Lelandis caught having sex with a visitor: What is Bonnie and Clyde syndrome?

On April 28, Nordal Lelandis was arrested having sex with a visitor in the visiting room of his prison. In fact, despite his actions, Maëlys and Arthur Noyer’s killers are desired by many women. Some are affected by the hybrid hybrid, otherwise known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.” explanations.

They kill, but they love them. Hybristophilia is defined by The attraction of a woman to a man convicted of heinous crimes. Concretely, “a hybrid will attempt to enter into contact with a prisoner to initiate a relationship,” if we adhere to the Wiktionary definition. This attraction was first analyzed as Homosexuality, Paraphilia. At first he called it “instititophilia” (meaning “love of the blameworthy”), then it took the name of the hybrid (“love of those who anger others”).

That’s what could have happened on April 28, when Nordal Lelandis was caught having sex in a visiting room. The Maëlys killer and Arthur Noyer have already received a new visitor to the Saint-Quentin-Fallavier prison in Isère. “I have maintained constant correspondence with the person concerned before taking steps to apply for a permit: this was granted by the administration of the institution in light of the favorable opinion generated by the investigation of the province,” the prison administration identifies to our colleagues from Dauphin Libre. So, simple sentimental story or hybrid? Nothing is certain at this point, but the phenomenon is worth explaining.

What are the features of women suffering from “Bony and Clyde syndrome”?

Otherwise it is called “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome‘, this single passion bears this name because when Bonnie Parker fell in love with Clyde Barrow in 1930, he already had several convictions for theft to his credit. Three types of women have been identified with this syndrome, according to centresse.frgeneral culture magazine

  1. The woman who believes in forgiveness and redemption. This relationship pattern is known as “nurse syndrome,” the person who sees the injured child behind the criminal and thinks she can get him back on the right track. This is the case of Hana, 34, in love with Luca Magnotta, better known as “Montreal Skinner”.
  2. TheA woman suffering from great emotional loneliness. You will feel reassured by the prisoner’s lack of freedom, which creates a barrier between them. Thus she possesses a sense of control over the criminal.
  3. A woman with a disorder Which will seek to draw attention to itself by getting close to the criminal.

In a reference book on the subject, published in 1939, forThey are lovers of criminalsYvonne Samuel describes the phenomenon in the same way. According to him, what excites the hybrid is the search for danger, the risk, and therefore a A form of masochism.

To write The woman who loves the man who kills, Sheila Isenberg interviewed about thirty of these hypersophile women. They had two points in common, the details slate A firm belief in a merciful God and childhood memories of sexual abuse or violence.

What attracts these women?

According to psychiatrist Roland Coutanceau, a criminology expert he interviewed slateAnd It is primarily the stature of the star criminal that attracts. He also cites the example of Ted Bunny, the famous American serial killer: “Ted Bundy was a star, even in the most negative aspects. These young women believed that by getting close to him, they would become stars in turn, and that their aura would reflect on them.”

Another example cited by our colleagues from slate : The story of Afton Burton, the 26-year-old American who became involved in the 1980s Charles Manson at the origin of several murders. Without forgetting, of course, the Fourniret case: Monique Olivier sent letters to Michel Fournier when the latter was already imprisoned for sexual assault of a minor, before marrying him and working as a “harvester” for his nickname “Gol of the Ardennes”.

jerk infringement Attract “bad boys”… This Interesting in nerds Observed in some women continues anyway in witchcraft. He recalls this amorous behaviour, considered socially inappropriate, can have serious consequences for both the prison administration and the people in love. ScienceDirect.

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