The best characters who were not in the pilot

One of the main reasons for the American version of the desk Still having a huge fan base nine years after its ending is that she has constantly reinvented herself throughout 9 seasons, regularly introducing new items in an effort to avoid stagnation.

One notable advantage of the practice has been the regular incorporation of new characters, many of whom have established themselves as key members of the cast despite their late debut. The best office. headquarters. center Characters are joining the series after the pilot episode has become sufficiently integrated into the series that some forget that they were late additions.

Daryl Philbin (Craig Robinson)

Daryl Philbin, who began his tenure on the show as a warehouse manager and wrapped up as Athleap’s vice president, was introduced as a recurring character midway through the first season and established as one of the main cast members in later seasons of the series.

While he was more reserved and earnest in his earlier appearances (during which Daryl could have deserved more respect in Dunder Mifflin), he is later shown to be lighthearted and playful as he relates to down-to-earth staff. The writers’ collective decision to provide Craig Robinson with a greater share of each script proved beneficial for a show that would eventually achieve iconic status.

Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling)

office. headquarters. center Showrunner Greg Daniels has hired several people to work as writers and performers in an effort to connect the cast to the writing team. Perhaps most notable of these multiple hyphens was Mindy Kaling, who portrayed Kelly Kapoor, as well as being one of the few female writers on the series.

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Kelly was featured in the show’s second episode (the controversial “Diversity Day”) and later took on a considerably larger role through her storylines with Ryan Howard. Kelly’s cheerful demeanor—which the writers later expand upon in Kaling’s tenure as an actor—provided strength to the show that was missing in the early episodes.

Karen Filippelli (Rashida Jones)

while many office. headquarters. center Fans resented Karen Filippli for threatening Jim and Pam’s potential relationship in Season 3. Her wit, maturity, and dry wit made her one of Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s most admired staff. Karen has also been described as an outstanding employee (as evidenced by her subsequent promotion to Dunder Mifflin Utica’s regional manager), and her frustration with Jim’s reluctance to move with her reflected badly on her desperate boyfriend rather than on herself.

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If Karen had been added to the main cast for Season 4, she would have provided a much-needed sober voice in The Office.

Andy Bernard (Ed Helms)

The writers introduced Andy in season three with the intention of using him as a temporary source of comedic relief, but Helms’ outstanding performance secured him a permanent place in the main cast. While Andy’s stark personality and desperation for attention initially made him a semi-clone of regional manager Michael Scott, the book went on to define the seller by describing his greater ability to make friends with co-workers.

Andy’s romance with Erin and his platonic relationship with Daryl have been two of the most memorable events of recent seasons. the desk.

Erin Hannon (Eli Kemper)

Erin Hannon joined the cast in Season 5 to replace Pam at the reception when the latter left Dunder Mifflin to work for the ill-fated Michael Scott Paper Company (one of Michael Scott’s smartest projects). Erin’s boundless optimism was partly responsible for changing the tone of the show in the second half of his career, as her positivity proved contagious in the workplace.

Her playful, hilarious, father-daughter relationship with Michael was one of the most memorable elements of her tenure in the desk.

Toby Flenderson (Paul Lieberstein)

While Toby was almost universally hated by the staff of Dunder Mifflin Scranton and is one of the characters who office. headquarters. center Fans feel bad, dozens of viewers love him for his beautiful behavior and ordinary personality. Unlike outgoing and controversial characters like Michael and Dwight, Toby’s humor is dry and subtle, and his associated disposition allows the audience to see workplace antics from his point of view.

From his introduction in Episode 2 to his final appearance in the series finale, Toby brings a comedic relief to the series that’s different from the other main characters.

Holly Linami Ryan

After years of comedic and horrific romantic tangles (most notably with Dunder Mifflin VP Jan Levinson), Michael finally finds a healthy relationship with Toby’s temporary surrogate, Holly Flax (one of the best personal relationships in the desk). Holly manages to share Michael’s quirky sense of humor while maintaining a grounding that perfectly compliments his super personality.

Her ability to communicate effectively with her extraordinary and real-world colleagues demonstrates the exceptional personal qualities that have made her an exceptional HR representative and a highly valued personality. Holly’s move to Colorado with Michael was a touching farewell that only the most prominent characters on the show received.

David Wallasande Buckley

One of Michael’s most effective films is Dunder Mifflin’s chief financial officer, David Wallace (who concludes the series as the company’s CEO), as he watches the actions of the Scranton branch manager on an alarming note, which is sometimes funnier than the behavior with which he interacts. While David’s early appearance was relatively minor, Andy Buckley’s illustrious rendition secured him a semi-regular role that lasted until the series’ finale in 2013.

The few episodes that paint David in a different light than usual (like the one in which Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s staff visited him at his home and found unemployment drove him into near-hysteria) are rare treats that delight many fans.

Robert California (James Spader)

When Steve Carell left the show in 2011, the writers tried to smooth the transition by pairing new regional director Andy Bernard with best service. Robert California was one of the most interesting characters on the show, constantly making outlandish observations and reflections that led Jim to speculate that he might be a genius.

Robert came to the Scranton branch in an eccentric manner (after persuading Saber CEO Joe Bennett to give him his job) and maintained this degree of non-tradition for the remainder of Season 8. Helped fans adjust to post-Michael office. headquarters. center.

Charles Miner – Idris Elba

string Star Idris Elba had a brief but memorable stint in the second half of Season 5 as Dunder Mifflin’s Vice President Charles Miner, the interim manager of the Scranton branch while Michael was leading the Michael Scott Paper Company.

Charles’ most defining trait may have been his physical charisma (with staff like Kelly dogging him persistently but to no avail), but his platonic chemistry with key cast members defined his salient moments. His distaste for Jim (who has long been the show’s most beloved character) enabled a shift in the franchise’s social ecosystem that piqued the interest of the show’s long-term viewers. the desk.

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