Windows 11 is blocking websites or downloads

While Windows allows users to download files from almost anywhere, it can also block a website or downloads for various reasons. Windows 11, like its predecessors, comes with security features within the system. It is designed to ensure that consumers are safe from malware, viruses, and any other type of file that can steal or lock data on a computer. However, if you think that Windows 11 is blocking websites or downloads, follow this guide to fix the problem.

Why does Windows 11 crash?

When you download a file or visit a website, most modern browsers and security software do a security check. If a program or website is known to cause problems, including virus distribution and system penetration, it will be blocked.

So, before you proceed, first make sure that what you are downloading is safe. Check if you misspelled the name of the website or if the source of the file is not trusted. Did you click the link in an untrusted email?

There may be more questions like this, and you should make sure that your source is safe before going ahead with these solutions. Some of these solutions may allow you to add the file or website as an exception, so make sure you are sure when adding it to the allowed list.

Windows 11 is blocking websites or downloads

If Windows 11 is blocking your websites or downloads, you should check the following security settings:

  1. Browser security settings
  2. Microsoft . security
  3. Internet Connection Troubleshooter
  4. Troubleshoot incoming connections
  5. DNS server

You will need to use an administrator account to implement most of these suggestions. Since these are security settings, we recommend that you consider disabling them only temporarily.

1]Browser security settings

Malicious websites often try to infect users’ computers or interfere with their internet browsing and communication. When users visit these websites, they are usually prompted to “install” or “run” programs, such as a browser add-on. In some cases, the software may be offered as free software or cost little or nothing, but website operators make money from user data or malware infecting their computers.

Modern browsers offer built-in security that protects malware downloads and websites that distribute these files. For example, if you open Edge settings and go to the Security section, these options will be available: Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, Block Unwanted Apps, Site Security, and Secure DNS.

If you are sure of the source and think it is a false positive, disable it and then download the file or visit the website.

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2]Windows Security

All Windows PCs have Windows security built in to protect you from viruses and other malware. Once the file is downloaded, the program immediately analyzes the file, and if it is damaged, it will immediately be quarantined.

Windows 11 is blocking websites or downloads

Open Windows Security and go to Viruses and Three Protections to check if the file has been blocked.

Here you can check the protection history to determine if any of the files have been blocked. If you are sure about the file, you can click on the list, then you can unblock it manually.

3]Troubleshoot internet connections

Run the Internet Connection Troubleshooter

Open Windows Settings and go to System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooting Tools. Locate and run the Internet Connectivity Troubleshooter. Once this is done, try downloading the file again and make sure that it works this time.

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4]Troubleshoot incoming connections (Windows Firewall)

Internal Communications Troubleshooters

If Windows Firewall is causing the problem, you can run the Incoming Connections troubleshooter. It can detect and fix problems with incoming computer connections and Windows Firewall.

Open Windows Settings and go to System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooting Tools. Locate the Incoming Connections troubleshooter and click the Run button next to it. Once the process is complete, try downloading the file again.

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5]DNS server

Have you configured a more secure DNS? If so, in that case, you can switch to a less strict DNS or use your ISP’s DNS and try the download again. yes

You can follow this guide to modify DNS to bypass the DNS configured in the router. If you can download the file and it is not blocked by your computer browser or security software, the problem will be resolved.


Why do browsers block programs even from a trusted site?

If multiple users report an app, it will be categorized as a potentially unwanted app. They are not directly harmful to the computer, but they can be forced to download them, or the program contains something that is annoying to the user experience.

The file may be marked as blocked in its properties. If you right-click on the file and go to its properties, look for a checkbox next to Unlock. Check it out, then apply the changes. Once done, you should be able to launch the app or installer.

Windows 11 is blocking websites or downloads

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