Cinematography: Helena Bonham Carter in 4 films

Helena Bonham Carter is a British actress known for her interpretations of quirky and eccentric characters. She is particularly known for her many collaborations with Tim Burton. With a long and beautiful career, Helena Bonham Carter brings us a rich and impressive list of films in which it is easy to get lost. A look back at the career of this great actress through 4 films that marked the world of cinema.

1- fight club1999

This movie is signed by David Fincher, a great American director known for films like SevenAnd L ‘HThe strange story of Benjamin Button or social network And mank at recent days.

fight club It offers us a journey into the psyche of its hero, the narrator, a harmless character, disillusioned with his personal and professional life who lives a life of tasteless solitude, a victim of consumer society. In the second role, we find Brad Pitt playing Tyler Durden, a very charismatic character, and a fashion icon with the allure of an anti-capitalist and consumerist guru who deplores his image. During a business trip, the narrator meets Tyler and becomes a member of fight clubvery closed circuit Where they organize secret and violent battles, aiming to clear the order in force during which he will be able to regain his manhood.

In this film, Helena Bonham Carter plays Marla Singer, a lost young woman like the narrator, who wanders aimlessly through life, spending her time smoking and taking drugs.

Considered a cult film critical of consumer society, in fact, fight club He plunges us into the tormented mind of the character in the whole construction of his identity, questioning the foundations of our society. The actors brilliantly embody these nervous characters in a mixture of first and second order even Great theatrical performance by David Fincher.

2- King’s speech2010

According to a true story letterWe are immersed in the 1930s in the UK, the time Prince Albert will be forced to ascend the throne after his brother’s abdication. Fragile in appearance, unable to speak in public and considered unfit for the job, George VI (Colin Firth) will attempt to overcome his disability, stammering, thanks to the constant support of his wife (Helena Bonham Carter). With the help of a language therapist (Jeffrey Rush), he will confront his fears using unorthodox methods.

From this little-known story emerges a unique film that blends intimacy with history, but also humor with passion carried by a beautiful cast. Helena Bonham Carter, accustomed to strange and eccentric characters, here presents us with a performance full of passion with the simplicity of a loving and friendly relationship.

The 2012 Oscar-winning film won an Oscar for Best Picture, an Oscar for Best Director for Tom Hopper, and an Oscar for Best Actor for Colin Firth. Helena Bonham Carter was also nominated in the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role without success in the same way as her co-star, Jeffrey Rush.

3- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix2007

We couldn’t mention the Harry Potter series! More specifically, the fifth part, which opens a new chapter under the threat of the return of Voldemort.

In this new chapter, several minor characters enter the world of Harry Potter such as Dolores Umbridge, Luna Lovegood or Bellatrix Lestrange who appear as the strength of this movie! Bellatrix Lestrange is a disciple of Voldemort and a colorful character who hates as much as he loves Helena Bonham Carter’s stunning interpretation. In this role, we find all the perversions and universe of the actress that give a gothic touch to a character that is cruel and devoid of empathy. We would love to see her perform on screen even though her appearance time is a bit short to our taste…

4- dark shades2012

black shadow It is a film directed by Tim Burton that tells the story of Joshua and Naomi Collins and their son Barnabas, who in 1752 decided to leave Liverpool to start a new life in America. But even the ocean could not keep them from the terrible curse that had befallen their families. Twenty years have passed and Barnabas, rich and powerful, has the city of Collinsport under his feet until he makes the fatal mistake of breaking Angelique Bouchard’s heart. She is a witch who casts a spell on him far more evil than death: to turn into a vampire and be buried alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his grave and arrives in 1972 in a world completely transformed…

In this film, Helena Bonham Carter plays Dr. Julia Hoffman, an alcoholic psychiatrist who treats the disorders of David, the son of the Collins family who reclaims the vampire castle that has returned from beyond the grave.

Once again, Tim Burton invites his favorite actors, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, who seem to have a knack for portraying his goofy and weird characters. Featuring a brilliant cast (Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Helena Bonham Carter), this film revisits the “Portonian” universe with humor and self-irony. Tim Burton reconnects with his gothic world with a tone of dark humor by casting quirky characters in a setting worthy of his greatest films.

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