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star Warsthese are novels, available from Pocket or Bibiothèque Verte, comics from Panini, audio books from Lizzie, not to mention the great books from various publishers … but also manga thanks to the publisher nobi nobi!

And the publisher doesn’t intend to do things in half to bring the Star Wars collection to market, not only by choosing Star Wars Day for its first two releases, and what titles! Next, we’ll talk about the first volume of the manga delicate balance It takes place in the time of the High Republic, but the thing that interests us here is the first volume of the novel’s (excellent) quote. lost stars By Claudia Gray, adapted by Yusaku Komiyama.

Without further ado, below I present my review of this first volume, based on the copy provided by the publisher, following the relevant editorial information:

The Rebel Alliance has just vacated its base on the planet Hoth. And this is where pilot Thein Curl remembers…

Fourteen years ago, the Galactic Empire annexed the planet Gilokan. Thane, of the second wave of settlers, that day met Sienna Ray, a young girl of the first. These kids who should have been separated from everything share the same dream: to join the Imperial Army to fly through unlimited space. Accepted to the prestigious Royal Academy, brilliant students, they are on their way to fulfilling their common dream. However, as their complicit friendship develops into deeper feelings, they soon come face to face with the empire’s dark side and the war between them. But sometimes, fate ends up bringing opposing stars together…

nobi nobi!, 258 pages, €8.50, available on 05/04/22

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Some details about the format

Like all manga, this is the first volume ofdelicate balance It has a cover, and if you remove it, you’ll discover a color code loyal to the Star Wars saga: a black background with a matte yellow of the prettiest effect… and that’s not counting the little relief effect on the title, both on the cover and on the edge: the Black River effect is guaranteed! 🙂

On the other hand, other than the first size ofdelicate balance, This is a “real” manga because it is read in Japanese reading direction and divided into chapters. If this manga is your first foray into the genre, you might need some adaptation boxes… but don’t worry, we get used to it pretty quickly! 😉

So open this beautiful stack of 250+ pages, and read the first page with the traditional sign “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” in the background Main topic From the epic, here we go!

We take a breath…

If you’re in the Star Wars Universe, you probably already know what this story is about: Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree are two childhood friends who grew up on a distant planet and had only one goal: to succeed together in merging the Imperial Fleet. But the war against the rebellion would take them to two opposing sides, with Thane eventually deserting and joining the Rebel Alliance, while Siena remains loyal to the Empire. To make matters worse, the friendship they had as children developed into deeper feelings… Do you think you know the story, especially since the novel appeared in Pocket only a few months ago? me too.

But we change the rhythm!

The novel took time to introduce us to Thane and Ciena from an early age and adopts a chronological story. The manga makes the opposite decision, because it starts at the same time as The Empire strikes back, on the planet Hoth, with Thane later brought in to tell his story and that of Siena. And this idea, let’s say it, is awesome!

This makes the work instantly available, to the point where the manga can be put into the hands of anyone who has seen the original trilogy, and this new reader can only be carried by the rhythm emanating from the first chapter, which has spread sixty pages. Then, the manga aligns the main events of the first part of the novel, so the reader will be able to follow the meeting between Ciena and Thane, their friendship, and their training within the Royal Academy of Coruscant until the events accompanying half of the events. the film New hope (With straight lines from the movie, which, as always, is fun.) No wonder: the mod will be completed in three volumes, and even if we know the story, we can’t wait to read the rest and above all, see what the mangaka has to offer us.

Some notable additions

As we said, the main mod comes from the beginning of the work, which here makes the choice which mod any mod will make at the end: start in media accuracy, then, through flashbacks, tell us how we got there… before taking on the rest of the story. But to maintain interest, Yosaku Komiyama added a few surprises here and there, just to grab the reader’s attention.

Already, visually, the manga lives up to its promises. They are dynamic, the designs are successful, the characters evolve and have style, and if we gladly find all the designs for the Star Wars series, Komiyama did not sacrifice manga codes: so here and there we will find facial expressions, written onomatopoeia, in short, little elements here and there that remind us that we are not in comic book.

But that’s clearly not enough, and the whole thing is a bit more playful, which gives some somewhat felt lines to Ciena, as well as a very gentle gesture. rogue oneIt’s one box time, sure, but it’s fun!


So we are happy to close this beautiful block that dynamically adapts to the already excellent Roman base lost stars. This first volume should be kept close at hand and, like the original novel, is a great portal to the saga. And even if I know the rest of the story, I can’t wait to see how Yusaku Komiyama will cope with all of this!

Noticeable : 95%

As a reminder, the manga will be available on Wednesday at your favorite bookstore! And if I convince you, the wait will be short: Part Two is scheduled for early July! 😉

Feel free to tell us what you think of the manga by going to its page or in the forum thread!

Thanks again for the nobi nobi releases! for the version offered for review, and we find ourselves right around the corner to review other manga on the same day from the publisher: Volume One ofdelicate balance !

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