In the second season of the Arte web series, love is destroyed in mise en abyme

Ingenious touch! In the first season, 6:30 pm.It’s the time that two colleagues, Eric and Melissa (Nicolas Grandhomme and Pauline Etienne), leave the office each evening to arrive at the same bus stop. In the second season, 6:30 pm., that’s the name of the series portrayed by actors Arnaud and Judith (Nicolas Grandum and Pauline Etienne, again) who play Eric and Melissa… Available at How can season one and season two, crowned with a special mention by the short-form competition jury at Lille’s Final Series Mania Festival, resonate with each other?

For those not in the know (yet!) 6:30 pm.the 22 episodes, from 5 to 7 minutes each, were filmed in sequence, and meticulously followed the wanderings, the exchanges, first trivial, then more personal … From these moments hangs “neither at work nor at home”, from this ” gray area As summed up by director and screenwriter Maxime Chamox, a subtle and subtle rogue life was born.

“This bias in the sequence of the shot makes it possible to give importance to those who have not been told, to silence, facing a certain deviation of time who wants to speed everything up. We wanted to spend time with the characters, at their own pace,” Maxime Chamox commented. calendar ? A little bit of gem, tenderness and humour.

The multiverse at 6:30 p.m.

The second season begins with familiar visuals, those of the first episode of season one… “The whole idea of ​​the first episode was to believe we had the same series that started, to pass very quickly,” explains Sylvain Gouverneur, “perch-in-the-field,” a makeup artist who comes in to do a job. The finishing touches are in a different world.

Love and mirror games in 6:30 pm.Nicolas Grandum and Pauline Etienne play Arnaud and Judith, the actors who play Eric and Melissa in the series 6:30 pm.. “I’m Nicholas Grandum who plays Arno, who plays Eric. It’s the multiverse 6:30 pm. ! Nicholas Grandum laughs.

There is no doubt here to indulge in a poem on the upside of the décor of audiovisual creativity. “As in the first season, what we wanted was to show people at work. There, it turns out that the characters are actors and that they are working on filming,” insists Maxime Chamox.

“Simple daily human life”

“What matters to us are the everyday little things. Whether you’re an actor in a series or you work in an office, whatever job you do, you always come back to human everyday life: relationships with colleagues you like or don’t like very much, disgusting food, disgusting food The reality of poor sleep and a form of commitment to go to work. Even if you love your job, there are days when you don’t want to go,” adds Sylvain Gouverneur.

Arno and Judith play Eric and Melissa in the series 6:30 pm.two of our office mates see their feelings bloom, which is ironic for our two protagonists, whose spouses are struggling.

“We found this little twist that allowed us to tell a story that’s a bit like a negative. In season one, we have a couple getting close, in season two, a couple moving away,” continues Sylvain Gouverneur. Season one is a very classic romantic comedy where you wonder, ‘Are these two going to end up together? Here he is, “How are these two going to break up?” rumbles Maxime Chamox.

Episodes are always shot in sequence, and thus episodes play mischievously on symmetry. If this season 2 begins with the first episode images of season one, it also ends with the final episode of season one. “We wanted to give some form of intensity to this moment of rupture, which often occurs in novels as the final punishment. We wanted to show that we could break up without hating each other, and that everything was more subtle,” explains Maxime Chamo.

The duo formed by Maxime Chamox and Sylvain Gouverneur appreciates the limitations: “Where, in the first season, there was the group, the sequence shot, the actors, in the second season, there was: keeping these two actors and sets, and adding the role of Gemini consisted of looking for how to tell something surprising And different and at the same time very coherent ”, emphasizes Sylvain Gouverneur. calendar ? Season 2 is tinged with gloom and humor, luckily his human prowess is not tainted.

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