…
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most attractive
A generational dispute is raging in the corridors of the “pioneering” title of Czech coal billionaire Daniel Křetínský (CMI Media). For more than ten years the editor-in-chief of the site, Elodie Petit (formerly Mag’s Culture & People Division), runs a team of Zoom/Zomers fueled by values Everyone is included It strives to ensure that Web 3.0 codes are respected by the oldest. the recipe ? Totally up-to-date, cross-word vocabulary (they have a list, yes, yes), angles inspired by the Anglo-Saxon press (at best, vulnerability ; at worst, buzzfeed) and while we were in it we managed to put a “divided” character (eg: Taha Buhafs, last February). Did you dare, you say?
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the cutest
The web team has finally realized the dream of any good anarchist: to work without a leader. Since the departure of digital chiefs Kirschen and Fanny Marlier, at the start of 2020 (they replaced David “LOL League” Doucet shortly one year prior), the team of trainees and delegates respond directly to the magazine’s divisional heads (Alice Pfeiffer Fashion, Frank Vergid for music, etc.). Their task: write about ten articles a day for the site and feel free to edit an article with clicks once a month (newest yet? to output a three-year-old file to browse when release Batman by Matt Reeves). cheerful!
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the loudest
we do my fault : chatter, we predicted, like all of Paris, the imminent end of one of Condé Nast’s titles. We were wrong: the location and mag of QG In perfect symbiosis, under the auspices of Pierre A. “Quiet Force” M’Pelé. unlike Vanity Fairsince Raphael “Indian moccasins (more practical for the ankles)” ownerscorrupt from the society“The Senior Web Editor” by Olivier Boucharat (Chief Editorial Content at VF), at the moment of excitement. this previous kidnapping magazine Since then he has had the fun of “cleaning up”. The first result? The passing of Pierre Lonforte, the “disguised concierge” known for his humorous and cultured bohemian column. Too many stable “Great Reporter”?
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They have a website that you run Jill Derz, deputy editor-in-chief, who does the job without really believing in it. How, after all, can you hope to attract subscribers to the Internet when the world Has he already snatched any French who is willing to pay ten euros a month for information from the center-left? good luckHey XV friends!
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Le Figaro

most secret

Rest assured, site figaro In good hands: chief editor of the web department, Lawrence de Charette Therese “Tala” the Catholic leads her teams (Except for the Eco Pillar, left free with its very simple materials) With the objectives perfectly aligned with fig’ origins. If you want something (relatively) a little more “liberating”, go with Madame Figaro.
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current values

the bravest
Is he still alive? Since the Sleeping Giants collective has cracked down on the website of current values By cutting their food at the source (see our article” Who wants to whip the right hand? », Technikart #256), the magazine team decided to bet everything on print, according to Jeffroy Legon, editor in chief. truly ? Thomas MorellHead of Web Service since October 2019 (and registered with VA since 2017) disagrees: “ We rely heavily on our web subscriber base, which is very strong “.in the show? Paid content, premium opinion poll, and themes on Zemmour and Marion Maréchal galore,” traditional theme As long as grandfather and grandmother are happy, and the youngest of them intends to vote like them…
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