‘Diggers’, the cryptocurrency community are making their mark

Investors 2.0, those who embody in 2021 part of the future of finance, are not wasting their money throwing darts at business school benches. They don’t spend huge amounts of money on profiles sold on Instagram by” Lifestyle influencersYou don’t come across them either in suspicious care-based business hierarchical presentation meetings and looking for those less intelligent than you.

Indeed, for 2030 Xavier Niel will likely document his latest underground crypto project for hours on end, or put his finger on a mouse at 2 am, hoping to transform his ultimate NFT life, surrounded by many. Comrades-in-arms, hope for the same dark circles under his eyes.

Made up of cells, these small but very dynamic communities have their own rules, their discussion spaces, their values… Values ​​are often organized around a strong sense of belonging to something historical, but also marked by great solidarity. The movement is distinguished by its blurred lines and is constantly changing. However, some initiatives stand out, both in terms of their ambitions, the sincerity of their approach, and the richness of the universe they embody. Today’s meeting with the “Diggers” group“, A French crypto community is trying to bring cooperation and mutual assistance back to the center of the game.

dig it yourself

The “Diggers” initiative at first is not necessarily an organized adventure of three friends: Evan, Hugo and Florian. And in the role of the main speaker, it is Ivan – Also known as ” rusk » on social networks – who often monopolizes the microphone, under the amusing and habitual gaze of his comrades. The flow is a machine gun, but the gist of the matter is sharp. That is, we quickly understand that a young entrepreneur does not have time and that ideas tend to multiply faster than the number of hours available in the day.

Thus we learn that the three friends come from different backgrounds, but they all embody in their own way.” Omo Digital Nomad Sabines » of the twenty-first century.

Bedouins diggers

A computer, a fairly stable internet connection, and everyone tells how they developed in their “before life” (they are “before the cryptocurrency revolution, decentralized finance and NFTs”). France, Japan, Canary Islands … Destinations have been linked in recent years, each trying its hand in many digital sectors, from SEO (the art of backing to the Internet) to e-books, including e-commerce, traditional financial, real estate and even journalism. And the encryption in all of this?

Evan and Florian have been in the industry for a little longer than their companion Hugo, who moreover readily admits that he is more “rational” than his naughty friends. He is the pioneer, strategic management, and as his friends encounter the most unlikely of things in the most infamous corner of the web, he explains that he came to crypto late in his life, convinced by Evan “Arrived as a Messiah” (As for the previous five ideas related to finance, SEO and the web, an interested party will kindly admit.)

But this time everything is pointing to the right choice: on the occasion of the emergence of the Binance Smart Chain at the end of 2020, the markets are racing, crypto projects multiply, and with them the opportunities. With the price of the $CAKE token (one of their darlings) on the rise, the three friends are diving more and more into the cryptocurrency continent, making Twitter the mouthpiece of their discoveries.

As we can see, the paths are multiple and fragmented and symbolize the search for meaning and experience that younger generations aspire to, and those who find themselves on the threshold of Metaverses with infinite potential.

But if the path is unique, and the individuals are strong, the three entrepreneurs always return in their talk to Alpha and Omega in their current venture: the society.

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common place

Formed in Internet culture, fueled as much by references as geeky as they are vague and a state of mind that can only be understood by those who have spent thousands of hours in their young years facing the artificial light of a computer screen, it is an understatement to say thatThe community occupies a central place in the emerging crypto industry.

And those old enough to know it agree: what’s happening today in this bubble-melting melting pot of ideas and initiatives Reminds us fiercely of the beginnings of the InternetBetween hidden pleasures and unlimited ambitions.

On the scale of the planet, there are a few tens of thousands of individuals who, during sleepless nights, a hectoliter of coffee, mutual help and unbridled initiatives, make the heart of the entire ecosystem beat faster. Crypto is feeding off this energy to turn it into tangible ideas, paving the way for the next economic and industrial revolution with NFT, DeFi, and blockchain sauce.

Hugo, Evan, and Florian know this observation by heart. They are used to building out of the box, and they know that on new financial technology topics, The path becomes clearer as you progress And in such a context, nothing beats the strength of a cohesive group.

From the first months on social networks, the three friends have been coordinating the ideas brought to them by their followers, doing their own research, and practicing “DYOR”, according to the famous crypto mantra. The reason for this is the multiplicity of pitfalls and the abundance of information, especially since after BSC, a whole new ecosystem has emerged, helped by the crypto community: Solanaand with it a new continent of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that will prove to be full of life and opportunity. This is how the idea of ​​a community group was naturally born, made up of enthusiasts, each bringing their stones to the common building: the diggers.

place to take

“We quickly realized that between news and information platforms, such as Journal du Coin, and tight and very specific content regarding DeFi or the latest advances in crypto protocols, there was a large gray area that we thought was relevant to occupy: an environment that everyone, whether beginners or more, could experience, to find themselves able to collaborate on their own scale and exchange with other enthusiasts to discover the “Digger” and, accordingly, new projects “

From the start of the initiative, and in its daily work, there is a strong value: ensuring that Research work is common, profit is sharedContrary to one of the dominant models in the crypto industry where some influence relays water the marketing market in favor of a few large initiatives, “Shelant” projects. The origin of the group’s motto: “We are TheDiggers, versus the shillers.”

“What we care about is the basic anatomy of, ‘to dig’, to dig into the recesses. In our eyes, those we call ‘shilleurs’ are the wounds of the crypto ecosystem, individuals or entities selling low-quality projects, in exchange for commissions or affiliation.”

However, would the original Three Prospectors (now surrounded by many members investors with increasing societal responsibilities) refuse to enter into any business or partnership agreement? Not really, because this is an organization By and for the communityas it appears in the latest news of the group.

Community is the key

On a daily basis, diggers help each other, test everything that comes at hand, make mistakes … and above all report all this until the conditions arise for the creation of collective intelligence.

Since it is about investment, Good plans are exchangedthe old draws the new of them for the first time mint panic From the NFT and when a member is in distress, solidarity is quickly organized, first, human first, often technical, sometimes financial… The crypto community has a lot of emotionsThis is perhaps one of her best kept secrets.

One of the main goals of the Diggers Initiative is to ensure that The whole community benefits from joint initiativesAfter being presented, discussed and arbitrated collectively. Thus, there are about 10,000 people on Discord, and even more on Twitter, who are debating daily to see if it would be appropriate to create such a partnership or to enter into a collaboration with such a project that respects shared values ​​and standards.

Operation in DAO mode “irl” Which can certainly take inspiration from the many crypto projects whose joint management is often just wishful thinking.

The key is a simple idea: to ensure that the community benefits from serious and solid projects, the latter at the same time being ensured to be accompanied by their organic growth and guided by good practices and pitfalls to be avoided.

And it works! If the team quickly reaches an agreement with the NFT Musicaux project BiantiRecently, it was the nascent Metaverse industry giant The Sandbox that put their faith in dynamic diggers!

The founders of The Diggers have big ambitions for the future, but they stress this: nothing will happen without consultation and community validation. Thus, if Hugo, Florian, and Evan anticipate that their somewhat improvised community initiative may gain intensity in the future and take a more professional turn, redistribution and the Share The basics will remain.

Want to join the Diggers community? Their Discord server is open to anyone with good intentions, a desire to progress and help others advance.

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