Kids are king this season at Château de Chambord

In Chambord, the child is king. It is, if not a revolution, the most important novelty of the year with the organization of birthdays, and still for young people. A Children Logis will open ‘around May 15’says Olivier Marchant, scenography designer.

strategic place

This new space, which can be accessed by using the famous royal staircase, is located On the second floor of the castle. It is not dangerous. “After visiting the ground floor, the kids might get tired, and they don’t want to go any further. The Logis allows families to take a break,” explains Marie, who will be one of the facilitators in this space.

fun and useful

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Young people will approach the king in a playful way. The space is a classroom where we learn, and a playground where we have fun. A stage that may make them less compelling while the visit continues.

Where are we with the Orleans-Chambord 2023 Marathon Project?

free activities

However, Virginia Birdal’s service registered the basic principles: Activities are free, and facilitators supervise them. But the space is not meant to be a daycare center, adults should accompany young peopleThey cannot leave them and continue their visit.

Entering the families you will find the vision they had upon entering the estate: the fortress roof that appears above a forest where we find deer, wild boar, and eagle… all lit by a moon that follows its cycle.

Château de Chambord – Children’s house installation work Photo Pascal Proust

for kids

A reading area whose books will be distributed to children and A space of curiosity will invite them to learn about the cry of a wild boar, the sound of a lute, the sounds of a Renaissance construction site…

For children 6-12 years old

For the elderly, a whole path was imagined. A network of sixteen devices. Thus young people will be able to measure themselves (literally) against François 1er. And they would find that they would have to wait to be accepted into the major tournaments because the King, represented on a life-size screen, was 1.98 meters tall! Young people will still be able to wear the royal cloak and wear the attributes of a king : a crown, a sceptre, or even the hand of justice … enough to nurture ambitions.

constructive spirit They will discover the main materials used in the construction of the castle : wood, raft stone, lead… They will see all of this on the pieces displayed on the wall and will be able to touch some samples. They will also see the castle model And he will understand, thanks to the puzzle that appears on the screen, how the initial project developed during its implementation.

material library

In the second room, the material library, they will be able to enter Builders work details And discovering why they left their “signature” on the stones they cut. Enough to give birth to building invitations!

The anomalous promotional campaign of the Tourist Office Meug-sur-Loire

royal tea party
The National Estate of Chambord offers three Christmas formulas
For groups of children (from seven to twelve years old, from 6 to 12 years old). Activities are open on Saturdays, 2:15 p.m. to 4:45 p.m., and are supervised by a facilitator. And it ends with a “royal” snack as it should be: My birthday is in the castle.
After discovering the organization of the court, the daily life of a wandering king and a few historical rooms, the children are invited to furnish a Renaissance house with forged furniture and objects. My birthday is in the woods.
Children walk the forest animal trail by noticing clues such as leftover meals, nests, footprints, or excrement. They leave with a fingerprint they made themselves. My birthday stones.
Children are introduced to stone sculpture. They use traditional stone tools to recreate a typical castle pattern (salamander, fleur de lis, etc.).

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