Starton raised 3.8 million euros to become a leader in the blockchain industry

The startup that connects developers and companies to the blockchain through a simple API continues its development.

Starton, a startup that simplifies access to the blockchain, has announced that it has raised 3.8 million euros from several investors in order to develop its product, strengthen its teams, and train tomorrow’s developers.

Initial funding from impact investors

Founded in 2020 by 2 Ecole 42 alumni, Starton allows developers and companies to focus on their products and not the complexity of blockchain technology. Thus Starton’s development tools aim to enhance the adoption of the technology by simplifying it and allowing it to be embedded in a few lines of code. Results: Time and money savings and better distribution of human resources.

In order to support its development, the startup has raised €3.8 million in funds from Speedinvest, Daphni, Kima Ventures, Ledger and recognized business angels including founders of Voodoo, eFounders,, Polkadot, Aircall and Feed as well as other web 3 players.

With this seed capital, the company will continue its investments to support Web 3 development through three axes:
– Recruitment of new talent,
– Accelerate the development of their products and
Supporting the blockchain ecosystem by democratizing it in dedicated developer training courses.

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi applications present tremendous opportunities for Web 2 companies. Between the structural complexity of Web3 and the few trained developers available, this development has been long and difficult to sustain thus far. With its own development tool, Starton makes this development simple, fast, and accessible. We are convinced that the emergence of Web 3 will be made possible by solutions such as Starton Stanislas identifies Lot of Daphni.

Human investment beyond borders

The money raised will allow Starton to improve its product, as well as its accessibility by creating the best educational and documentary content on the market.

To do this, the startup will expand its team with more than two dozen recruitments planned this year. Several key positions must be filled, from marketing management to product development, including design.

In addition, the team wishes to export its expertise to the UK and US to become the best development platform on a global scale offering everyone the means to generate their most innovative ideas.

Focus on skill development

Today, only a few developers in the world specialize in blockchain, which makes it almost impossible to hire talent in this sector and the rapid adoption of the technology.

This is why it is important for Starton to be an actor in the democratization process by establishing many partnerships with major incubators and schools in France and Europe, and organizing many educational events on web3 and blockchain technology. Fostering innovation in the ecosystem and supporting the most promising projects will be at the heart of Starton’s business.

We are very excited to welcome industry professionals to our product, and the growing interest of developers in our solution. Blockchain integration also requires education and support. We are also looking forward to being able, with this money, to accelerate the establishment of our 3 Web Academy and specialized training. says Fabian Boggi, CEO of Starton.

About Starton –
Founded in 2020 by alumni of 42 schools, Starton allows companies to position themselves on the blockchain in a secure manner within a few days of development. Thanks to her, the technology has made it accessible to as many people as possible and allows any developer to turn mainstream applications into blockchain applications. Starton has just been named to Station F’s prestigious Future 40 list of the most promising start-ups for 2022.

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